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Congrats to my Evil Twin

Far too early on Saturday morning, I got up and drove for a relatively traffic-free hour (instead of the feared two hours of gridlock) to arrive for the original reason I made the trip down south. The wedding of my beloved Evil Twin.

(Don’t they look nice from the back? My Evil Twin is wearing the same tux as the 11th Doctor favors. Obviously he is a man of taste and refinement.)

After the wedding, we reversed course…then decided to test my vertigo thing by going on the huge Ferris Wheel.

I am frankly amazed that I didn’t drop my phone while trying to take this photo. For the record, the first time I went on this ride (on my honeymoon, no less), I (stupidly) tried one of the swinging gondolas. Yeah. I’m surprised that my husband didn’t lose his sense of hearing then and there. *shiver*

Sadly, I’ve got to keep this short, since I want to post while it’s still today, so, for your hint for tomorrow – Have you seen either of the TRON movies?

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The Niece encounters avocado *dramatic music*

When I was last up visiting my family, our niece had her first encounter with avocado. I love how easily amused she is…and how much she seems to be acting for the camera. (The person saying nomnomnom in the background is my hubby. I’m the one who mentions the paparazzi.)

Posted on 8th November 2011
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Truth is Stranger than Fiction…

…because fiction has to make sense.

This just in: Today was a bit surreal. What do I mean? Let me tell you a couple of wee true stories.

1) Just after my break at work I arrived back at my desk to see an IM from my husband which stated: “I had a parrot put a quarter on my shoe :)
As you can imagine, I blinked a few times before replying: ???

Him: parrot
Him: quarter
Him: shoe
Him: :D

The conversation went on rather in this same vein (read: like pulling teeth) until I finally got some of the story out of him. He told me: “I was standing in line to order food, and a parrot on the ground walked over with a quarter in her mouth and put it on my shoe.”

No, he wasn’t at Long John Silver’s. I asked. Nor did he say thank you to the kind bird…as he was trying to order and not laugh. I also managed to glean the fact that the clerk didn’t even mention the parrot. (Common occurrence at this non-pirate related eatery?) The parrot had come along with some guy or other…who I suppose didn’t care if it was wandering about distributing quarters. And what became of said quarter? My dear hubby put it back on the ground, and the parrot picked it up and walked away.

I feel a new family term coming on to add to the glossary. Perhaps bizarre occurrences may now be referred to in this manner: “Yes, but did a parrot put a quarter on your shoe?”

I’ll have to think on it. But this is only one story from today.

2) Before my morning meeting, I received an email…requesting the use of one of my poems for a podcast. O.O

As you may imagine, I stared a the computer in disbelief and read the email a couple of times. Then I came over all: Hey! Someone likes my poem!

Apparently they found it on SoundCloud. I knew I liked that site.

This is the poem in question:
This is not a proper poem by themusecalliope

After my meeting, I downloaded the most recent episode of the podcast. It’s called: The Jackass-Penguin Show’s Jazzy Selections, “A down-to-earth compact selection of instrumental jazzy tracks by independent artists.” (If you like the modern jazzy sound, you should give it a listen.)

So…I said yes.


2a) Apparently my little sister was on the news this last weekend? She was doing a run to support a women’s shelter. My sister is cool. That much is at least not strange.

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Yankee Brown Bread

This is another recipe that I don’t remember partaking of, but I am not surprised to find dates in the recipe. Grammy loved dates.

This recipe was found in a book called Galley Finale: A Collection of Mariner Soups, Sloops, and Other Incredible Edibles which was put out by The Presbyterian Church of Fair Oaks, Ca in 1978.

Yankee Brown Bread by My Grandmother (Mariner’s Cookbook)

2 c. thick sour cream
2 level tsp. baking soda in 1 c. milk
2 Tbsp. molasses
1 large or 2 small eggs
1/3 c. sugar

Stir well. Sprinkle 1 1/2 cups stone ground wheat flour over:

1 c. currants or raisins
1 c. all-purpose flour
12 seeded dates, cut in small pieces

Sift together:
1/2 c. all-purpose flour
2 Tbsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. ginger
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1/4 tsp. cloves

Stir into mixture. Melt 1/4 cup margarine or butter and add last. Grease bread pan well to the top. Start baking in a cold oven set at 400 degrees. Bake 1 hour until done.

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Bouncing Baby Girl

OK. No drinking while watching this video, for the sake of your keyboard.

Apparently, my niece likes to bounce…

Posted on 2nd October 2011
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Cutie in Conversation

Lately, I’ve been too busy working on my Doctor Who site (and podcast) to post here often. (Sorry!)

So, I offer you cuteness in compensation. Behold! My wee niece telling her mother about her first day of “Day Care” with her grandparents. At least…we’re pretty sure that’s what she’s talking about.

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Ainsley vs. Shoes

My sister put proper shoes on her 4 month old daughter for the first time the other day. Ainsley was perplexed.

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A Few Things for my Brother

Happy (a couple of days early) birthday, Brother Mine! I hope that the videos which I found for you this year meet with your approval.

We start with the trailer for Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveler (a film we all enjoyed in our youth.) It’s followed by a link to a bit more of same, and then…an appropriate song from The Electric Company.

(a bit more Tommy Tricker here.)

And just for fun:

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My Sister Has Been Scanning in Photos Again…

Yep. My mighty sister has been using the scanner again. Look at the gems she found! (If you want to see bigger versions go here.)


This pic seems to have been taken in 1976. I’m only guessing by the apparent age of the twins, but it’s in that area. We’re in the front room of the two-story house that the family built (my father’s family lived downstairs.)


Here we see my little sister in The Dress. (My dad bought it. It was might fine for twirling in.) I think that my Mum made the one I’m wearing.

And yes. I’ll say it. Dude. My folks look so young! I’m pretty sure that they’re younger than me in these photos.

Posted on 21st April 2010
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Tangy Pork Chops

This is another one of the recipes from my grandmother. For the record, I don’t generally eat pork, but I thought that y’all might be interested in seeing it anyway. (As you may imagine, I have no memory of this dish, what with the not eating of pork thing.) What do you think about this one?

This recipe was found in a book called Galley Finale: A Collection of Mariner Soups, Sloops, and Other Incredible Edibles it was put out by The Presbyterian Church of Fair Oaks, Ca in 1978.

Tangy Pork Chops by Mrs. Leon Catlin

4 pork chops
4 onion slices
1 can tomato soup
4 green pepper rings
Dash of pepper

Brown chops in skillet on both sides. Place a slice of onion and green pepper on each and pour soup over. Cover and cook over low heat about 45 minutes. Stir or baste now and then.

Posted on 16th February 2010
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