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New HubbleSite Image

The HubbleSite now brings us an image of the Carina Nebula. In this active area stars are being born and dying. Beautiful, isn’t it?


Posted on 24th April 2007
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I was just pondering my obsession with [tag]Mars[/tag], and I thought I’d post another pic from the Hubblesite to counteract my rant earlier. Mind you, I’m still upset that I won’t be able to get to Mars…unless kidnapped by aliens I suppose…


Posted on 10th April 2007
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I Seem To Have a Galaxy Fixation

So, I was just over on the [tag]HubbleSite[/tag], and in their news section that had this beautiful picture of the Hubble’s View of [tag]Barred Spiral Galaxy[/tag] NGC 1672. For the record, NGC 1672 is a little more than 60 million light years away from us.

NASA Says: “As a prototypical barred spiral galaxy, NGC 1672 differs from normal spiral galaxies, in that the arms do not twist all the way into the center. Instead, they are attached to the two ends of a straight bar of stars enclosing the nucleus. Viewed nearly face on, NGC 1672 shows intense star formation regions especially off in the ends of its central bar.”

Pretty nice for star-forming clouds and interstellar dust, eh? Yes, this is my new desktop wallpaper.


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My Cube and Astronomy

It’s late, and I’m waiting on my server to get fixed, so I thought that I’d share a cool website with you all. My cube at work is boring (rather like my hair was, come to think of it) and bare, so I decided to add some pictures to the walls. I should mention here that I’ve just finished weeding the Astronomy section, so I thought it might be nice to look at bits of the universe while I work. Conveniently, The [tag]Hubble Telescope[/tag] has a website with a gallery containing all sorts of gorgeous images. One of my favorites is the [tag]Black Eye Galaxy[/tag]. Yum! Take a look around. There’s even wallpapers for your computer. Well, I’m off to bed now. May your night be full of stars!

Posted on 31st March 2007
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