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Day 21: Urbanized feat. Silvano – Helpless (from the film Jeffrey)

Remember how I said I wanted to finish this music thing by the end of the year? Well, here is my Letter U. Urbanized feat. Silvano – Helpless (from the film Jeffrey) was nigh impossible to find the correct version of. Everyone seems to think various remixes are the correct version. Sorry, none of those remixes do it for me. The version I want is the one from my Jeffrey soundtrack. Here it is. If you liked the film Jeffrey, you might enjoy the slideshow on the video. Otherwise, just enjoy the music.

Posted on 8th December 2011
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101 Things…update!

9. Take a trip to Atlanta. (done! June 2010) I’d forgotten that this was on my list…
25. Learn how to crop, resize, and write on images in Photoshop Elements. (done! 2010) Much to my surprise, I can do this now. Egad.
34. Get a physical. (done! July 2010) Another one that I forgot about…but did anyway.
44. Buy three soft-sided cat carriers (1/3) One down, two to go.
80. Try 5 new restaurants. (3/5, the Thai place in Saratoga, Sinbad in San Mateo, the Thai Place in Foster City, the Thai place near Fry’s )

Posted on 27th October 2011
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Day 19: Symphony of Science – A Glorious Dawn

I know, I know. It’s been forever since I started this. …But I got stuck on “S’” and only now have I figured out that my beloved “Symphony of Science” totally starts with S. Now, a word of caution for this video. I know that many people have an issue with the use of Autotune (and in general I agree) and this video uses same. So, if you are one of those you may wish to skip this one. If not, I hope that you enjoy Symphony of Science – A Glorious Dawn:

Posted on 7th September 2011
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A Pronunciation Meme

So, I saw this over at FayJay’s Blog, and I was inspired (and amused enough) to do it here.

You know those memes that attempt to show your particular linguistic variations? Yeah. This is like that, but you can actually hear it (if you want to).

The Pronounciation Meme by themusecalliope


Your name and/or username: Calliope/Celticangel
Where you’re from: Sacramento, CA
The following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting Image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught, Orange, Coffee, direction, naturally, aluminium and herbs
What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house? T-Ping
What is the bubbly carbonated drink called? Soda
What do you call gym shoes? Sneakers
What do you say to address a group of people? Y’all
What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs? Daddy Long-legs
What do you call your grandparents? Nana/Grandpa, Grammy/Grandpa
What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket? Shopping Cart
What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining? Sun shower
What is the thing you change the TV channel with? The remote.

Posted on 14th January 2011
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13 TV Shows Not Yet on DVD in the U.S.


What TV Shows are you waiting on to come to DVD? Over the last few years the list of shows I’m waiting for has shrunk, but here are thirteen of the ones I’m still waiting on.

13 TV Shows Not Yet on DVD in the U.S.:
1. Tarzan – (episode 1, part 1)
2. Misfits of Science – (Show intro)
3. Probe – (episode 1, part 1)
4. Kung Fu: The Legend Continues – (Show intro)
5. Almost Live! – (Billy Quan – Library of Death) (The Lame List)
6. Kidd Video – (Show intro)
7. The Powers of Matthew Star – (Pilot episode, part 1)
8. Starman – (Show intro)
9. Time Trax – (Show intro)
10.The Tomorrow People (Newer Version) – (Episode 1, part 1)
11.The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne – (trailer)
12. The New Adventures of Beans Baxter – (commercial)
13. Ocean Girl – (opening theme)

Posted on 31st March 2010
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13 Things I Would Rather Be Doing


Thursday 13: #2

At any given point of the usual mundane grind, I’d rather be doing something else. I’m quite the Rum Tum Tugger like that. Here are thirteen of the things I’d rather be doing (if I had the means. Hey. I can dream.)

13 Things I’d Rather Be Doing:
1. Sleeping. ‘Nuff said.
2. Relaxing on Anini Beach (Kauai) with friends.
3. Watching a Shakespearian comedy, live on stage.
4. Getting a massage.
5. Taking a nature walk in the Highlands.
6. Working on one of my WIPs.
7. Learning to paint landscapes…in the South of France.
8. Singing along to some classic rock (Metallica – Wherever I May Roam or AC/DC – Back in Black, for example) while driving a ’67 Mercury Cougar.
9. Playing at Disney World.
10. Going to a Silent Film theater with friends.
11. Having Tea at a nice little place with many tasty sandwiches.
12. Hanging out with Eideann and Catslyn watching whatever show they’re insisting I watch at that point.
13. Researching something that interests me. (I love compiling information.)

Posted on 29th October 2009
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I am the LOLrus…1

Hello all. Here is the first installment of the “LOLrus” LOLcat paradigm. Let’s see what silliness I have discovered so far…

The caption pretty much says it all. Mind you…it’s never previously occurred to me that a walrus might need a cell phone. I suppose that LOLruses are special.



I’m thinking that these cats should stop taunting the LOLrus, because…

bucket kitteh
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…He’s formed a bucket retrieval team! Look out!

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No, seriously. Look out.

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Perhaps taunting the LOLrus is not such a good idea…

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I’m told that a “LOLrus” doesn’t actually need to be a walrus, but may also be any sort of aquatic mammal. Here is an example of this trend, using a cute otter…who is not amused.

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Posted on 27th October 2009
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13 Places I’d Like to Visit


Thursday 13: #1

Okay. I’m going to start trying to do T13s again with the new version of the site, and my first topic will be places I’d like to visit. Upon reflection, I’m thinking that I’d better get to work on this list if I’m going to cover all my bases. Perhaps I can find a job as a travel writer to pay for all of this…

13 Places I’d Like to Visit:
1. Machu Picchu
2. New Zealand
3. The Shetlands
4. Glen Coe, Scotland
5. The Louvre
6. Dartmoor
7. Cornwall
8. The Isle of Man
9. All the 50 states
10. All of the Canadian provinces
11. Ireland
12. Luxembourg
13. Australia

Posted on 21st October 2009
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Day 7.5

For my sister…a deleted scene from The Dark Crystal.

Posted on 10th September 2009
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Day 7: Whatever Tickles My Fancy

And here we are on Day 7 with some things that tickle my fancy:

* An astounding library that I want – you can see here.

It’s a Kitty on the Oregon Trail!

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* This xkcd comic in which they are bored with the internet and this one which is darn romantic if you ask me.

* The Strongbad Email about “Techno.”

* The Ballad of the Sneak (from the folks who do Strongbad’s Email.)

Posted on 9th September 2009
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