Can I Win the Lottery Already?

So, 2009 will be a big deal in Scotland. It’s Robert Burn’s 250th birthday, among other things, so they’re declaring the year as an official homecoming for the Scottish diaspora (and the World). In this video they’ve got various stars singing Dougie MacLean’s Caledonia as part of the advertising efforts. …And I just don’t think it’s fair of them to do that to me. I’ve adored that song for a while now, you see. So, the video literally gave me goosebumps. If only I could win the lottery (which admittedly involves playing said lottery) then I could go…


2 Responses to “Can I Win the Lottery Already?”

  1. The Vig Says:

    Awesome!!! Is there a list of events?

  2. angel Says:

    Try here, The Vig –

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