Blog Roundup

As many of you know, I write for several different blogs (though one less these days.) So, I thought I’d treat you to a quick blog post round up for last week.

Let’s see how I did…

Articles of the Shadow Proclamation

20. A Bit of Fun: Bad Wolf References
21. A Song 4 Kylie
22. Daleks & Weetabix
23. John Barrowman at CERN
24. 10 Things The Doctor Will Never Say

20. Jewelry Update
20. Ninjas and Spam
21. Five Things I Want From Thinkgeek

Crafty Beginnings

20. To Begin With…
21. How to Knit : Beginning to Knit
22. Doctor Who Scarf

Fremont Libraries

20. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
22. Peeps and Libraries
23. 13 Words That I Like

The Inkwell (a.k.a

I didn’t post anything here this week, but Debbie did. :) (and that’s the point, really, isn’t it?)

Oops. No posts here this week. I’d better get on that.

2 Responses to “Blog Roundup”

  1. Emma Says:

    Oh, fun! :)

  2. angel Says:

    Hi Emma!

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