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Five Things on Friday – Comfort Food

Well, it’s a bit late in the day, but it’s still Friday at this point. For today’s [tag]Five Things on Friday[/tag] I’m thinking about Comfort Foods. You know. You have a bad day or it’s cold and wet outside and all you can think about is getting home and eating your favorite comforting meal. What are your comfort foods? (If you want to post your own Five Comfort Foods on your blog, please comment and let me know so that I can stop by and see what you have to say.) Oh! And I have Koshvader’s answers, too, this week. I love it when he joins in.

Five Comfort Foods:
1. Mundane – So…now you know why I chose to make it the other day.
2. Miso Soup – Not just any miso soup, mind. True comfort comes from good miso soup.
3. Tea & Crumpets – Tea alone being the ultimate comfort drink, of course. Add crumpets and you have a small meal of comfort.
4. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Tomato Soup – This is a pretty popular comfort combination. I will state here though, that the cheese must not be American Cheese. Bleh.
5. Poached Egg on Toast – Just typing that makes me want some. I blame my Nana. She used to make it for me when I visited.
1. Chocolate Mousse
2. Tom Kha Gai
3. Hot & Sour Soup
4. Prime Rib
5. Chocolate Cream Pie

Posted on 14th November 2008
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Five Things…on Saturday

textured sleepy kitty by me

Oops! I’ve got a cold and I up and forgot about Five Things being a Friday thing. So…for this week it’s a Saturday thing, ’cause I said so. This week I’m looking at things that I’ve been putting off. If you want to play too, please comment and let me know. What things have you been putting off?

Five Things I’ve Been Putting Off:
1. Update our passports – If I want to go to Scotland again some day, I’ll really need to get on this.
2. Get rid of my Health Rider – It’s taking up space in my front room and I can’t use it because of my wrists.
3. Find a new dentist – Well…duh.
4. Get the tires in the shed recycled – I could really use that space.
5. Get Organized – Everyone has some form of this on their list. For me, it means getting of my lazy bum and putting things away/recycling/cleaning out those spots in which stuff you don’t use lurks. Also, it could include cleaning out my email inbox, working my way through all of the pictures on my hard drive, and getting together my emergency information.

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Five Things On Friday


I’ll bet that something like this has been done before, but I hereby declare that I’m doing it my way, so this meme is mine. (insert evil laughter here)

What the heck am I talking about?

Well, my Five Things meme, of course. Putting it on Friday gives it some nice alliteration. My meme works like this: I choose a topic and then list five things related to it. Then, if anyone out there decides to play along, they post their response to the topic on their blog (and comment here so I can go see what they’ve said.) Pretty easy, yes? This week’s theme is – Five Things I Would Do If I Could Stop Time. I’ve chosen the picture above to go with the post because it represents a moment frozen in time, rather like all photos if you think about it. (Maybe I’ll make a proper banner for this meme at some point…) For the purposes of this theme, assume that you are the one stopping time, and, as such, you may unfreeze anyone you wish. Ready?

Five Things I Would Do If I Could Stop Time:

1. Sleep – I know. The predictable answer. But just imagine being able to sleep as long as you like, and be guaranteed no interruptions. Good, yes?
2. Read without interruption. – Similar to number one, but again, consider the relaxation potential. You could read a whole series if you wanted to.
3. Take a nap someplace normally considered inappropriate. – Like…sleeping naked on the front lawn. Just to be annoying, you know. And yes, sleep is worth mentioning twice.
4. Walk out to my husband’s work, camera in hand, unfreeze him, and go on photo safari. – Normally that walk would take ages, but this way it would take no time at all. And think of all the crazy photo opportunities.
5. Clean my house. – Again with the boring, I know, but consider the opportunity to get all those things done that you never have time for.

Those are my choices. What would you do if you could bend time to your will?

Posted on 31st October 2008
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