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What I Did on my Summer Vacation, or Patient Zero Goes on Holiday

Quite recently, I took a holiday. My plan was (along with my Sister) to visit my Nana for her 95th birthday in Atlanta where much of my family lives.

My plan went somewhat…awry.

The flight in was bumpy, but we managed to see a few of the family (and some of the animals) before going to bed. On Friday, we got to see even more family and had a merry old time.

By Friday Night, I was taken to the ER. My kind sister, knowing me well as she does, offered to take a picture of me for the blog. So, here we have documentary evidence that I can get really sick and still remain a bit silly.

Please note that I am apparently too metal for the Emergency Room. I was brought in carrying a pink basin like the one you can see in the image (but I think that it had been traded out by then) and yet my sister still didn’t hit me for repeatedly saying “I Has a Bucket.” (Yes. I explained the whole LOLrus thing to my cousin, but then she already knew I was weird.)

Finally, I was taken home at about dawn and I ended up sleeping the entire rest of Saturday. Like, nearly 24 hours, waking up every time someone opened the door…’cause I’m just that light a sleeper. By the time I’d left, there were seven of us that had fallen ill.

Seven. Seven women, no less. Including my poor sister and my Nana. Don’t worry. Everyone was fine in the end (or so I hear) and the last two may not have even had the same thing. Still, I felt a bit like Patient Zero, even though I didn’t get sick until after I arrived. It sort of put paid to our vacation plans, though. It’s fun and all to call it the Vacation from Hell. I mean, if I was going to be ill, I could just as easily have stayed home. Worse yet, there is precedence for this. When I was quite young I brought the measles with me to Georgia. That was, in a word, bad.

But…I’ve had some time to think about the whole thing in the last week, and some things have occurred to me:

1) If I’m going to be quite that ill, the best place to do it is somewhere with a massive support network. (I have a lot of family, bless them.)
2) I am industrial strength. More so than I thought, even. My stomach muscles are amazing. …Though, Hello! they still hurt. Ow.
3) My Aunt is even more industrial strength than I am. I now aspire to be her.
4) I got to see my family and meet many of their animals.
5) The Georgia Aquarium has many places to sit. This helps if you are going to visit it right after being ill.
6) I still love Hee Haw and so does my uncle.
7) I took a bunch of pictures!

So, while the vacation was a bit of a nightmare, and not what I was looking forward too, it was still a vacation. My parents and siblings live two hours away from me, but I got to spend several days with them. I saw most of my cousins and their kids. All in all…not terrible. I guess I’ll just have to try again soon.

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Coffee and Me

Ah, coffee, that wonderful warm start-of-the-day beverage. I have such a love/hate relationship with it. It has so may pros and cons.

1. I can help wake you up.
2. It can help with a sore throat.
3. The heat can help with a stuffed up head.
4. It helps with asthma problems.
5. It’s a tasty beverage, that goes particularly well with sweets.
6. It can help with mental focus.
7. A hot cup of coffee in a mug is two weapons in one. (I’ve mentioned my favorite weapon here before, yes?)

1. It can keep you awake when you would rather sleep.
2. It can make your hands very unsteady.
3. It can give you an acid belly/disagree with your system.
4. It can take a normal stress reaction and make it go through the roof. Hello panic attack.
5. It can help you focus *way too much*. Must…Finish…Project!

and the one I’d totally forgotten about until Saturday:
6. It makes me paranoid.

Yep. Did you know that everyone was ignoring me on Saturday? No? How about the fact that my co-workers are all going to be angry with me for calling in sick on Saturday and I’ll ‘get in trouble’ for doing so? Sigh. I called in sick because of the whole coughing/sneezing/runny nose/having trouble breathing problem that I drank the coffee for in the first place.

Note to self: One cup is okay. Two cups is pushing it these days. Three cups is right out. You haven’t worked graveyard shift in thirteen years, and you are getting more sensitive as you get older. Don’t be a paranoid dork. Yes. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you, but seriously…

So drink tea instead!

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My Skull: Harder Than I Thought


Another reason to want to win the lottery: A 1967 Mercury Cougar.

Howdy folks. Remember the time that I set the kitchen on fire?


Well, I’d think that said Kitchen was out for revenge if I didn’t know that I am totally accident prone. You see, on Saturday I made pizza. (I know. I cooked. Don’t be too shocked.) And as I was taking the pizza out of the oven a couple of things happened at once. I burned my left arm on the oven door and my oven mitt stopped being oven-y enough. Ouch! No harm no foul, don’t worry.

Okay. Maybe a bit of harm, but nothing big. Just a red mark on my arm, which went really nicely with the bruise I got walking into a sticky-out bit of moulding that they have on the columns at work the other day. Don’t say that I can’t accessorize. (Also? What is with that design feature? Anyone?)

And that was it until Sunday evening, at which point I ventured into the kitchen to get a bottle of water to go with my tasty french toast. (Yes. Two days of cooking. A record?) Now, we keep our not-yet-refrigerated water in the space between the fridge and the start of the cabinets. I leaned over to grab a bottle from its spot, and in standing up managed to slam the top of my head into the pointy bit on the corner of the kitchen counter. Really hard. I must have made some really terrible noise, ’cause the next thing I knew, Koshvader was standing next to me demanding to know what was wrong. Then, of course, the phone started ringing, but we ignored it. I think I might have been too busy swearing. Not sure. Wow that hurt. But I think my low blood pressure finally came in handy for something, as I barely bled at all. And upon closer inspection, the *very* sharp corner of the counter is now slightly chipped. Ha! Skull: 1, Counter: 0. Downside? Now that it is a couple of days later, my head itches right where the cut is. Ah well. At least that means it’s healing, right?

For the record: So far this week I’ve managed to bang my knee a couple of times and had a cat leap into my lap, with claws extended. I’m going with the accident-prone thing rather than the Revenge of My Kitchen. Votes?

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And Now…a Controversial Statement.

I’m sorry, but someone had to say it.

Hot Dogs are Not food! They are a food-like substance….that smells bad.

There. I’m glad to finally get that off of my chest.

Now to lighten the mood I offer you: Back to the Future 2: Electric Boogaloo . (Obviously, this is the heart-warming story of time travel…and break dancing.)

To round off this post I offer you all some actual news: I still have teeth. The only dental work I need, as it turns out, is to fix one of my pre-existing fillings. *whew* Also? I got a new toothbrush. This is actually the metric that I use to determine if a new dentist is a “real” dentist. My new dentist has passed the test. The gold star next to the check mark on their chart is due to the dental hygienist who gave me all sorts of tooth-related information while she worked. It was like being in the middle of a documentary, and I love a good documentary.

Analysis: I’m keeping them.

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Five Healthy Things

Okay. So, once again it’s technically Saturday at this point, but at least that means I’m covered for NaBloPoMo for Saturday. (I will be away from my computer for a day or so, so it’s best to get this in when I can.) In light of my reality check the other day I thought that this week’s version of “Five Things” would focus on health. Specifically…

Five Healthy Things I’ve Done In the Last Day:

1. I went to bed early. – All I can imagine is that my body needs to get used to going to bed early. I had trouble falling asleep. Ah well. Could that be why I woke up to the theme from “Earth Girls are Easy” playing in my head?
2. Drank water and juice. – I drank a bottle and a half of water and a yummy juice smoothie.
3. Took a walk. – I even managed to find a route that was the same length as my break.
4. I relaxed. – Okay, I relaxed by going to the cinema with friends. That counts, yes?
5. Took my vitamins. – I’m told that Folic Acid is important.

And speaking of health…I’m off to bed now.

Posted on 22nd November 2008
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An Update

My First Radish!

An Update…and stuff.

Where to begin?

* It looks like the other guy’s insurance agency has admitted 100% liability for the accident. (As I discovered when I called my company to talk to them today.) Yay!

* My car is currently estimated to be ready either Tuesday or Wednesday. Yay!

* I have produce in my garden. Now…I just need to think of what to do with all of that basil. (I have to harvest it this weekend. See picture below.) I have honest to goodness radishes. Yay!

* My week-long vacation starts tomorrow at 5:15pm. Yay!

* My friend D. from my old job stopped by my new work on Thursday on his way down to see his brother during his vacation. It was great to see him. (We chatted. He popped over to check out the children’s section…and answered a reference question. He ran away before he could accidentally work some more.) Yay!

* And I have a cold! Booo! Hiss! Sigh. That’s right. To add insult to injury, I have a cold. I also have no more sick leave. Add to this the fact that my shoulder, neck, and back are still not one would call…happy, and you can see how I might be annoyed. The other insurance company called, by the way. I left a message today, but they haven’t return the call yet. Before you ask, I am planning to see how my shoulder feels next week. If it hasn’t gotten better, I’m going to have it looked at. I will also not be signing anything until I am fully recovered. (So, don’t worry M. & L. I *was* listening to your excellent advice.)

I intend to ignore the cold as much as possible and enjoy my vacation. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

My bountiful harvest.

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I’m Alright…

But my car is not.

So there we were, minding our own business, driving straight and at a slow pace headed for the freeway on-ramp, when this white Corvette exits the freeway too fast and loses control. We didn’t see that at first. What we saw was the car in front of us do this funny little swerve that we couldn’t figure out. Then there was the one second of “Oh No!” And then…Bam! We managed to get to the side of the road, but now my poor baby car won’t start. (I dunno how fast the guy was going, but he hit us quite hard.)

We’re okay (mostly), just banged up a bit from the seat belts and what not. I can tell, however, that tomorrow will be distinctly un-fun already. Sigh.


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I Can Sort of Sing Again

4 July in Pacifica – by Celticangel

It would seem that the eternal smoke in the air problem here in California affects my singing ability. You all remember how intrinsic music is to me, yes? Well, last week the best I could hope for was about one line of a song before I developed a pain behind my sternum and had to stop.

No, I don’t have an inhaler. Why do you ask?

This weekend it’s a wee bit better, but I hope that we get some nice clean rain soon.

Speaking of air quality, on 4 July I was down at the beach in Pacifica with Koshvader, as you can see in the pic above, and the air was like soup. I think that the pic is the visual representation of what my lungs think about the air these days.

Think that the atmosphere in the pic above is a trick or a momentary thing? Try this one…


Yep. That is a photograph. Scary, eh? For more pics from 4 July, go here.

Happy Bastille Day folks!

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The Good & The Bad

I haven’t done this in a while, so here we go…

The Good: I’m finally feeling better! (Not quite back to normal, but close…which is good, as I’m going back to work tomorrow.)

The Bad: We got the notice that says they are upping our rent by $200 if we want to re-up the apartment. So, I called to see of that included the pet rent this time. (Last year there was quite the to-do about that.) They have to look it up and get back to me. I don’t want to move. Also, we can’t afford to. And this is the cheapest we’ll find for what we have. Sigh. So, we’re staying, but we’ll be complaining about it a lot.

Also, may I just say, I spent less time recovering from Gall Bladder surgery than I have on this flu. Influenza Type A is really sucky.

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Today was…interesting. My temperture is a yo-yo, apparently. It went all the way up to 102.6 before dropping back down again.

I’m still alive, just so you know. My sweetie went to the store and got me much juice and soup. I’m gonna keep him.

And now, off to sleep with me. Night all.

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