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Five Healthy Things

Okay. So, once again it’s technically Saturday at this point, but at least that means I’m covered for NaBloPoMo for Saturday. (I will be away from my computer for a day or so, so it’s best to get this in when I can.) In light of my reality check the other day I thought that this week’s version of “Five Things” would focus on health. Specifically…

Five Healthy Things I’ve Done In the Last Day:

1. I went to bed early. – All I can imagine is that my body needs to get used to going to bed early. I had trouble falling asleep. Ah well. Could that be why I woke up to the theme from “Earth Girls are Easy” playing in my head?
2. Drank water and juice. – I drank a bottle and a half of water and a yummy juice smoothie.
3. Took a walk. – I even managed to find a route that was the same length as my break.
4. I relaxed. – Okay, I relaxed by going to the cinema with friends. That counts, yes?
5. Took my vitamins. – I’m told that Folic Acid is important.

And speaking of health…I’m off to bed now.

Posted on 22nd November 2008
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Feline Cuteness – Roomba Driver

Oh heavens. This is too cute. Enjoy the kitty driving the Roomba.

Posted on 21st November 2008
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Escape to Witch Mountain and Me


Once upon a time, when I was a youngling, I encountered a writer by the name of Alexander Key. (Not the writer himself, mind you, just his books. Though…come to think of it, I did write him a fan letter once. I imagine that was before he passed on.)

Anyway, I adored his books and I read everything I could get my hands on. The Case of the Vanishing Boy, The Magic Meadow, The Golden Enemy, The Forgotten Door, Escape to Witch Mountain, Return from Witch Mountain, etc. I loved them all. Books were my friends, and really, Mr. Key’s books spoke to me in a way that few others did. Perhaps it was the element of hope and understanding of differences that he deftly wove into his stories. People who didn’t fit in eventually found a place that they belonged and others like themselves. His books seemed to say that there were good people out there that would help you get where you needed to go. All very comforting when you were a strange as I was as a child. My particular favorites were the Witch Mountain books. Just imagine my delight when I discovered that they had been made into films!

Escape to Witch Mountain (1975) Opening Segment:

I adored the 1975 version of [tag]Escape to Witch Mountain[/tag] for all that it wasn’t quite the same as the book. In the book, for example, Tia couldn’t talk like everyone else. Only Tony could hear her. Stuff like that. I must have seen that film over a hundred times. (Just ask my sister, she’ll tell you.) I was obsessed.

The film version of its sequel, Return From Witch Mountain, is one of the closest adaptations that I’ve seen. They did an excellent job bringing it to the big screen. It was great to see the events I’d imagined unfolding in front of me. Hmmm…I wonder if this spawned my lifelong interest in Book Adapatations. You can check out the trailer for this film below. (Mind you, the trailer narration is a wee bit on the…hokey side. I warn you now.)

Return From Witch Mountain Trailer:

Beyond Witch Mountain (no YouTube, sorry) was all Disney. It was one of those Wonderful World of Disney TV movies. It wasn’t bad. The person they got to play Deranian (the baddie from book one, and apparently for this tv film as well) looked a lot closer to the description from the first book. They had different actors for Tia and Tony, which surprised me, as I recall. I wish I could find it on DVD. All I have is an old copy on VHS. Anyway, it way okay. It detailed the story of the two kids returning to find another missing member of their people. They enlist the help of their old friend Mr. O’Day and off they go.

And then came the Purple Monstrosity. In 1995, Disney came out with a version of Escape to Witch Mountain that looked like a very loose adaption of the previous film written by people who didn’t even know that a book existed. (You can watch it here if you’re feeling brave.) Suffice to say…I absolutely loathed it. They had taken this book that I loved and made a mockery of it. Just thinking about it makes me shiver. Quite the immediate and visceral reaction, wouldn’t you say?

So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I am very cautious when it comes to Race to Witch Mountain which is due in theaters in March 2009. I’ve been following its process ever since I heard about it. I questioned the casting (The Rock? That kid from The Seeker? He’s already been in one travesty of a book that I loved…) I agonized about the story. And now…the trailer is out. Behold!

Race to Witch Mountain Teaser Trailer:

I have to say, in all honesty, that if I can just forget about the existence of the original book for the space of the film…well…it looks like fun. I tried to suspend my disbelief for The Seeker, for Christopher Eccleston’s sake if nothing else, but it didn’t work. That film adaptation just wasn’t that good on its own two feet. I have seen how bad adaptions can be, but I have cautious hope about this film. They may have managed to take it far enough away from the source for me to enjoy the film as a separate entity. I don’t know. Rest assured, I’ll let you know what I think of it.

Oh! And just for fun. Have you heard of the Blair Witch Mountain Project? You can see it here. It’s sort of a spoof of Blair Witch and the Witch Mountain movies, featuring the original Tia and Tony.

Escape to Witch Mountain is one of those books that sticks with you. I think that it’s time I read it again.

(Yes, [tag]Alexander Key[/tag] is still my favorite author. I have a quest to collect all of his books. Some day I will manage it.)

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One gift down…

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals
Sounds like something my cats would plan…

I’m making Christmas gifts this year. I’ve come over all crafty. Buttons, sea glass, and various baking ingredients will be magically transformed into gifts.

Are you making gifts this year? If so, what are you making? I could use some more ideas.

Also? I might be attempting to make fudge for the first time. That should prove…interesting. Don’t worry, I’ll be taking pictures of everything. I might even have my laptop back soon, you know, so I can post said pictures. I’ve finished one gift so far. Sadly, that isn’t one of the four I need for this weekend. On the bright side, if I find a craft that I like enough perhaps I’ll get an Etsy account. *hopeful smile*

At least I got a few other things done today. Koshvader’s b-day gift? Sorted. Craft supplies? Located. The tapestry that has been languishing on the top of my bookcase for 2.5 years? Up! (thanks, Koshvader!) Laundry? All the clean stuff is put away.

Sadly, I didn’t get as far as cooking today. Well, back to it. I’m dealing with the last two boxes in the corner of my room. Anyone know how to drill holes in small pieces of glass?

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When I say that I’m annoyed that I have to wait until next July to see this film…well…it’s an understatement.

[tag]Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer[/tag]:

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Five Things on Friday – Comfort Food

Well, it’s a bit late in the day, but it’s still Friday at this point. For today’s [tag]Five Things on Friday[/tag] I’m thinking about Comfort Foods. You know. You have a bad day or it’s cold and wet outside and all you can think about is getting home and eating your favorite comforting meal. What are your comfort foods? (If you want to post your own Five Comfort Foods on your blog, please comment and let me know so that I can stop by and see what you have to say.) Oh! And I have Koshvader’s answers, too, this week. I love it when he joins in.

Five Comfort Foods:
1. Mundane – So…now you know why I chose to make it the other day.
2. Miso Soup – Not just any miso soup, mind. True comfort comes from good miso soup.
3. Tea & Crumpets – Tea alone being the ultimate comfort drink, of course. Add crumpets and you have a small meal of comfort.
4. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Tomato Soup – This is a pretty popular comfort combination. I will state here though, that the cheese must not be American Cheese. Bleh.
5. Poached Egg on Toast – Just typing that makes me want some. I blame my Nana. She used to make it for me when I visited.
1. Chocolate Mousse
2. Tom Kha Gai
3. Hot & Sour Soup
4. Prime Rib
5. Chocolate Cream Pie

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The candy!

I now have FIVE bags of candy corn in my desk at work.


Everyone has now heard my evil laugh. I have enough fuel for months! Add caffeine and I just might vibrate out of the visual spectrum.

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Day 12 – My cats are insane

Have I mentioned that my cats are just a teeny bit mental?

For example, they tend to be quite fond of sniffing your breath. We jokingly call them the breathalyzer cats. Often, they will get really close to your face with the intent of getting you to blow in their faces. This evening I was eating some leftover Chinese food, and Pippin nearly stuck his nose in my mouth when I got too close. I was only trying to lean over the back of the couch to see what Koshvader was doing with my computer. I wasn’t expecting my insane twenty pound black cat to try and french kiss me. ewww. This is the same cat that distinctly calls “Mom” when he sees me (or Koshvader is messing with him.) If I sit on the couch to watch a little television, he is guaranteed to plop down next to me…in a way that makes it very difficult to get up again.

I love my kitty boy. I suppose that it’s only fair that he’s a bit weird. He lives with me after all.

(I’d include a picture here, but my sweetie is messing with my laptop. sorry.)

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Day 11 – Memories


I lived in a bunch of different places when I was growing up. All in the same general area, even. We used to say things like, “That happened back in the rented house.” We measured time by houses, you see. I went to five different elementary schools, even. All of this ended when I entered fourth grade.

This picture is of the house I finished growing up in. It had a huge backyard. I had my own room! Once, when we were pulling up the horrid carpet in the front room, we discovered hardwood floors underneath. You could sit out on the back porch and watch it rain, as half of the porch was covered in a roof. We used to play out in the back in the mud with my sib’s endless little plastic animal collection…and the Tanto action figure.

The first house
The rented house
The one story
The tri-level
The Woodfair house

My parents have since moved. I suppose that they didn’t need to deal with nearly an acre of space for a yard now that we are grown. I didn’t deal well with losing the house I think of as home, but then it occurred to me…I can go out an make a home for myself.

I’m still working on that part.

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Another Bit of Twilight

This bit of Twilight was apparently shown during the last episode of Heroes. Obviously, I had to post it here for you all to see.

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