Atlanta Here I Come (an info dump)

*Like The Matrix and Carl Sagan? Then why not try The Matrix vs. Carl Sagan?

*A Star Wars shirt that gave me quite a giggle may be found here.

*A really funny ESPN commercial (featuring Tim Lincecum) may be watched here. Sorry. It’s too big to embed here.

* Watch some amusing commercials from Kroll’s Diner – here. (Remember: Sit down and eat!)

* One of the items on my Bucket List is to walk the West Highland Way. You can see pictures of the route here.

*Tribe is a magazine put out by HSPs. I really need to get with the subscribing.

*I want this shirt! It’s all “rocker chick”…and it has wings on the back!

*An interesting-looking kitty – Otocolobus manul.

*Snakes on a Plane! (*gigglesnort*)

*Babylon 5 quote alert!

and finally…

*This is the camera I want next.

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