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Day 6: A Quote

And for today, a quote:
From Bladerunner:

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I’ve watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. Time to die.”


“Gravitation can not be held responsible for people falling in love.” – Attributed to Albert Einstein

How about you folks? Any good quotes?

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Day 5: A Youtube Clip(s)

Hello all. It’s Day 5, and time for a Youtube Clip. Wouldn’t you know it? My father chose today to make a quantum leap ahead of me on the internet. He has posted two videos on Youtube. So far, I have posted…none. Yay Dad! So, here is one of the videos he posted:

Yep. Those are my Mum and Dad. That person with the hoarse voice apparently works at the Apple Store…and showed them how to make these videos.

…And here’s one other video to keep you entertained. it a time lapse of the Northern Lights as done by National Geographic.

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Day 3: A book

It’s Day 3, and therefore time to recommend a book. As it happens, this recommendation dovetails nicely into something else I’ve been wanting to do on this blog. First, let’s look at the book I’ve chosen:


This is the Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron (check out her website here.)

Now, on to the thing I’ve been wanting to do here. *deep breath*

I am a Highly Sensitive Person.

This is what Elaine says to HSPs just learning about the trait:

“If you find you are highly sensitive, or your child is, you need to begin by knowing the following:

Your trait is normal. It is found in 15 to 20% of the population–too many to be a disorder, but not enough to be well understood by the majority of those around you.

It is innate. In fact, biologists have found it to be in most or all animals, from fruit flies and fish to dogs, cats, horses, and primates. This trait reflects a certain type of survival strategy, being observant before acting. The brains of highly sensitive persons (HSPs) actually work a little differently than others’.

You are more aware than others of subtleties. This is mainly because your brain processes information and reflects on it more deeply. So even if you wear glasses, for example, you see more than others by noticing more.

You are also more easily overwhelmed. If you notice everything, you are naturally going to be overstimulated when things are too intense, complex, chaotic, or novel for a long time.

This trait is not a new discovery, but it has been misunderstood. Because HSPs prefer to look before entering new situations, they are often called “shy.” But shyness is learned, not innate. In fact, 30% of HSPs are extraverts, although the trait is often mislabeled as introversion. It has also been called inhibitedness, fearfulness, or neuroticism. Some HSPs behave in these ways, but it is not innate to do so and not the basic trait.

Sensitivity is valued differently in different cultures. In cultures where it is not valued, HSPs tend to have low self-esteem. They are told “don’t be so sensitive” so that they feel abnormal.”

Think you might be an HSP? Take the self-test.

Now, apart from outing myself as an HSP, I also chose this book to talk about today because I’m planning to read it cover to cover soon and post my reflections on it here, chapter by chapter. This book changed my life. Perhaps there are other folks out there who would like to discover, “I’m not crazy, just different.” And that’s always nice to learn. Check back soon to join me on my journey.

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Day 2: a picture


Okay. This is day 2, and as with Day 1, I am going to offer you not one picture, but two. The photo that appears above is of my favorite subject…My red sneakers. Speaking of which, I need a new pair. As you can tell by the angle, I did indeed take the photo. Anyway, do you see the heart? (you can see a larger version here.)

Now, for the second picture, I point you to the website for Cole Thompson Photography, where you may behold the fabulous Archangel Gabriel. If it is the last thing that I do, I will get myself a copy of this photograph, all matted and beautiful on my wall.

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I totally borrowed this meme…

I borrowed this meme from a certain Earlgreytea68. This is how it goes:

Sharing is Caring:
for one week, recommend / share
Day 1: a song
Day 2: a picture
Day 3: a book/ebook/fanfic
Day 4: a site
Day 5: a youtube clip
Day 6: a quote
Day 7: whatever tickles your fancy

This, by default, is Day 1. Now, I have shared all kinds of songs here in the past so, this is a fairly difficult task. This is what I ultimately chose:

Okay. Code Monkey is just what it sounds like. Still Alive (a most bizarre song that really grows on one) is actually from a credit sequence, as near as I can tell, and is by by Jonathan Coulton & GlaDOS.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

and here’s the video type thing for this one: Portal Credits song: Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton & GlaDOS .

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I have a Fabulous Blog?


Wow. Thanks JM!

Here are the three steps involved with this one:
1. Pass it on to five fellow bloggers (right, then…).

*Susan from West of Mars
*Emma of Treehouse Jukebox
*Amy from Less Ordinary
*Gillian from Food History
*JM of The Book Stacks

2. Tell you about 5 of my addictions:

*Doctor Who

3. Link back to the person who gave me this award. Thank you kindly, JM!

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So..I’m Alice?

Twilight Quiz
Twilight Quiz by fun quizzes!
» » Christmas Trivia QuizNaughty or Nice? « «

Make a Quiz | Thanksgiving Quiz | Twilight Quizzes | Dumb MySpace Quizzes

Pardon me while I snicker…

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Five Things On Friday


I’ll bet that something like this has been done before, but I hereby declare that I’m doing it my way, so this meme is mine. (insert evil laughter here)

What the heck am I talking about?

Well, my Five Things meme, of course. Putting it on Friday gives it some nice alliteration. My meme works like this: I choose a topic and then list five things related to it. Then, if anyone out there decides to play along, they post their response to the topic on their blog (and comment here so I can go see what they’ve said.) Pretty easy, yes? This week’s theme is – Five Things I Would Do If I Could Stop Time. I’ve chosen the picture above to go with the post because it represents a moment frozen in time, rather like all photos if you think about it. (Maybe I’ll make a proper banner for this meme at some point…) For the purposes of this theme, assume that you are the one stopping time, and, as such, you may unfreeze anyone you wish. Ready?

Five Things I Would Do If I Could Stop Time:

1. Sleep – I know. The predictable answer. But just imagine being able to sleep as long as you like, and be guaranteed no interruptions. Good, yes?
2. Read without interruption. – Similar to number one, but again, consider the relaxation potential. You could read a whole series if you wanted to.
3. Take a nap someplace normally considered inappropriate. – Like…sleeping naked on the front lawn. Just to be annoying, you know. And yes, sleep is worth mentioning twice.
4. Walk out to my husband’s work, camera in hand, unfreeze him, and go on photo safari. – Normally that walk would take ages, but this way it would take no time at all. And think of all the crazy photo opportunities.
5. Clean my house. – Again with the boring, I know, but consider the opportunity to get all those things done that you never have time for.

Those are my choices. What would you do if you could bend time to your will?

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tee hee!

themusecalliope will have to write:

I will not be charged with conspiracy to overthrow the monarchy again

‘What will you have to write on the chalk board?’ at

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101 Things in 1001 Days


I couldn’t decide what image to use here, so I went with the cute kitty. Look! It’s Sam under a blanket!

Anyway, I’ve decided to participate in the 101 things in 1001 days meme. I’ve got a couple of friends doing it, and it looked like fun. I’ll be posting it in the “Notes” page and updating it there as I accomplish things. That way we don’t have to go digging to find the list over the next 2.75 years.

Start: Saturday, March 15, 2008
End: Saturday, December 11, 2010 (12/11/10! Tee hee.)

101 things to do in the next 1001 days.

Going Places

1. Go to the Hiller Aviation Museum and write it up.
2. Go to the Chabot and write it up.
3. Go to the Pez Museum and write it up.
4. Go on Photo Safari to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
5. Go to Ardenwood Farm and write it up
6. Go to the Niles Essenay and write it up
7. Take the Niles Canyon Train and write it up
8. Visit a new state with the Hubby.
9. Take a trip to Atlanta.
10. Go swimming at Anini Beach while wearing goggles and fins.
11. Go out drinking with my sister.
12. Take my brother to see a film.
13. Take my Father to tea.
14. Spend a day with my Mum however she wants to.
15. Do the “Day of C” with my Husband.
16. Go to a county fair.
17. Go to church.
18. Go to the San Mateo library.

Learning Things

19. Learn 5 words of Scots Gaelic
20. Learn 5 words of Irish
21. Learn 5 words of Welsh
22. Learn 5 words of Cornish
23. Learn 5 words of Manx
24. Learn 5 words of Breton
25. Learn how to crop, resize, and write on images in Photoshop Elements.
26. Learn how to Podcast.

Taking Care of Myself

27. Get pregnant or know for sure that I can’t.
28. Call OB/GYN’s office.
29. Get that gorram test done.
30. Change doctors.
31. Get a facial.
32. Get a massage.
33. Find a new dentist and get my teeth cleaned.
34. Get a physical.
35. Get an eye exam.
36. Get 8 hours of sleep each night for seven days in a row.
37. Get eyebrows done.
38. Get a manicure

Getting things done

39. Renew Passport
40. Get Life Insurance for the Hubby.
41. Deal with the items in the dry-cleaning bag.
42. Compile emergency procedures document for home.
43. Get rid of the Health Rider.
44. Buy three soft-sided cat carriers (0/3)
45. Clean out and organize the pantry.
46. Get collection of music audiotapes down to only the amount that will fit in the red thing.
47. Put the wall hanging on the wall.
48. Replace my missing work shoes.
49. Clear stuff away from the piano completely.
50. Get properly fitted for a bra.
51. Get rid of the tires in the shed.
52. Properly implement a filing system.

Reading and Writing/Blogging

53. Read The Celtic Twilight by W. B. Yeats
54. Read The Summer of Cotton Candy by Debbie Viguie
55. Get paid for a piece of writing that isn’t on a blog.
56. Finish Of Clocks and Christmas
57. Go through (and type up if needed) 5 notebooks (0/5)
58. Write my half of Chris’s fic.
59. Post a cartoon that I’ve drawn on a blog.
60. Set up a week’s worth of emergency posts.
61. Finish that list of Doctor Who episodes (with availability and links)
62. Finish copying posts from
63. Back up
64. Read The Hunter’s Moon by O. R. Melling
65. Read The Summer King by O. R. Melling
66. Read Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair
67. Hunt down the book “Oh No It Isn’t” By Paul Cornell.
68. Hunt down the book “Lungbarrow” by Marc Platt
69. Read the HSP Book

Financial Matters

70. Pay off the camera.
71. Pay off the Alienware computer.
72. Pay off my computer.
73. Spend 7 days in a row without going out to eat (Including Starbucks.)
74. Go 60 days without using the big credit cards.
75. Open a savings account.
76. Get a Safety Deposit box.

Food and Crafty stuff

77. Make a fan music video.
78. Make Mundane.
79. Make Homemade Mushy Peas
80. Try 5 new restaurants. (0/5)
81. Try 5 new kinds of tea. (0/5)
82. Scan in the old west pic (and make flair.)
83. Knit 5 scarves. (0/5)
84. Knit something other than a scarf to completion.
85. Make a medieval dress for myself.
86. Find, or in some other way procure, a pink Romana coat.
87. Try a new craft.

Encounter Culture

88. See five plays. (0/5)
89. See Bride and Prejudice.
90. Watch the original Great Train Robbery.
91. Catch up on Doctor Who Podshock through episode 106.
92. Go to Gallifrey One #20.
93. Watch all of the available First Doctor episodes.
94. Record myself singing 3 songs. (0/3)
95. Get an old west picture taken with the hubby.
96. Send a sneaky/fun present to someone.
97. Listen to the first 20 Big Finish Doctor Who Audio Adventures. (0/20)
98. Watch all available 2nd Doctor Episodes.
99. Call local comic book store about Doctor Who comics.

List Stuff

100. Make a list of things to do before I die.
101. Once the old list is nearly done, write up a new one.

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