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Look! My Daddy is Santa!

Well, really, my Dad and Mum recently played Mr. and Mrs. Claus for a bunch of kids at a neighborhood party. So cool! I’m proud of them for doing this and stepping out of their comfort zone. Also? How cool is it that my daddy is dressed as Santa?

In other news, I’ve started a new blog. Yeah, I know, yet another blog. But this one happens to be on a topic that I can’t shut up about: Books being adapted to film. It’s called Did They Film it? ( I hope that, among other things, I can help out those kids that are told to read a book that hasn’t been made into a movie. See? Now I have a place to babble.

And I think I’ll finish this up with a video that is infamous in my family. I like to sing the song really fast.

Posted on 15th December 2009
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Stay or Go

In the past on this site I have mentioned Thayerism.

Thayerism: A term used in my family to refer to those of us that move someplace and never move again. In the case of some of my family, this can mean staying for several generations.

The opposite of Thayerism is the Gypsy-esque habit of moving every couple of years. The latter being how I grew up until the second half of Elementary School. Yes. I went to five different Elementary schools, if you count Preschool. All in the same general area, too.

For a long time now I’ve seen myself as a bit more Thayeresque, preferring to stay in one place over moving on every couple of years. But this morning on my way to work I had a bit of a revelation. The folks in my family with Thayerism are content. They like where they are and want to stay there. It’s not just a case of hating to move and deal with all of that annoyingness. They just don’t feel that restlessness that comes from the desire to find a place that is better somehow. They aren’t looking for something, they already found it.

It turns out that I’m not as prone to Thayerism as I thought. I’ve lived in the same place for the last three and a half years or so, and I really hate moving…but I’m growing restless. I want a house with a yard and a garage. I want someplace that I can really nest in. Heck, I’d love to buy my own place…but that is so not going to happen in the SF Bay Area any time soon. Sigh. I’ve thought about moving a bit more north, up Sebastopol way, but I’d miss my friends and I’d need to find a new job… Yeah. Economy again. So yeah. Restless and frustrated. Not content,

Apparently, blood will tell after all. Hunh. Who knew?

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Cruising the Panama Canal…

My folks are currently cruising the Panama Canal. And my Dad, being all one with Youtube, has put together a video that is part photographs and part video. It’s pretty cool. Heck. I’m impressed. …And if you listen very carefully, you might hear my Mother skillfully finding out someone’s life story in the background at one point.

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Up the Eerie Mountain…

(Photos by me)

On Saturday we went up the eerie mountain to pick up my Mother in Law and bring her back to our place for the holidays. There was much in the way of traffic, so…we went the back way, as you can see above.


Eventually (as in a couple of hours later) we reached our turn-off. Yes, you read the sign correctly. It’s [tag]Hells Hollow Road[/tag].


And here, for those of you that have asked, is the front of Koshvader’s childhood home.

Did I mention that I got up early to get brand new, extremely good tires put on my Subaru? Well, I did. See the snow in the picture above? Well, the main roads get plowed, but the road up to the house looks like this:


Have I mentioned that I love my car? She handled the entire trip like a pro (as did my hubby who was driving.) We made it home fine, if quite late. (In the interest of avoiding the rain/snow on Sunday we made the whole trip in one day. Ugh.)

Posted on 23rd December 2008
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Thanksgiving Foodways

Question: When you think of Thanksgiving what foods do you think of?

Before I got married, it never occurred to me that I would someday be trying to meld the vastly different food traditions of two different families. Much less for such an important cooking day as Thanksgiving. As you grow up you get used to the foods that your family serves, and perhaps those of some close friends that have you over for dinner. You have a very specific idea as to what one serves for particular events. Encountering marked differences tends to shock your psychic map. Or at least, it does if you’re me.

My family (like most families I imagine) has some particular ideas about food in general and what one eats for Thanksgiving in the specific. I like eggs. My Mum used to make me fried egg sandwiches and my Nana is to blame for my love of poached egg on toast. Major comfort food, you know? (Koshvader hates eggs…and toast.) Grandpa Dan used to make the most divine of meatballs for the majority of family gatherings. (I really wish that I had the recipe. Mum? Any ideas? Koshvader would sure like them.) Squash of all sorts is very popular in my family. We have is as part of casserole, as pancakes, in soup, etc. Koshvader hates squash. You get the idea.

Thanksgiving used to involve everyone coming together with all sorts of tasty-yums. We had the adult table and the overflow/kids’ table, as many families do, I’m told. (Ever get the feeling that someone has to die for you to rotate up to the adult table? Would the eldest then move up, or would it be the luck of the draw?) Once, when I was quite young we put a bunch of tables together and all ate together in contiguous rooms. My father was in charge of setting the table with all of its finery. They have china from my great-great grandmother and all the folks who came after to choose from. The family rule, handed down from my great-grandmother Hazel, is that you may not have the original containers on the table, so Dad produces all sorts of specialized bowls for the occasion from the china cabinet.

On the table you will find:
Candied Yams
Aunt Fanny’s Squash
Mashed Potatoes
Cranberry sauce (still in the shape of a can, and available in slices.)
Watermelon Pickle Rind
Dinner rolls of some variety that we generally forget about until after we have sat down.
Some random veggie.
Pie – Pumpkin, Pecan, Pumpkin-Pecan, Apple…(May I please have a small piece of each?)
Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider.

Sounds good, right?

Today we had:
A beef roast (Koshvader’s family is more beef than turkey. Good thing he can cook..)
Garlic mashed potatoes (I made it, therefore garlic is involved.)
Crescent rolls (I’ve never made them before. It was in the manner of a compromise as we couldn’t find rolls we could agree on.)
Gravy (Did I mention he can cook?)
Creamy corn (Microwaved at the last minute as we sort of forgot about it.)
Fruit salad (The jello fruit salad that my MIL makes all of the time wasn’t ready in time. Still…it looks okay now. Not too bad for a first attempt.)
Watermelon Pickle Rind (I insisted. He didn’t have to eat any.)
One piece of Apple pie and one piece of Chocolate cream pie from Heidi’s Pies. (We could not agree on pie, so my MIL suggested that we just get a piece of pie each to go from our fave local greasy spoon. Brilliant woman. Why didn’t I think of that?)
Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider (Something we both can agree on.)

Not too bad for a compromise dinner, eh? Definitely something to be thankful for. Please bear in mind that Kodshvader and I have a very small overlap in our food Venn Diagram. He doesn’t eat many things that I like, and I’m allergic to a few of his favorites. I refuse to make two meals, as Koshvader’s Mum used to, though.

So tell me. What foods do you hold as sacrosanct in your [tag]Thanksgiving[/tag] meal?

Posted on 27th November 2008
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Day 11 – Memories


I lived in a bunch of different places when I was growing up. All in the same general area, even. We used to say things like, “That happened back in the rented house.” We measured time by houses, you see. I went to five different elementary schools, even. All of this ended when I entered fourth grade.

This picture is of the house I finished growing up in. It had a huge backyard. I had my own room! Once, when we were pulling up the horrid carpet in the front room, we discovered hardwood floors underneath. You could sit out on the back porch and watch it rain, as half of the porch was covered in a roof. We used to play out in the back in the mud with my sib’s endless little plastic animal collection…and the Tanto action figure.

The first house
The rented house
The one story
The tri-level
The Woodfair house

My parents have since moved. I suppose that they didn’t need to deal with nearly an acre of space for a yard now that we are grown. I didn’t deal well with losing the house I think of as home, but then it occurred to me…I can go out an make a home for myself.

I’m still working on that part.

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Did You Hear About That Storm Front…

…that went through the [tag]Atlanta[/tag] area a week or so ago?

Have I mentioned that a whole bunch of my [tag]family[/tag] lives out there and my Mum, Dad, and Brother are currently visiting said family? Well, they do and are.

So…about that storm front. Apparently food was being prepared at my Aunt and Uncle’s place when the word came down the wire that they should probably head for the basement.

Yes, the basement. It was that kind of storm. I asked, but it seems that not one of my usually quite witty family was heard to utter the phrase “Auntie Em, it’s a twister.” In point of fact there were a couple of funnel clouds spotted, but nothing touched down in that area. No, they just had golf ball-sized hail, wind, rain, and lightening.

Imagine if you will, that my parents, brother, cousins, 2nd cousins, and 93-year-old Nana (my aunt and uncle who actually live in this house were away at this point) are crowded into this basement when lightening strikes the transformer and the lights go out. Luckily, they had one flashlight! Unluckily…well… Okay, luckily there were two methods of egress from this basement. One door they came through and down the stairs and a ladder leading to a er…less sophisticated opening. With me so far?

Remember the unluckily? Yeah. The easy door locks automatically when it closes, it would seem. Did anyone have the key? Nope. They did have two smart and determined young men (the aforementioned second cousins) with screwdrivers and a flashlight in their favor. Also, they had my cousin who just up and climbed the darn ladder and dashed through the remaining rain to go through the house and let everyone out. So, all was well. A couple of the other family houses had electricity, so the meal was moved down the road a piece. Everyone was fine. The transformer was replaced. No worries. The roads in the area were a bit the worse for wear, though.

Here are a few pictures that my Dad took of the clean up efforts and sent to me.

I think that used to be the top of a tree.

A spot of tidy.

I hope that the roof is okay.

That doesn’t look good.

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A Moment of Amusement

We just walked in after going out to find food, as my blood sugar randomly crashed in an unusual way earlier. (long story)

I was in the kitchen putting the leftovers away when Koshvader calls from the other room:

“Are you done with the stuff on the thing?”

I burst out laughing. I had no idea that my husband spoke femme. Mind you, I suppose he’d have too, since he was always that one guy in the girl group in school. (I was the one girl in the guy group, just so we’re all on the same page.) He told me, as I snickered, that it was only fair as I should be used to that sort of thing. I do it all the time to him. The scary part here, as he so rightly pointed out, is that I did know what he was talking about.

Yes, I was done with the dishes on the box. So, I put them away.

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For my Sister

I ran across this over at Emma’s blog, and boy does it bring back memories. I am specifically posting this for my Sister, as we used to try to sing along. The most amusing part for me is that since I saw this last…I got a degree in French, so I can kind of make out what the Diva Orange is saying.

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My Mother-in-Law is coming to stay with up for a couple of weeks, starting on the 16th. If my updates aren’t as amusing as usual until then, imagine me attempting to clean my pig sty, and you’ll know why.

Ack! I need to buy a Night Stand! (Or…maybe I can make do with a stack of boxes for a couple of weeks… It’s an option.)

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