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More Notebooks: UC Davis

Guess what? I really don’t need my notes from college. I’m not really sure why I’ve been dragging them from place to place this last decade plus. But now that I’ve seen the light, so to speak, I’m back to looking at the mighty stack of notebooks. The stuff war is back on! (For George Carlin’s opinion of stuff, go here.)

As you can see below, this was my notebook for French 3. This was the first French class I took at University. I’d already taken 4 years of French in High School, and one random class in Junior College (in which I wasn’t fond of the teacher) before I got to this point. It was in the nature of a review, dontcha know. The things I remember from this class are: 1) avoir envie de, 2) My right hand randomly starting to hurt and the discovery that I was really slow at taking notes left handed, and 3) the professor’s cute winking smiley face doodle. Her name was Something Marie or Marie Something…I forget. She was really nice.

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Posted on 12th August 2010
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Notes from a Notebook

I’m working my way through yet another notebook. Surprised? No? Well…neither am I, really. Just to keep you all amused I will share with you a few excerpts I have run across…

From a page with notes for a fanfiction that I don’t remember anything about I found this amusing note:
Doctor’s Answering Machine Message: “Off saving the Universe. Back in 5 minutes. Please leave a message.”

Smack dab in the middle of a to do list is this mysterious note:
“My brain feels like it’s moving through treacle” (I guess that I must have been feeling a bit tired on 4/11/06.)

Apparently, I was planning at one point to make a playlist called “Obscure joy.” I wonder where that idea came from.

How about this one? I have a note (from 4/21/07) that says “Everything was going fine until the Royal Family arrived.” Do I even want to know what was going on before they arrived? [edit: I have found the story that this came from! It appears to be an unfinished chapter of a fanfiction. Mystery solved!]

How about this for an obscure note? “Himself” instead of “his heart”? (Yes, that question mark is part of the note. Again, I mystify myself.)

…And that’s only the first third of the notebook. Stay tuned for more (when I’m done typing up the story that I found.)

Posted on 13th August 2009
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Notebook #2 – The Red One


This evening I went back to my Great Stack of Notebooks and pulled a red notebook out of the middle. Let’s investigate it together, shall we?

This notebook seems to date from my Master’s Program. The date on the first page is 4/24/00, though I did find some pages from 1999 as well. I found all sorts of notes from my classes, but some of the notes are a bit difficult to figure out. They’re more along the lines of Mysterious Utterances.

A few examples:

“Make 19 photocopies of Planet Biblio.”

“Luddites with bandwidth.” (Sounds like a band name)

“The Day the Earth Didn’t Move Around Too Much.”

“In sometimes painful detail.”

“8,000 Libs 1 door.”

See what I mean? The rest of the notes are boring. So, I’m going to share my [tag]doodles[/tag] with you instead…


It would appear that I needed to purchase a hamper at this point. Check out the little Viking helmet. And yes, hearts are my all time favorite [tag]doodle[/tag]. Do you have favorite doodles?


Here we see another perennial favorite, the combined sun/moon. Eventually the nose would become part of the moon. Hmm…I wonder what future archaeologists will make of the evolution of doodles.

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Posted on 20th June 2008
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