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I like numeric progressions


I have this thing about Numeric Progressions. I adore them. When I’m playing poker with my husband at a restaurant while waiting for our food to arrive I love watching for interesting number combinations in my hand. We even have a special house rule hand we call the Fibonacci (A,A,2,3,5). We haven’t gotten it yet, but we keep trying. It trumps everything.

Hey, I’ve never claimed to be normal.

When I was on my way home the other night I saw the numeric progression in the picture above at the gas station down the street from my place. I enjoyed it so much I tried to call KoshVader to tell him about it (he didn’t answer.) Obviously, I had to take a picture of it on the way to work the following day.

I’m not even the one with the Math degree or anything. I just like numeric progressions. (And yes, that is the cheap gas in the neighborhood.)

Posted on 27th October 2007
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