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Of Tabs and Reading Bears


Hello all. It’s another of those entertaining brain dump posts. This time I have a mascot for the event. I was walking through the library recently, and when I reached the Children’s section (well, specifically the Parenting Collection in the Children’s Section) what did I see? The resident huge bear sitting in a chair reading a book. I couldn’t resist.

* Speaking of things I can’t resist, you should really stop by and check out my friend Emma’s blogs – Treehouse Jukebox and Phoenixville 365, her celebration of her new town in pictures.

* Have you been keeping up with my travels over at my Where’s Calliope blog? I’m slowly but surely posting my Reno adventures over there. I suppose I would be faster if I hadn’t taken 405 photos while I was gone.

* Have you seen Iron Man 2? Wanna see the folks from Think Geek recreate a scene (and showcase their new product)? Check it out here.

* If you like a spot of Library humour, and have ever done any book weeding, you will love Awful Library Books. (Check out this Computer Book!)

* Do you like Doctor Who? How about Trock (a.k.a. Time Lord Rock)? if you said yes to both, check out the music video for Chameleon Circuit’s song Type 40.

* Hey! Who’s the Cutest?

Posted on 20th May 2010
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Standby for the Reno Trip…

(Frisbee would like to remind y’all to recycle…just not his box.)

Hi folks. Just wanted to remind you about the existence of Where’s Calliope?

This summer, I am going to be doing as much traveling as I possibly can. This great spate of travel begins…tomorrow. So, if you wish to follow my travels as I have them, pop by Where’s Calliope? to see what I can manage to post from my phone (I have an App!) and from my computer after a long and tiring day.

The Trips I already have planned are:

* the Kansas/Styx/Foreigner Concert (May 25)
* L.A./Disneyland/The Stinking Rose (Memorial Day Weekend…God help me)
* Atlanta (June 3-9)

Don’t worry. I’m bringing my camera, and I’ll try to get the good shots up here once I get home. In the meantime…you know where to find me.

Posted on 6th May 2010
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And the final icon is…

I’m all done! My computer decided to behave long enough for me to finally finish up my friend’s avatar/icon thingy request. And here is it…


This is for JM’s site – The New Australian. The image actually comes from a photograph that JM took on vacation in the Grampians (at least, that’s what the name of the pic indicates.) I liked the image for its use of a road disappearing around a bend, which to me symbolizes her new life path.

So, on the one hand…yay! I’m all done. On the other hand…I’m kinda sad to be done. I really enjoy this kind of thing. Ah well. I’m sure that new artistic challenges are right around the corner.

Posted on 24th September 2009
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The Next One

Well, I finally wrapped my brain around the image for JM’s Naturally Curvy. You can see the final result below.


…And I’m feeling a bit like George Michael right now, if Sister Mine will forgive the analogy. ‘Cause, folks, that is a picture of my behind. This image bloomed in my brain, and I said, “Of course!” And then I couldn’t find the sort of picture I wanted on the free image site that I had the link to. So, what else could I do but annoy Koshvader by requesting that he photograph my derriere? (He hates taking pictures of living things, you see.) Well…he took the photo, as you can tell. Somehow I managed to get everything to be the color of the soon to be banner for the site and made it all artsy-looking. And here is the result. My behind immortalized in art.

Right then. Three down. One to go.

Posted on 26th August 2009
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Newest Random Spam

I’ve mentioned the very random spam I seem to get on this blog before. (Discount Medieval books and Swarovski crystals, remember?)

Well…this time I have Orthopedic Dog Beds and Discount Yoga Clothing.

Whatever will they try next?

Posted on 4th May 2009
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Blog Roundup at the OK Corral

I write for several different blogs, as I may have mentioned before. Here’s a quick roundup of my posts for the last week.

Let’s see how I did…

Articles of the Shadow Proclamation

27. Dead Ringers: The Doctor Buys a TARDIS Wardrobe from Harveys
28. Torchwool
29. Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre vs Darleks
29. News and Such from the Whoniverse
30. Jamie – A Music Video About Jamie McCrimmon
1. The Sock Puppets Strike Again!

27. Shiny Thing Update
29. Life and Music

Crafty Beginnings

29. Doctor Who Crafts – TARDISes and Cake Toppers

Fremont Libraries

27. Review: The Gardener
29. Film Adaptations: The Princess Diaries
1. May is:

The Inkwell (a.k.a

Neither of us posted this week. Well…we’ve both been busy, haven’t we? We’ll do better this next week.

Still no posts this past week, but I’ve set up a few for next week.

Posted on 3rd May 2009
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Blog Roundup

As many of you know, I write for several different blogs (though one less these days.) So, I thought I’d treat you to a quick blog post round up for last week.

Let’s see how I did…

Articles of the Shadow Proclamation

20. A Bit of Fun: Bad Wolf References
21. A Song 4 Kylie
22. Daleks & Weetabix
23. John Barrowman at CERN
24. 10 Things The Doctor Will Never Say

20. Jewelry Update
20. Ninjas and Spam
21. Five Things I Want From Thinkgeek

Crafty Beginnings

20. To Begin With…
21. How to Knit : Beginning to Knit
22. Doctor Who Scarf

Fremont Libraries

20. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
22. Peeps and Libraries
23. 13 Words That I Like

The Inkwell (a.k.a

I didn’t post anything here this week, but Debbie did. :) (and that’s the point, really, isn’t it?)

Oops. No posts here this week. I’d better get on that.

Posted on 26th April 2009
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Still Alive…Sorry

So, I hope that everyone had a Happy Easter. We ended up going for a drive and spent the usual amount of time trying to find an open restaurant to eat in. It seems to be shaping up to be a holiday tradition for Koshvader and myself. Ah well.

On the health front, my vertigo is mostly gone. Except, you know, for when I do something like subject myself to several hours in an overstimulating environment (i.e. A Gem and Jewelry show). I found this lovely ring…that was $500. Sigh. Koshvader got several items to help with his jewelry. I left empty handed. Probably better that way.

I’ve come to a decision regarding one of my blogs that rather saddens me, but at the same time is quite freeing. More on that once I’ve set that decision in motion.

Did you know that I’ve started a Doctor Who podcast with my friend, The Vig? You can find it on iTunes (Articles of the Shadow Proclamation) or on our site:

Posted on 13th April 2009
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Back to the Beginning

Fabulous Thinkgeek T-shirt

Back at the beginning of time when I started blogging…okay a few years ago, I had a blog on Blogspot. At least I think that’s where it was. If I ever manage to hunt up the files containing that information I’ll let you know.

Once that blog went the way of the Dodo, I started a blog over on LiveJournal. I thought that it might be fun to share with you some of my early blog posts. A blast from the past as it were. Look upon it as a sort of archaeological dig.

Then, I went and looked at the first two posts. Oy. Well…at least you might find them amusing in a “I’m bored at work” kind of way. Luckily the third one is a bit more interesting.

My first 2 posts on LiveJournal:

May 24th, 2003

(Post 1) And so it begins

5:45 PM

Well, this is really a test. But, if anyone is interested, I will be at BayCon on Sunday.
So, look for me, and say “Hi”.

Mood: none listed
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(Post 2) So, I think …

6:13 PM

I’d better eat.

Mood: Hungry
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See what I mean? Very interesting stuff there. But the next one really places it in time for me.

LiveJournal Post 3:

May 25th, 2003

(post 3) Grumble

2:42 AM

Yes, it really is 2:42 in the morning.
I can’t sleep. Well, to be more specific, I slept some from 7pm to midnight.
…and I just finally gave up and decided to get ready for BayCon.
It *is* a 2 and a half hour drive, after all.

Ok, so it seems these new birth control pills just don’t agree with me.
I’m pretty sure that they are causing the sleep problems…and the upset tummy.

Blah. Well, I’m never very chatty in these things, so I’ll just go back to my
copy of “Justice Hall” by Laurie R. King. Gotta love those books on tape.

Mood: Grumpy
Music: Heather Alexander – Creature of the Wood
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How times change, eh? I’m a bit more chatty these days, I think. That was the very last time I tried to use Birth Control Pills. Historically they have never been easy on my system, but that new kind took the cake. I barely slept for a week. Not that I was tired, mind. Oh no. I was wide awake. But my body was none to pleased with all of the tomfoolery. I remember that I drove down to BayCon by myself, arriving very early, and sat around in a chair in the lobby until I could check into the hotel. I’d stopped taking the pills the previous day, so by the time I got my room I lay down upon the bed and slept like the dead for a while. Hmm…May 2003. A bit more eventful than I remembered.

Interesting what you can see through a window to the past. Even a past only a few years gone.

Posted on 28th October 2008
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ACL20…week 3 exercises #5

Well, wouldn’t you know it. I got busy/lazy and thus way behind in that Web 2.0 thing for work. Then, my laptop up and croaked, effectively causing all sorts of problems. I’ve had a flickr account for quite some time already. Mostly…it’s made up of pictures of cats. And that one pic of my red shoes. I’ll see if I can figure out how to access and upload pics from this Linux Laptop I’m borrowing. Hmmmm…


ha HA! I did it. Talk about workarounds. I had to use the Windows VM on the Linux laptop to manage this. Meh. I can’t set up the “blogging tool” as my WordPress account is server side.

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