April Fool’s Day is Tomorrow…

…So you probably won’t see me. I have long wondered exactly why I hate April Fool’s Day so much. Is it just ’cause I think it’s dumb? And just now, I realized:

1) I often don’t understand when folks are teasing me/joking.
2) I can’t take a joke. (Really. It’s bad.)
3) I tend to take things seriously…

OH. Right. That’s why I’d take the day off and hide in my room if I could. Oh well. At least I know that Google does a yearly prank. That much I’m prepared for.

Message to my niece is process: You are not allowed to be born tomorrow. Okay?!?

I should start a club that has a “serious” party on April 1 each year. Something with silly initials. Suggestions? Declining April Fool’s Today (D.A.F.T.)?

3 Responses to “April Fool’s Day is Tomorrow…”

  1. Dianne Says:

    I could not agree with you more. I probably influenced your attitude as this “holiday” never made any sense to me. Consider: What fun is there in filling the sugar container with salt and watching someone unknowingly put it in their coffee. But some people find it very humorous. These same people say I have a strange sense of humor. Go figure!

  2. Debbie Says:

    Happy National Poetry Month!!

  3. Emma Says:

    I would join that club!

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