Babies, Boys, and Blogs

Maddy loves her spoon. (The one surviving photo from my attempt at photographing children in low light conditions.)

Happiness for 28 February:

You know, today was really a very happy day overall. I started out the day with an update of a story that I’ve been reading. It went quite well with my breakfast. Then, later in the day I swung by, picked up a couple of friends, and headed up to Petaluma. A couple of our best friends were in the state for a funeral, sadly, but that meant that they were within easy driving distance. So, a whole group of us (including two kids) descended upon them. I spent the evening chatting and keeping an active 2.5 year old from playing too roughly with his 7 month old little sister. To translate: I played with two cuties and hung out with friends. And I didn’t even have to drive alone as I was carpooling. Huzzah!

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  1. The Sister Says:

    Very sorry to hear about Scott’s Dad. :( Big hugs to him.
    Good job finding a bright side.

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