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The Niece encounters avocado *dramatic music*

When I was last up visiting my family, our niece had her first encounter with avocado. I love how easily amused she is…and how much she seems to be acting for the camera. (The person saying nomnomnom in the background is my hubby. I’m the one who mentions the paparazzi.)

Posted on 8th November 2011
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Yankee Brown Bread

This is another recipe that I don’t remember partaking of, but I am not surprised to find dates in the recipe. Grammy loved dates.

This recipe was found in a book called Galley Finale: A Collection of Mariner Soups, Sloops, and Other Incredible Edibles which was put out by The Presbyterian Church of Fair Oaks, Ca in 1978.

Yankee Brown Bread by My Grandmother (Mariner’s Cookbook)

2 c. thick sour cream
2 level tsp. baking soda in 1 c. milk
2 Tbsp. molasses
1 large or 2 small eggs
1/3 c. sugar

Stir well. Sprinkle 1 1/2 cups stone ground wheat flour over:

1 c. currants or raisins
1 c. all-purpose flour
12 seeded dates, cut in small pieces

Sift together:
1/2 c. all-purpose flour
2 Tbsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. ginger
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1/4 tsp. cloves

Stir into mixture. Melt 1/4 cup margarine or butter and add last. Grease bread pan well to the top. Start baking in a cold oven set at 400 degrees. Bake 1 hour until done.

Posted on 1st November 2011
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Quirky Monday

Everyone I know has one random quirk or other…or enough to open a shop.

What is your most random quirk?

My most random quirk? Well…I’m sure that there are others, but the one that comes to mind is the way I like to eat a banana. First of all, I only like one half of a banana. If I could get away with it, I would always eat the end with the stem, not the end with that thorny bit. I think it weirded me out as a kid. I’m not sure. Anyway, I have a half a banana on my cereal in the morning…and if it weren’t terribly wasteful I’d leave a pile of thorny ends for the others to eat.

Sometimes I’m lucky and the lone half gets eaten during the day, leaving me able to start anew in the morning. :)

Posted on 13th September 2010
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Tangy Pork Chops

This is another one of the recipes from my grandmother. For the record, I don’t generally eat pork, but I thought that y’all might be interested in seeing it anyway. (As you may imagine, I have no memory of this dish, what with the not eating of pork thing.) What do you think about this one?

This recipe was found in a book called Galley Finale: A Collection of Mariner Soups, Sloops, and Other Incredible Edibles it was put out by The Presbyterian Church of Fair Oaks, Ca in 1978.

Tangy Pork Chops by Mrs. Leon Catlin

4 pork chops
4 onion slices
1 can tomato soup
4 green pepper rings
Dash of pepper

Brown chops in skillet on both sides. Place a slice of onion and green pepper on each and pour soup over. Cover and cook over low heat about 45 minutes. Stir or baste now and then.

Posted on 16th February 2010
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Coffee and Me

Ah, coffee, that wonderful warm start-of-the-day beverage. I have such a love/hate relationship with it. It has so may pros and cons.

1. I can help wake you up.
2. It can help with a sore throat.
3. The heat can help with a stuffed up head.
4. It helps with asthma problems.
5. It’s a tasty beverage, that goes particularly well with sweets.
6. It can help with mental focus.
7. A hot cup of coffee in a mug is two weapons in one. (I’ve mentioned my favorite weapon here before, yes?)

1. It can keep you awake when you would rather sleep.
2. It can make your hands very unsteady.
3. It can give you an acid belly/disagree with your system.
4. It can take a normal stress reaction and make it go through the roof. Hello panic attack.
5. It can help you focus *way too much*. Must…Finish…Project!

and the one I’d totally forgotten about until Saturday:
6. It makes me paranoid.

Yep. Did you know that everyone was ignoring me on Saturday? No? How about the fact that my co-workers are all going to be angry with me for calling in sick on Saturday and I’ll ‘get in trouble’ for doing so? Sigh. I called in sick because of the whole coughing/sneezing/runny nose/having trouble breathing problem that I drank the coffee for in the first place.

Note to self: One cup is okay. Two cups is pushing it these days. Three cups is right out. You haven’t worked graveyard shift in thirteen years, and you are getting more sensitive as you get older. Don’t be a paranoid dork. Yes. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you, but seriously…

So drink tea instead!

Posted on 7th February 2010
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Theme for 2010: Try New Things


I’m pretty sure that I’ve had this motto before…about ten years ago or so, but I thought that would be particularly helpful to me this year. I’ve noticed that I have a huge tendency to stick with the comfortable and the familiar in life. This guides things like where I eat, driving patterns, game playing, book reading, movie watching, parking preferences, etc. And I am led to wonder how I will find anything new and cool if I stay with the same things all of the time. Admittedly, I will also encounter things that are…less salubrious, if you will, along the way. Hey, but in that case I’ll have things to warn you all about here on the blog, right?

In this spirit, here are some things I’ve tried this year so far:

* Apples to Apples – An incredibly silly and fun game to play in a group.

* Blockus – Sort of like tetris on a playing board for up to four people. Quite cerebral and also fun. (I bought a copy of this one.)

* San Mateo Prime – A very tasty (and expensive) steak place in San Mateo. I really enjoyed it. A nice place for a date involving meat-eaters. Their Chocolate Mousse is divine.

* Mad Fish in Fremont – This Japanese restaurant just opened in Fremont down the street from my work. I went there for dinner the other night…and wasn’t overly impressed, actually. The food was okay, but will be expensive once the grand opening coupon thingy goes away. The service needs more training time. My tea cup was frequently empty and I had to go up to the register to get my bill printed as I had to leave and could no longer wait for the darn thing to show up at my table. I figure I’ll try back in six months one time when Koshvader comes to join me for dinner.

* The Sonoma Panini from Raley’s – Normally I get the Yosemite (not as nice and spicy as it used to be) or the Sierra (which has started to be too dry lately). I thought I’d try a non-beef-based sandwich this time. Not such a good idea as it turned out. The best word I can come up with to describe this sandwich is: squidgy. True, it wasn’t too dry, but it was a bit…strangely leaky. Also? I get the weird feeling that the turkey they used had something in it that I can’t eat. It certainly made my stomach mrgly enough.

And there you are. A few new things I’ve tried already. Let’s see if I can keep this up.

Posted on 7th January 2010
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Random Review: Ginger Beer (by the ginger people)

I’m been meaning to review random things (in an admittedly random nature) on this blog for sometime. So I have chosen to begin with a ginger beer that my sister got for me when she was visiting this weekend.

Random Review: Ginger Beer as made by the ginger people.

If you like the taste of ginger, this is the ginger beer for you. Not too sweet and with that ginger spiciness I like. Yep. Nice and refreshing. I would definitely drink this again, even given that I don’t drink soda pop these days. (By the way, it’s carbonated enough to foam over in the bottle if you’re not careful, so watch out for that. Not that that happened to me or anything.)

Question: Am I the only one who wonders if “the ginger people” are all redheads? Just me then? That’s about par for the course.

Posted on 16th August 2009
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A Moment of Happiness

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals
(For you, Sister Mine.)

Happiness for 27 February:

Two words. Clay Oven.
The guys at the yummy Indian food place called [tag]Clay Oven[/tag] in [tag]San Mateo[/tag] always take such good care of me. When I come in to get a to go order, as I did this evening for poor Koshvader who has some upper respiratory thingy, they have me sit down and bring me chai and papadum while I wait for my order. When I’m there and I intend to share Chicken Tikka Masala with Koshvader Firemouth (he adores very spicy food) they bring me my own (less spicy) sauce without even asking. Today they even packed my own sauce for me in my to go order, as I discovered when I arrived home.

Dhanyavaad, gentlemen. You made my day.

Posted on 27th February 2009
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Thanksgiving Foodways

Question: When you think of Thanksgiving what foods do you think of?

Before I got married, it never occurred to me that I would someday be trying to meld the vastly different food traditions of two different families. Much less for such an important cooking day as Thanksgiving. As you grow up you get used to the foods that your family serves, and perhaps those of some close friends that have you over for dinner. You have a very specific idea as to what one serves for particular events. Encountering marked differences tends to shock your psychic map. Or at least, it does if you’re me.

My family (like most families I imagine) has some particular ideas about food in general and what one eats for Thanksgiving in the specific. I like eggs. My Mum used to make me fried egg sandwiches and my Nana is to blame for my love of poached egg on toast. Major comfort food, you know? (Koshvader hates eggs…and toast.) Grandpa Dan used to make the most divine of meatballs for the majority of family gatherings. (I really wish that I had the recipe. Mum? Any ideas? Koshvader would sure like them.) Squash of all sorts is very popular in my family. We have is as part of casserole, as pancakes, in soup, etc. Koshvader hates squash. You get the idea.

Thanksgiving used to involve everyone coming together with all sorts of tasty-yums. We had the adult table and the overflow/kids’ table, as many families do, I’m told. (Ever get the feeling that someone has to die for you to rotate up to the adult table? Would the eldest then move up, or would it be the luck of the draw?) Once, when I was quite young we put a bunch of tables together and all ate together in contiguous rooms. My father was in charge of setting the table with all of its finery. They have china from my great-great grandmother and all the folks who came after to choose from. The family rule, handed down from my great-grandmother Hazel, is that you may not have the original containers on the table, so Dad produces all sorts of specialized bowls for the occasion from the china cabinet.

On the table you will find:
Candied Yams
Aunt Fanny’s Squash
Mashed Potatoes
Cranberry sauce (still in the shape of a can, and available in slices.)
Watermelon Pickle Rind
Dinner rolls of some variety that we generally forget about until after we have sat down.
Some random veggie.
Pie – Pumpkin, Pecan, Pumpkin-Pecan, Apple…(May I please have a small piece of each?)
Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider.

Sounds good, right?

Today we had:
A beef roast (Koshvader’s family is more beef than turkey. Good thing he can cook..)
Garlic mashed potatoes (I made it, therefore garlic is involved.)
Crescent rolls (I’ve never made them before. It was in the manner of a compromise as we couldn’t find rolls we could agree on.)
Gravy (Did I mention he can cook?)
Creamy corn (Microwaved at the last minute as we sort of forgot about it.)
Fruit salad (The jello fruit salad that my MIL makes all of the time wasn’t ready in time. Still…it looks okay now. Not too bad for a first attempt.)
Watermelon Pickle Rind (I insisted. He didn’t have to eat any.)
One piece of Apple pie and one piece of Chocolate cream pie from Heidi’s Pies. (We could not agree on pie, so my MIL suggested that we just get a piece of pie each to go from our fave local greasy spoon. Brilliant woman. Why didn’t I think of that?)
Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider (Something we both can agree on.)

Not too bad for a compromise dinner, eh? Definitely something to be thankful for. Please bear in mind that Kodshvader and I have a very small overlap in our food Venn Diagram. He doesn’t eat many things that I like, and I’m allergic to a few of his favorites. I refuse to make two meals, as Koshvader’s Mum used to, though.

So tell me. What foods do you hold as sacrosanct in your [tag]Thanksgiving[/tag] meal?

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Day 9 – And then there was cooking

Watcha Doin’ ?

This is the look that His Frizzerness gave me when he found me in the kitchen today. What the heck was I doing there? Cooking, if you can believe it.

The family casserole recipe looks like this.

Today I actually accomplished a few things. First, I popped over to the craft shop to see about getting ideas for xmas gifts. I actually found a few ideas, so look out for handmade gifts this year my friends/family. Then I drove over to the grocery store with an actual list.

You know, that thing that you have with you if you have some idea as to what you are planning to cook? I had one of those. No, don’t faint. I actually spent a couple of hours looking through cookbooks last night. It’s amazing how much cheaper you can get out of the grocery store when you have an actual shopping agenda. Who knew?

And then I came home and cooked. I made the family favorite casserole that we call Mundane (you can read about that casserole here at my friend’s Food History blog), garlic mashed potatoes (that Koshvader kindly mashed for me), and cucumber salad which should be ready tomorrow.

the cucumber salad

On top of all of that, I have a cauliflower that I plan to steam and make all cheesy and a nice cottage cheese/fruit combo. We officially have food in the house. This may be one of the signs of The Apocalypse, so consider yourselves warned.

P.S. The “Dining on a Dime Cook Book” by Tawra Kellam and Jill Cooper was recommended to me by my good twin, and I got it for my birthday. So far, I’m loving it.

Posted on 9th November 2008
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