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Stitch Fix Review #1 – July 2016

I’d been hearing about this Stitch Fix thing recently, and I got to wondering about it. What’s Stitch Fix? Here’s a quick overview:

1) Create an account and fill out the information in your style profile. Choose a date you want your stitch fix to arrive (mine showed up 2 days early, probably because I’m so close to San Francisco.) Help out your stylist by creating a Pinterest board so that can see some of the stuff you’re interested in. You can also leave your stylist a note. (You an also choose your price range for each type of item and say if you don’t want a particular kind of thing.)

2) The styling/putting together of your package costs $20. That money can be put towards the price of the things you keep. Or, it’s the payment if you send back everything.

3) When your box arrives, you try your five clothes/shoes/accessories on. You decide what to keep and what to send back. You pay for the stuff you keep, and the returning of the things you don’t keep is free.

Interested? If you use my link to sign up, I get money towards my next box. Here’s my link.

I say my next box. But will I do this again after trying it? Yep!

Here’s how it went:
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And how can we tell that I need a trim?

We can tell that I need a trim, by the fact that I can actually make my hair do cool things (when it chooses to behave.) Sigh.

Yes, I really do want a Ladies’ Maid. Too bad I can’t afford one. My hair would be cool All The Time!

Posted on 9th March 2011
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Shoes & Coats

My brain seems to be on hold this week. I swear that I can hear a test pattern sometimes. (For those of you who have never encountered a test pattern, that’s what used to be on TV channels when they went off the air for the night. I suppose that was before they invented infomercials.)

Anyway, the one thing I have been using brainspace for this week is…being girly. I mean, my sister would be shocked. (Are you sitting down, Sister Mine?)

I have been surfing fashion websites. No joke. I mean…I knew that I liked shoes and coats. I have a whole collection of coats, and not nearly enough boots…but high fashion websites? No accounting for it.

So I ask you, oh readers of this blog, if you had all kinds of money what coat or pair of shoes would you buy? Anyone?

Personally, I like these boots, and just look at this coat! (Mind you, I prefer grey or black…or even blue to that color.)

Posted on 16th September 2010
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T-Shirt Tuesday: Jedi Academy


Welcome to the first T-shirt Tuesday!

I may have mentioned in the past that I have a fair few t-shirts to my name. One might almost call them…a collection. What do most folk do with collections? Well, they display them, of course! I went through and photographed all of my t-shirts. Yes, it took a while. Especially with stuff like this going on:


Cats are such helpful creatures, aren’t they?

Anyway, my first t-shirt of the collection is this Jedi Academy T-shirt. I’m not sure exactly when I got it, but I do know that it came from the store at the end of Star Tours at Disneyland. It seems to me that Koshvader had one of a different color at some point.

Yes…I saw A New Hope in the cinema when it came out. Word is, I annoyed my Dad until he took me. I even used to have a lightsaber at one point. And this is just the beginning of the peek into the geekiness of my t-shirt collection.

May the force be with you.

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In the Vernacular

I’m not sure if you all know this, but I am a big fan of slang. You know, argot or vernacular. Perhaps it’s the snob in me that likes to be “in the know” or it could just be I’m amused by the twists and turns that language takes.

Um…except for adverbs for some reason. There’s an “ly” on that word, people! Yes. Really.

Anyway, I love all of the different ways that people have come up with to say that something is good or laudable and, of course, the opposite. There are the confusing examples (remember “bad”? Which could mean “bad” or “good” depending upon the circumstances? Yes? You’ve just dated yourself. That was about 20 years ago. How do I know this? Well…there’s this high school reunion coming up next year… I know. I feel old, too.) …but we won’t get into those.

A while back there was this phrase used to connote someone (or thing) was very cool: All that and a bag of chips. I loved that one. It was clever. It was a bit more that just being “all that.”

Then came: Made of Win. for example: Oh my God. That was hilarious. You are made of win.

The opposite of Made of Win, is, of course: Made of Fail (or, Made of Suck and Fail, for the really bad things.) This seems to be an outgrowth of the popular “fail” which you can see more about at Fail Blog. (Yes. Fail. As in didn’t manage to do it.)

And right about here you would find a whole bunch of LOL Cat induced slang, which is a place that “fail” and “ur doing it wrong” are popular, but that is a topic that could have a whole post (or series of posts) dedicated to it.

So, at last we come to the good/bad set that I encountered only recently. Whereas you might have previously said, “Oh my God, that is so awesome!” now you can say, “Awesomesauce.” This looks to be quite the time saver. It was only today that I discovered its antithesis: Lamesauce. I called my sister to tell her about this, and she added that she has also encountered “Weaksauce.”

I would just like to point out here that my father makes the best applesauce. Yep. Awesomesauce Applesauce.

Moving on.

We’ve talked about the good and the bad, and now we have…The Retro.

Rad is back. Short for “radical,” which was also used back in the 80s. I’ve seen it in print and I’ve even heard it in conversation. How long before we start hearing “gag me with an entire place setting” again? It looks like style and language both cycle back through. (And for style retro proof check out this music video – La Roux – Bulletproof. Thanks, Dave!)

This has been your slang update.

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50. Get properly fitted for a bra.

Remember my 101 things in 1001 days list?

Well, I can cross another one off of the list. The other day I was in town with a friend and I finally managed to go into Lula Lu Petite Lingerie. They’ve always been closed before, you see. While I was there the sales lady offered to measure me. It turns out that I’ve been wearing the correct size (you hear that Mum?). It’s just that I have previously purchased bras of…er…lesser quality.

Obviously I had to buy three while I was there. One of them I swear that I will return and buy one of every color. It’s just that comfortable.

Posted on 18th May 2008
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Of Hair and Mystery


I’ve decided to name the unknown plant in the corner of my garden…Austin Powers: International Plant of Mystery.

Just so you know.

Musings on Saturday:

Saturday we shopped, as we have a little money right now, and soon we will have a lot less. We stopped by ULTA and made a hair appointment for Koshvader straight away. Then lunch. Which I didn’t eat much of, as I had in fact eaten before my fellow had gotten up. Then we went to the mall. I had a fruit craving, so I got a smoothie before anything else. (Translation: I stared in horror at the seriously disorganized line. Tried to talk Koshvader into putting off the smoothie until later to avoid attempting to figure out where said line ended. Koshvader stood firm, however, and the confusing line was conquered in due course.) Originally, I had planned to come to the mall to buy clothing, but we ended up in the kitchen/home area of Macy’s somehow instead. There we purchased a small vacuum for the stairs and a griddle that you can put over two burners on the stove. I need a griddle if I am to finally make crumpets, you see. We ended up saving $80 on these purchases. (Yes, I called my parents to share the Sale Squee.)

By this point it was time to go to the hair appointment. Our hair-stylist insisted that she could do both of us, so after Koshvader’s hair was done (and my, he looks nice) it was my turn. It would seem that my hair makes our stylist a bit crazed. Every time she sees me, it looks the same, she said. So, instead of just taking off two inches from the bottom, I have a new, sexier haircut. Everyone seems to like it so far, but it is a bit weird having such a light head.

Once we were done with hair, we decided to ignore responsibilities for the evening (’cause really, they’re always there. You have to make time for fun, or you won’t have any.) And went out to get tickets to the cinema. Our plan was to see different films at the same time. That didn’t work out. I wanted to see Nim’s Island, but it was sold out. So, we got two tickets to the new Harold and Kumar film. (No, I haven’t seen the first one.) And then went off to have sushi. Yum.

Done eating, and with time to kill, we went back to the mall to get clothing. This time we managed it, but I still didn’t find any new work shoes. Hanging out at Border’s afterwards did bring two surprises. 1) I already had the Torchwood and Doctor Who Magazines and 2) Someone had re-arranged three of the Sue Grafton Alphabet Mysteries to spell NOM. Needless to say, I LOLd.

And then we saw the film. I still can’t decide if I liked it or not. On the one hand, much of the humour was not my thing. But on the other hand, it actually had a couple of layers to it. The parts with a certain celebrity were amusing, in any case.

When we finally made it home, I fell over with a thud into bed, knowing full well that I had a party to attend the next day. So…I had to put off watching Doctor Who.

Oh, the tragedy.

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A Celticangel Glossary: Pink Pants

In my family, and among my close friends, we have come up with many [tag]words[/tag] and [tag]phrases[/tag] that can only be understood by those in the know. So…I’m putting you wise.


Word/Phrase: Pink Pants

Origin: Once upon a time, when my sister was young, she went shopping with my mother. While they were out, she set her eyes on something she decided that she had to have. It was a pair of pink pants. Sadly, no matter how much she begged, Mum wouldn’t buy her those pants. (She has never heard the end of this.)

Meaning: Something you wanted but never got to have, as you were prevented for some reason.

Usage: I always wanted to spend a semester abroad in college, but it’s totally pink pants. We couldn’t afford it.

Argh! I always wanted to go to Space Camp. Pink Pants! [tag]Pink Pants[/tag]!

Consider yourselves informed.
(Oh, and the pink pants in question would have been smaller than those shown. These came from Interpunk. I just liked the picture.)

Posted on 23rd November 2007
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Day 11: Scooby Doo and Some Asian Writing


Today’s socks feature [tag]Scooby Doo[/tag] and some Asian writing. No idea what it says. For all I know, it reads “Bad Wolf.” *shrug*

I’m madly trying to get ahead on my blogging and other household stuff today. This is proving a bit difficult, as I was up ’til 4am last night doing basically the same thing. Today I feel like a zombie. Good thing I have those gummy watermelon-flavored brains in the cupboard.

I’m also doing some of my Christmas shopping. It turns out that it’s really handy to have money over on Paypal. Ebay can be your friend when you are too busy/don’t like crowds.

Well, I’d better go check on the laundry…and choose my [tag]socks[/tag] for the week.

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Day 5: Eeyore


Hello folks. Did you survive the time change? I was awake for the whole thing again. Sigh. And now my internal clock is all screwed up and I need to go make a coffee. Or perhaps two. In any case, here are the socks of the day. I love Eeyore.

Oh, and my Vet appointment is all set for way too early on Wednesday.

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