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RIP Merry 2002-2016

When Merry was a kitten, and really through much of her life, she was the invisible cat. She wasn’t 20 lbs and talkative like her brother Pippin. She wasn’t stripy and friendly like Sam. She was the small black cat no one ever saw. I mean, really. She was like cat Houdini. Like…”How did you wind up there??” Then spend the evening trying to find her, and no, she was just hiding in the shadows under the bed the whole time. (At least…we’re pretty sure.)

Luckily, she mellowed some as she got older, and slowly became more visible and affectionate. …And talkative. (Unless someone else was in the house. Then good luck finding her.)

Another thing she had no use for was the other cats. Any other cats. You could tell she was thinking, “Go away kid, you bother me.” Regardless of age of said animal. Annoy her at your peril! She was wicked accurate with a flying paw.

We miss you, little lady. May you find the best sunbeam in kitty heaven.

Posted on 8th March 2016
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RIP Samwise 2002-2014

Another of my library cats has left us. He and his siblings were huddled under a tiny overhang outside of the children’s section of my old library when my hubby found them back in 2002. The connection between my husband and this tiny striped kitty was immediate. I have so many pictures of Sam curled up on said hubby. Even the pic of him I have on my phone has Sam on his lap.

Samwise was the headbutt king, and far too interested in checking out everyone’s breath. Like his brother he voiced his opinions often. He even managed to make it onto some of the things I recorded.

Most of all, though, I shall miss him because he was so loving. I mean…he actually liked hugs. He’d jump into my lap while I was at the computer, situate himself so he could headbutt my chin, and purr his heart out when I gave him a hug.

I shall miss my foot warmer, computer companion, and mightier blocker of anything I was trying to read. My hubby, of course, feels like he’s lost part of himself.

Posted on 11th November 2014
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Frisbee 1995-2012

Frisbee had been ill for almost a year, not that anyone seemed to have told him. We thought we’d lose him in early 2011, but with treatment he perked up and was right back to his old tribble-purred self. And then, right smack dab in the middle of the holidays just passed, his health took a major nose-dive. But, being Frisbee, he held on a while longer, and quite enjoyed sitting under our first Christmas tree.

We didn’t even get Frisbee until a few years ago when his people had to move away. I didn’t complain. I’d known him for years, and he was more than welcome. He was originally supposed to join them when everything got settled, but I was selfishly pleased to keep him. He enjoyed play fighting with Sam, our tabby. He kept my MIL company during the day. He had the most amazing silent meow that he would occasionally use if extreme cuteness was required. The most laid back and mellow cat I’ve ever met was our Fris. I mean…he let small children use him as a pillow and had none of the traditional vacuum fear. Mind you, woe betide anyone who didn’t wake up when he wanted them to. He’d go from batting your face to licking your eye to just curling up on your head, depending upon the situation.

I’ll miss his habit of curling up on anyone lying down long enough. My iPad isn’t quite as much fun, now that he isn’t constantly trying to sit on it. My kitchen is empty in the morning when he’d normally be begging for treats. I even miss the “claws-in-my-thigh-pay-attention-to-me” thing.

We miss you Mr Frissers, and we hope you’ve found a nice warm vent to sleep next to in Heaven.

Posted on 27th January 2012
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Haiku: Frisbee for nagasasu

The request for this Haiku was “Chocolate! Or cats.” So…I combined them. Hope that it works. Of course, it also comes with a bonus video for a bit more added value/explanation.

chocolate-brown feline
perfect blanket camoflage
Tribble-purred baby

Posted on 7th December 2011
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More Cats

I think this is the last of the LOLcatalanche. Meow!

You can’t see me…

SHH � I is hidingz
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I had no idea that string theory was so…colorful.

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Posted on 21st October 2011
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Invisible X

I don’t think that this one was unposted, so much as…invisible! Stealth post!

Is it just me, or does that other cat look mighty surprised by that invisible fire?

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Invisible lawnmower!

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Invisible Family Reunion – Which really makes me wonder how big said reunion is…

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Invisible Dining Chair

Invisible dining chair
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Invisible Pommel Horse

invisible pommel horse
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This post has a flavor.

Here’s another rogue unposted post…now posted. Meow.

This cat looks a lot like Frisbee. If he really is like Frisbee, though, you’d better look out. He’s only interested in your flavor right before he tries to nibble you.

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I like this one. I comes complete with at sarcasm.

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Monorail Cat

Hunh…It looks like this is only one of a set of posts never posted. So….enjoy?

A few permutations of the Monorail Cat paradigm.

Here we see the monorail cat leaving the station…

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This monorail cat is offline.

monorail offline
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I love this one. It is my favorite Monorail cat.

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I’ve mention that monorail cat has friends, right? This is hoverkitten.

hoverkitten sez � wrrrr
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Posted on 21st October 2011
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Barking Cat Caught in the Act

If you haven’t seen this yet…take a look. It is mighty hilarious. (Oh no. I wasn’t barking. I’m a cat. Cats meow.)

Posted on 20th July 2011
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Frisbee vs The Cat Toy App

One morning, a couple of weeks back, I was standing blearily in the kitchen waiting for the coffee to magically appear in the coffee machine. I had with me my shiny new ipad…and Frisbee. For his part, Frisbee was sitting there staring at me, seemingly willing me to do something interesting.

…And then I remembered seeing a video of a cat playing with a music program on the original ipad, and I wondered…Do they have a cat toy app for the ipad?

Answer: Yes they do.

When I got home later that day, I filmed him in action. (see below)

Posted on 13th June 2011
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