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Day 10: Jethro Tull

Sorry that J is lagging a bit behind. This weekend was absorbed by rather a lot of holding my niece and running errands. *whew*

Anyway, for my “J” offering, I have Jethro Tull singing Broadsword. I saw Jethro Tull in concert back in 1991 (Catfish Rising tour.) Ian Anderson can stand on one leg for a *really* long time.

Posted on 17th April 2011
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Day 9: Information Society

“I” is another letter that I agonized over, and in the end I went with my “80s child” love of InfoSoc. So here it is: Information Society – Think.

I wonder what happened to my copy of this song on tape?

Posted on 14th April 2011
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Day 8: Billy Hill & The Hillbillies

Oh, how I agonized over H. You have no idea. I had a couple of ideas, but I couldn’t find videos I was happy with…and none of them seemed right. Then, just when I was going to ask my MIL for suggestions it hit me: Billy Hill & The Hillbillies! For those of you who are not familiar with this band, they are an act that appears in the Golden Horseshoe Saloon in Disneyland.

Also? They tend to be quite silly. We *always* see the show when we’re in Disneyland. It’s that fun.

So, to give you a taste of what I’m talking about, here are Billy Hill & The Hillbillies doing their version of The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

Posted on 13th April 2011
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Day 7: GLaDOS

Okay. This one requires a bit of explanation.

Once upon a time, a fellow by the name of Jonathon Coulton wrote a song called “Still Alive” to play over the credits of a video game called Portal. The song was sung by GLaDOS (a.k.a. Ellen McLain) and it became something of a cult hit. So, for the day of G, I offer you GLaDOS – Still Alive.

Posted on 12th April 2011
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Day 6: Fatboy Slim

Okay. Full disclosure. I may have a few Fatboy Slim songs that I like, but really? This is one of my favorite music videos of all time. How could I not share Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice?

Dance, Walken, dance!! (I wonder if there is yet a Walken level of DDR. There should be.)

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Day 5: Eisley

For the Day of E, I bring you Eisley singing Marvelous Things. (If you get the chance, try out Invasion, too.)

…And I found a video, but the embedding was disabled. Watch it here.

Posted on 11th April 2011
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Day 4: Dido

I think that it’s safe to say that I love Dido’s music. As I am not a fan of Sex and the City, I had no idea that this song existed (until today when I went looking.) So, my “D” offering is Dido – Everything to Lose.

Posted on 10th April 2011
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Day 2: Black Cards

For “B” I offer the Black Cards doing “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Fame.” (I’m loving this band. I hope they actually come out with an album soon.)

What B band do you like?

Posted on 9th April 2011
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Day 1: Abney Park

So…I’ve had an idea…rather in the same way that I always have ideas. (Read: Oooo! I like that idea. It’s shiny! I’m going to do it *right now*!)

It’s National Poetry Month! And what are songs (mostly) but poems set to music? (That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.) So, this month I’ll be doing a Musical Alphabet. (But since I just had said idea, stand by for my playing catch up)

First up, for the letter “A” I offer you the most excellent Steampunk band: Abney Park, playing Airship Pirate.

Posted on 9th April 2011
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Josh Groban Sings…

From Jimmy Kimmel Live, Josh Groban Sings Kanye West Tweets. This is hilarious, so…don’t be drinking anything while you watch, okay? (Fur pillows…)

Posted on 13th January 2011
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