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Haiku: Bears Have the Right Idea for Emma

And this should be the last of the Holiday Haikus. Emma asked for “bear(s)” so I hope that this works for her. Happy holidays to all and sundry!

Bears Have The Right Idea
Some large predators
hibernate during winter
to avoid the mall

Posted on 18th December 2011
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Haiku: Snow for JM

Here’s the next holiday haiku. This one is for my friend JM who asked for “Snow.” I hope that this works for her. (I took the photo below when I was on my way through Yosemite to get out the other side.)

Delicate crystals
used for skiing and snowmen
Oh. And snowballs. Duck!

Posted on 10th December 2011
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Haiku: Frisbee for nagasasu

The request for this Haiku was “Chocolate! Or cats.” So…I combined them. Hope that it works. Of course, it also comes with a bonus video for a bit more added value/explanation.

chocolate-brown feline
perfect blanket camoflage
Tribble-purred baby

Posted on 7th December 2011
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Haiku: And We Dance for Labelleizzy

Okay. Here at last is the Haiku Xmas gift for Labelleizzy, complete with a video of one of my favorite dances. I hope you like it!

And We Dance
feet translate thunder
skirts flare, partners intertwine
hold the final pose

Posted on 4th December 2011
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Haiku: Autumn Wedding

(An Xmas gift for my evil twin)

Autumn Wedding
Fiery leaves frame
the young pumpkin bearer, as
outside the mist lifts

Posted on 1st December 2011
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Haiku Week: Saturday

It is difficult
to write a haiku a day
I have discovered


Posted on 26th March 2011
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Haiku Week: Friday

This just in:

A film angers me so much
I tell everyone

Okay. It wasn’t all of Red Riding Hood that pissed me off. But…really? They should have just made a film out of Scarlet Moon. RRH included a stereotype of a character that did something that angered me so much I almost saw red for a minute. But, hey, at least Michael Shanks got some work. (No, he didn’t play the angering character. I was just happy to see him, even if they didn’t utilize his acting skills very much.) Growl.

Posted on 25th March 2011
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Haiku Week: Thursday

Today’s haiku asks a question:

Have you ever felt
that in our swift rush forward
there’s something we’ve lost?

Posted on 24th March 2011
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Haiku Week: Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, but…

An Apology

No haiku today.
Sorry. I got writer’s block.
My cat said he’d help.

By Frisbee:

This laundry is warm.
Do not move my fuzzy thing!
Fear my tooth of wrath.

(Um…thanks for the help there, Fris.)

Posted on 23rd March 2011
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Haiku Week: Tuesday

Today’s haiku is based on true events. Truefax.


So, I’m the sane one?
Honestly, that’s what she said.
Please make note of it.

Bonus Haiku:

Mood Lifter

Cider with dinner
“Miss, may I see your I.D.?”
And my husband laughed.

Posted on 22nd March 2011
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