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Definition: Fuzzy Logic

Definition: Fuzzy Logic:

  • I like fuzzy things.
  • You are fuzzy.
  • Therefore, I like you.

Posted on 21st January 2011
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Definition: IBoEE

Today’s Phrase is: IBoEE, which stands for: the International Bank of Everyone Else.

Definition: Let’s say that you are having lunch with friends, and it comes time to divvy up the check. Your friends all have cash, but you haven’t been to the ATM lately. Whatever are you to do? Well, you pay the whole bill with a credit card, and your friends give you their cash. Now, you don’t need to find an ATM, because you’ve been to the International Bank of Everyone Else (IBoEE).

Posted on 29th April 2010
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Crash Positions! Incoming Brain Dump! (part 1)

(A scene from last weekend. There were actually five classic cars in a row. It was *so* cool! )

It seems to me that this blog was supposed to entertain someone at work, and I have been falling down on the job. So…here is a bunch of stuff to keep y’all entertained.

* As I may have mentioned the other day, Carl Sagan’s Cosmos is on Hulu. Well, at least season one anyway. Check out episode one here.

* After watching “A Glorious Dawn” did you go check out Symphony of Science webpage?

* Speaking of symphonies, have you watched the YouTube Symphony Orchestra? Check them out at Carnegie Hall (sorry, they are too wide to embedd)- Act 1 and Act 2. (Good music and some really cool stories.)

*…But back to Carl Sagan. Someone recently visited his grave and played a bit of music for him.

* On a sillier note, try the “Geocities-izer” on a website. Make it look like it’s from the mid-1990s.

* Guess where I’m going in another week and a half or so! Reno, Nevada. Am I going there to gamble or take in a show? Nope. I, and a couple of my friends, are going to the National Automobile Museum. I’ll be sure to tell you when to go over to the Where’s Calliope blog to follow my progress.

* And now, for those of you who care about the environment, “NBC is teaming up with Prince Charles for a new TV special about the environment. Harmony, which is slated to air in November, stems from Prince Charles’ three decades of work fighting climate change and searching for new solutions to the worldwide environmental crisis.” You can watch the teaser here. (Sorry, it’s another video too big to embedd.)

* Need an onlineetymological dictionary? How else will you know what a word used to sound like when you need the information at 2 am?

…and this is getting a bit long, so I’m going to break it up into a couple of bits.

Posted on 27th April 2010
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Word for the Day: Callipygian

(WordNet) adj. pertaining to or having finely developed buttocks.

(Merriam-Webster) adj. having shapely buttocks.

Okay. Why do I love this word so much? Well…because my nickname is Calliope. (Yes. And my new girly jeans are very flattering to the posterior. giggle)

Posted on 19th January 2010
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LOLcat Anthropology

In a fit of insanity, I thought that it might be fun to go through all 530 pages of LOLcats over at Really, it’s kind of an anthropological exploration of a cultural subgroup if you think about it. As I go through the site, I’ll be posting the humorous bits of comedic kitties (etc.) that I discover. I will also be paying particular attention to the trend of translating biblical stories into LOLspeak/the LOLcat culture. It’s fascinating what they’ve done with the creation story and more over on ICHC. I may even forget myself and go so far as to analyze LOLspeak itself. You have been warned.

I think, at this point, that you all now know a bit too much about the way I think. Let’s start with the LOLcats, shall we?

Beginning where I must at the beginning…This is the very first LOLcat listed on the site (date: Jan. 11, 2007):
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

This rebuttal appeared on 12 January 2007:

No, You Can't Has a Cheezburger
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

…And this is the first appearance of the “I Has a Flavor” paradigm (at least according to the date stamp):

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Posted on 29th August 2009
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In the Vernacular

I’m not sure if you all know this, but I am a big fan of slang. You know, argot or vernacular. Perhaps it’s the snob in me that likes to be “in the know” or it could just be I’m amused by the twists and turns that language takes.

Um…except for adverbs for some reason. There’s an “ly” on that word, people! Yes. Really.

Anyway, I love all of the different ways that people have come up with to say that something is good or laudable and, of course, the opposite. There are the confusing examples (remember “bad”? Which could mean “bad” or “good” depending upon the circumstances? Yes? You’ve just dated yourself. That was about 20 years ago. How do I know this? Well…there’s this high school reunion coming up next year… I know. I feel old, too.) …but we won’t get into those.

A while back there was this phrase used to connote someone (or thing) was very cool: All that and a bag of chips. I loved that one. It was clever. It was a bit more that just being “all that.”

Then came: Made of Win. for example: Oh my God. That was hilarious. You are made of win.

The opposite of Made of Win, is, of course: Made of Fail (or, Made of Suck and Fail, for the really bad things.) This seems to be an outgrowth of the popular “fail” which you can see more about at Fail Blog. (Yes. Fail. As in didn’t manage to do it.)

And right about here you would find a whole bunch of LOL Cat induced slang, which is a place that “fail” and “ur doing it wrong” are popular, but that is a topic that could have a whole post (or series of posts) dedicated to it.

So, at last we come to the good/bad set that I encountered only recently. Whereas you might have previously said, “Oh my God, that is so awesome!” now you can say, “Awesomesauce.” This looks to be quite the time saver. It was only today that I discovered its antithesis: Lamesauce. I called my sister to tell her about this, and she added that she has also encountered “Weaksauce.”

I would just like to point out here that my father makes the best applesauce. Yep. Awesomesauce Applesauce.

Moving on.

We’ve talked about the good and the bad, and now we have…The Retro.

Rad is back. Short for “radical,” which was also used back in the 80s. I’ve seen it in print and I’ve even heard it in conversation. How long before we start hearing “gag me with an entire place setting” again? It looks like style and language both cycle back through. (And for style retro proof check out this music video – La Roux – Bulletproof. Thanks, Dave!)

This has been your slang update.

Posted on 19th August 2009
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