Bleh for today…well, mostly.


So, I spent most of yesterday asleep. Even when we had to go get food, as we had nothing in the house, I was still out of it. I had my one cup of Chai with dessert (now the absolute most chai I allow myself. Caffeine + me= hummingbird on crack, dontcha know.) A couple of hours later I woke up, and actually got some stuff done. (I did laundry and photographed my socks.) Eventually I was tired enough that I didn’t want to wait for my blanket to dry. And of course, I couldn’t sleep until sometime after 5am. I woke up several times, but finally got up feeling fuzzy about the edges, but rested-ish.

I spent most of the day working on one of my blogs, but otherwise completely unable to focus on getting stuff done. Finally, at about 5ish, I got enough concentration together to attempt to come up with a shopping list. The cupboard, as they say, was bare. Oh yeah, and my blood sugar was tanking hard. KoshVader had been feeling unwell (I think I gave him what I have…oops. Sorry Honey.) so we wanted to go someplace close to a grocery store. We managed the eating part, even being distracted by the 4 children at a nearby table. (*sigh*) Sadly, I had to drop my sweetie home before going shopping as he started feeling much worse.

And then…I went to Safeway.

I am really coming to understand that I hate the Safeway down the street. Here are some reasons why:

1) I hate the parking lot. It’s stressful trying to navigate it.
2) The store, even now that it is newly renovated, makes me claustrophobic.
3) It’s always busy.
4) All of this stuff overloads my senses very quickly.
5) They charge a whole dollar more for my frozen Amy’s Indian lunches than Whole Foods (and that makes it $.90 more than even Draegers charges), plus they have far less selection.
6) I can’t even buy spices there without reading the ingredients.

I tried to get out of there as soon as possible, with the stuff I came for. By the time I got home I was still shaking. Yes. Overload my senses and I get shaky. Bleh.

I unloaded the car, put stuff away, and left again. Which was, as you can imagine, the last thing I wanted to do. The thing was, I needed Chili Powder for a recipe I wanted to try out. (Yes, Lindsay, I’m going to try Pirate Stew. Arrr!) At Safeway, both of the Chili Powders on offer have mysterious ingredients like “spices” and “natural flavors” which are often where companies hide MSG. As you may imagine, I refused to buy those. (Grrr…)

I arrived at Whole Foods, and discovered the easiest way to deal with their parking lot. (Yes!) Parked near the downstairs entrance, popped upstairs, and found Chili Powder that listed all ingredients…and didn’t include any salt. I got the few more things that I needed, discovered that I had my reusable shopping bag with me, paid, and went back down the stairs to my car. Easy Peasy.

Did I mention that I like Whole Foods? Well…I do.

And now. I have food in my house, and therefore no excuse to go out to eat.

In other news: I discovered that one of my friends is pregnant! I finally have an excuse to buy a certain onesie that I saw at Whole Foods. (Yes, I also am feeling a stab of self pity, but…I’ll have another baby to play with. And who knows what the next few months might hold. I refuse to think negatively.)

And now…the socks I mentioned earlier. November is [tag]National Novel Writing Month[/tag], but last year it was also [tag]National Blog Posting Month[/tag]. I hear tell that [tag]NaBloPoMo[/tag] will return this year, and I’m ready. I will be posting at least once a day every day of November on this blog, and, just to make things fun, I will be wearing different [tag]silly socks[/tag] each day…and posting pictures of them. I hereby declare November to be Silly Sock Month! You have a month to get ready. More on this when the time gets closer.

Well…that’s about enough rambling for today. I’m feeling well enough to go to work. My nerves are shot, but that isn’t anything new. A good night’s sleep should help with that.

Night all.

5 Responses to “Bleh for today…well, mostly.”

  1. Lindsay Says: is your friend! Have your food delivered.

  2. Ivan Girl Says:

    [celticangel] – thanks for commenting in my T13! :)
    hope you have a nice day…

  3. angel Says:

    You speak wisdom, Linds.

    Thanks for stopping by Ivan Girl.

  4. Emma Says:

    Those socks are great! I want to participate in Silly Sock Month, too!!

  5. angel Says:

    Get your socks together, Emma! I’m actually noodling on a wee contest as part of the festivities.

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