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Here are a couple of photos that the hubby managed to take of the solar eclipse today. They’re purple, as they were taken through a couple of filters from my grandfather’s old camera. So very cool!

Posted on 20th May 2012
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Difference Engine #2: Detail View

This is a detail view from Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine #2 (with which I am obsessed.) If you aren’t familiar with Babbage and his work, click on the link and get in the know. In the Difference Engine art and math combine to create some of the first stirrings of the computer age. Watch the thing in motion. Seriously. I was lucky enough to see it in person during a previous visit to the Computer History Museum. …Okay, I’ll stop now.

Posted on 4th April 2012
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Travels: Computer History Museum

We went to the Computer History Museum again the other day, armed with cameras. This is the entrance (well…the sign for the current exhibit at the entrance).

April is National Poetry Month. I don’t promise a poem a day, but at least a few poems will appear…and I’ll mix it up with some images that could be seen as poetic. (If you look at them a certain way…) We start with a signpost. Let’s see what’s inside together, eh?

Posted on 1st April 2012
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Frisbee 1995-2012

Frisbee had been ill for almost a year, not that anyone seemed to have told him. We thought we’d lose him in early 2011, but with treatment he perked up and was right back to his old tribble-purred self. And then, right smack dab in the middle of the holidays just passed, his health took a major nose-dive. But, being Frisbee, he held on a while longer, and quite enjoyed sitting under our first Christmas tree.

We didn’t even get Frisbee until a few years ago when his people had to move away. I didn’t complain. I’d known him for years, and he was more than welcome. He was originally supposed to join them when everything got settled, but I was selfishly pleased to keep him. He enjoyed play fighting with Sam, our tabby. He kept my MIL company during the day. He had the most amazing silent meow that he would occasionally use if extreme cuteness was required. The most laid back and mellow cat I’ve ever met was our Fris. I mean…he let small children use him as a pillow and had none of the traditional vacuum fear. Mind you, woe betide anyone who didn’t wake up when he wanted them to. He’d go from batting your face to licking your eye to just curling up on your head, depending upon the situation.

I’ll miss his habit of curling up on anyone lying down long enough. My iPad isn’t quite as much fun, now that he isn’t constantly trying to sit on it. My kitchen is empty in the morning when he’d normally be begging for treats. I even miss the “claws-in-my-thigh-pay-attention-to-me” thing.

We miss you Mr Frissers, and we hope you’ve found a nice warm vent to sleep next to in Heaven.

Posted on 27th January 2012
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Haiku: Bears Have the Right Idea for Emma

And this should be the last of the Holiday Haikus. Emma asked for “bear(s)” so I hope that this works for her. Happy holidays to all and sundry!

Bears Have The Right Idea
Some large predators
hibernate during winter
to avoid the mall

Posted on 18th December 2011
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Haiku: Snow for JM

Here’s the next holiday haiku. This one is for my friend JM who asked for “Snow.” I hope that this works for her. (I took the photo below when I was on my way through Yosemite to get out the other side.)

Delicate crystals
used for skiing and snowmen
Oh. And snowballs. Duck!

Posted on 10th December 2011
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I am not left-handed…

So, here are a couple of fun pics that are vaguely related. You see, in the Magic Kingdom, they have a ride/game called Astro Blasters, that features Buzz Lightyear. This is our best score. Also, I think we look pretty Badass. ;) (Please note that my hubby actually ranked.)

In Disney’s California Adventure, there is a ride/game called Midway Mania, which features all of the folks from Toy Story. (I would like to point out here that I totally beat my hubby at that one, on our one time through, by 200 points.) While we were in line, we ran across this sign:

It…doesn’t translate well from American English to British English, does it? *gigglesnort*

Posted on 20th November 2011
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While we were wandering about at the (rather under construction) Disney’s California Adventure, we ran across something that caused a bit of a…geek moment. (Caution, this post is very full of photos.)

Yes. That is Flynn’s Arcade. As you might imagine, this caused some smartphone research as we stood behind the barricade and stared. And what did we discover? Well, something called ElecTRONica.

Of course we had to go back at night to encounter this.
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Posted on 19th November 2011
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Congrats to my Evil Twin

Far too early on Saturday morning, I got up and drove for a relatively traffic-free hour (instead of the feared two hours of gridlock) to arrive for the original reason I made the trip down south. The wedding of my beloved Evil Twin.

(Don’t they look nice from the back? My Evil Twin is wearing the same tux as the 11th Doctor favors. Obviously he is a man of taste and refinement.)

After the wedding, we reversed course…then decided to test my vertigo thing by going on the huge Ferris Wheel.

I am frankly amazed that I didn’t drop my phone while trying to take this photo. For the record, the first time I went on this ride (on my honeymoon, no less), I (stupidly) tried one of the swinging gondolas. Yeah. I’m surprised that my husband didn’t lose his sense of hearing then and there. *shiver*

Sadly, I’ve got to keep this short, since I want to post while it’s still today, so, for your hint for tomorrow – Have you seen either of the TRON movies?

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Pictures and Podcasts

(Okay, it’s actually only one podcast, but it sounded better in the plural. You know how it is, yeah?)
I believe that I mentioned that a podcast asked to use one of my poems? Well, it’s been posted, and here it is: The Jackass-Penguin Show’s Jazzy Selection (episode 7) (warning: it starts playing on load). If you like modern Jazz, you might think about subscribing.

And now back to my holiday snaps. When last we we saw our intrepid travelers, they had arrived at their destination, and were off having fun.

I got to have Dole Whip THREE TIMES during this trip. And this is what it looked like standing in line for my favorite yummy thing the night we arrived. (For those of you who are curious why I love Dole Whip so much 1)I love pineapple juice 2) I love soft-serve 3) Dairy products (especially ice cream) do not love me. The sadness! *dramatic gesture* Now while this may be great for my waistline, it’s not so good for the happiness of me. Therefore: Dole Whip, complete with no dairy! Cue the choir of angels!)

What can I say about the new Star Tours that isn’t too spoilery? Um…Okay, how about this: It’s in 3D, and each of the three times I went on the ride…it was different! Give it a try if you can.

And here is the view of the Matterhorn, with its eerie glowing heart, taken from the Monorail platform. Do they still have climbers on it at any point these days? I didn’t see any while I was there, but that may have had something to do with the time of year. I did actually go on the ride at one point in the weekend, and it jerked me all around just as I remembered. Ow.

Tomorrow: The other reason I was in SoCal – My evil Twin’s Wedding!

Posted on 17th November 2011
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