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Another Shiny thing


…And here is the gold one I told you about.

I really like this one.

Posted on 12th May 2009
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And For Mother’s Day…


It’s darn handy to have a hubby who makes jewelry when Mother’s Day comes around. Look what he’s made this time. Needless to say, my Mum was very happy with her gift. (Psst. The next one will be a similar idea, but in gold with a blue topaz. Stand by.)

Posted on 10th May 2009
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Shiny Thing Update

With the help of a certain Frisbee cat (currently trying to lie on my keyboard), I bring you the most recent jewelry work of Koshvader.

(Shiny silver bangle bracelet.)

(I love the top of this pendant. )

Posted on 27th April 2009
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Jewelry Update

Today saw us trek out to another Gem and Mineral show. This one was in San Jose, and my goodness it was hot. The weather, that is. The show itself was much mellower than the last one. I have also chosen a new favorite stone…which I didn’t get any of. (Ruby in Fuchsite, for those curious.) No. This time I bought one thing. A jewelry box. I couldn’t resist. Is was large and only $20.

Yes. That’s right. I didn’t buy any jewelry, just something to put jewelry in.

Or, to put it another way, I purchased an organizer. (Mum? Can I blame you for this tendency?)

The one lovely Estate jewelry group that I liked at the San Mateo show was also at this show, and the lady behind the table was really nice. (Nice=put up with my squee level.) I’m discovering that I have a distinct taste for old jewelry that isn’t big and gaudy. This place has a lot of that stuff. Also? A beautiful platinum ring with tiny diamonds inset in the band…that fits my tiny (size 5 1/4) finger. Sigh. I am hereby saving up my sheckles for their show in June in San Mateo. They have old wedding sets, lovely delicate bracelets, and all manner of nice rings. If my ring of choice gets sold before then, I can’t say that I’ll blame the person who buys it. It’s really quite lovely.

Anyway, Koshvader managed to find some new pieces to wrap, and even some tools of the trade. Which reminds me, here are the newest of his finished pieces. (Please note the ruler included in the images.)

This is his first round bracelet, and also the first using this sort of setting. Also? Amethysts!

Carnelian pendant with a side of pearl.

This pendant has a Dichronic glass oval at the bottom and a Swarovski crystal above it.

Posted on 20th April 2009
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Command Performance

I’ll bet that you all have been wondering how Koshvader’s wirewrapping is coming along. (I know I’d be curious.) So, here is a mass update of prettiness.


This pendant is “dichronic glass” surrounded by wire, and has the distinction of being the only piece that Koshvader has decided to keep for himself. At least for now…


This is Koshvader’s most recent piece and second bracelet. I really like the design of the wire on this one.


This is the back of the same bracelet.


Remember that Kennedy Half-Dollar that he was going to wrap? Well…he did. Dig the butterfly!


As with the bracelet above, this pendant features Swarovski crystals which hail from Austria. The swooshy bit of this one reminds me a little of a sash. The sort that is part of the regalia for a king or something. Do you see what I mean?

So there you go. An image rich update. Shiny things!

Posted on 21st March 2009
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