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A Few Definitions

And now a spot of education for you all.

Rickrolling is a prank and Internet meme involving the music video for the 1987 Rick Astley song “Never Gonna Give You Up” … The meme is a classic bait and switch: a person provides a link they claim is relevant to the topic at hand, but the link actually takes the user to the Astley video. The URL can be masked or obfuscated in some manner so that the user cannot determine the true source of the link without clicking (and thus satisfying their curiosity). By extension, it can also mean playing the song loudly in public in order to be disruptive. A person who falls for the prank is said to have been “Rickrolled”.” – Rickroll Wikipedia Article

Random Access Brain is the sort of brain that will randomly pop ideas into your head when you are busy doing something else. It will remind you of that time in kindergarten that you were learning the letter A, and do this for no apparent reason. It will take unrelated concepts and create new ideas out of them. Sometimes it will do this in the most inappropriate of circumstances. Worse yet, sometimes the ideas are funny.

Random Access Brain on Shuffle is when the RAB decided to start playing music. Generally it is something completely unexpected like the Gilligan’s Island theme or just the chorus of your favorite song from third grade.

You could be sitting at work, minding your own business, trying to remember that new band name you came up with the other day…that you forgot to write down. (Was it something to do with donuts?) And just when you think that you’ve got it, your RABoS starts playing “Never Gonna to Give You Up.”

And that’s how it’s possible to Rickroll yourself.

Posted on 10th May 2008
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A Celticangel Glossary: Chicken Poetry

In my family, and among my close friends, we have come up with many words and phrases that can only be understood by those in the know. So…I’m putting you wise.


Word/Phrase: [tag]Chicken Poetry[/tag]

Origin: Even the origin of this phrase needs some background. I am a Librarian. My parents are also librarians. Well, my Dad has retired. My Mum says she has retired, but…she’s certainly working a lot. Anyway, once upon a time my Father was working on the Reference Desk and he was approached by a patron with a reference question. It sounded like this patron was looking for Chicken Poetry. So, my Father searched. He consulted databases. He looked in books. All sorts of of research later, it came to light that that patron had, in fact, meant “Chicken Poultry.” Le sigh.

Meaning: An interesting reference question.

Usage: Did you get any chicken poetry at work today?

Image Source: (I used this picture of the Big Chicken for three reasons: 1) I couldn’t find my picture, 2) I like the [tag]Big Chicken[/tag], and 3) It was more fun than just a pic of a Chicken.)

Posted on 30th November 2007
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A Celticangel Glossary: Pink Pants

In my family, and among my close friends, we have come up with many [tag]words[/tag] and [tag]phrases[/tag] that can only be understood by those in the know. So…I’m putting you wise.


Word/Phrase: Pink Pants

Origin: Once upon a time, when my sister was young, she went shopping with my mother. While they were out, she set her eyes on something she decided that she had to have. It was a pair of pink pants. Sadly, no matter how much she begged, Mum wouldn’t buy her those pants. (She has never heard the end of this.)

Meaning: Something you wanted but never got to have, as you were prevented for some reason.

Usage: I always wanted to spend a semester abroad in college, but it’s totally pink pants. We couldn’t afford it.

Argh! I always wanted to go to Space Camp. Pink Pants! [tag]Pink Pants[/tag]!

Consider yourselves informed.
(Oh, and the pink pants in question would have been smaller than those shown. These came from Interpunk. I just liked the picture.)

Posted on 23rd November 2007
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