Bouncing Baby Girl

OK. No drinking while watching this video, for the sake of your keyboard.

Apparently, my niece likes to bounce…

3 Responses to “Bouncing Baby Girl”

  1. The Sister Says:

    lol. I didn’t think of that! Bouncing Baby Girl she definitely is. This kid…if she wants to bounce and she’s not in the activity center? She’ll just bounce on you or while standing (bounce at the knee). Too funny. I am not sure where she gets all this energy. I need some.

  2. angel Says:

    Obviously she is Tigger. It explains all.

  3. Liz Says:

    I love how entirely focused she is on her actions, and on whoever is filming this. Surrounded by play toys and ignoring them utterly, completely into the human context.

    and I love her laugh.

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