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Sometimes when I’m tired (or ill) I can get fixated on something. The other day when I was both, I got really fixated on the Last Person on Earth (LPoE) scenario.

Like. Really Fixated. In fact I thought about it a little too much and kinda freaked myself out.

And let me tell you, I do not ever want to be the LPoE.
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Posted on 14th March 2015
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Bits of Randomness

Right. I think it’s about time for a link dump, don’t you?

And finally, a video of my niece with her books:

Posted on 25th January 2012
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Truth is Stranger than Fiction…

…because fiction has to make sense.

This just in: Today was a bit surreal. What do I mean? Let me tell you a couple of wee true stories.

1) Just after my break at work I arrived back at my desk to see an IM from my husband which stated: “I had a parrot put a quarter on my shoe :)
As you can imagine, I blinked a few times before replying: ???

Him: parrot
Him: quarter
Him: shoe
Him: :D

The conversation went on rather in this same vein (read: like pulling teeth) until I finally got some of the story out of him. He told me: “I was standing in line to order food, and a parrot on the ground walked over with a quarter in her mouth and put it on my shoe.”

No, he wasn’t at Long John Silver’s. I asked. Nor did he say thank you to the kind bird…as he was trying to order and not laugh. I also managed to glean the fact that the clerk didn’t even mention the parrot. (Common occurrence at this non-pirate related eatery?) The parrot had come along with some guy or other…who I suppose didn’t care if it was wandering about distributing quarters. And what became of said quarter? My dear hubby put it back on the ground, and the parrot picked it up and walked away.

I feel a new family term coming on to add to the glossary. Perhaps bizarre occurrences may now be referred to in this manner: “Yes, but did a parrot put a quarter on your shoe?”

I’ll have to think on it. But this is only one story from today.

2) Before my morning meeting, I received an email…requesting the use of one of my poems for a podcast. O.O

As you may imagine, I stared a the computer in disbelief and read the email a couple of times. Then I came over all: Hey! Someone likes my poem!

Apparently they found it on SoundCloud. I knew I liked that site.

This is the poem in question:
This is not a proper poem by themusecalliope

After my meeting, I downloaded the most recent episode of the podcast. It’s called: The Jackass-Penguin Show’s Jazzy Selections, “A down-to-earth compact selection of instrumental jazzy tracks by independent artists.” (If you like the modern jazzy sound, you should give it a listen.)

So…I said yes.


2a) Apparently my little sister was on the news this last weekend? She was doing a run to support a women’s shelter. My sister is cool. That much is at least not strange.

Posted on 7th November 2011
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Joyeux Anniversaire

Hello all. It’s my birthday. So, today I bring you my birthday song:

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
It’s been quite the long year
So I deserve tea.

*bows* Thank you.

For a more proper birthday song, I offer you this video from a man who always claimed to be the age I am now.

Take it away, Jack!

Posted on 11th October 2011
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April Fool’s Day is Tomorrow…

…So you probably won’t see me. I have long wondered exactly why I hate April Fool’s Day so much. Is it just ’cause I think it’s dumb? And just now, I realized:

1) I often don’t understand when folks are teasing me/joking.
2) I can’t take a joke. (Really. It’s bad.)
3) I tend to take things seriously…

OH. Right. That’s why I’d take the day off and hide in my room if I could. Oh well. At least I know that Google does a yearly prank. That much I’m prepared for.

Message to my niece is process: You are not allowed to be born tomorrow. Okay?!?

I should start a club that has a “serious” party on April 1 each year. Something with silly initials. Suggestions? Declining April Fool’s Today (D.A.F.T.)?

Posted on 31st March 2011
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Let me get you up to speed…

Right. First I went to the con. (post 1) (post 2) (post 3)

There was this camera crew at the Con that I managed to avoid…

Then I caught what we like to call Con Crud. (I’m thinking flu?) (Koshvader got it too, poor lad)

And there was much exhaustion, illness, and work. Deadlines suck, you know?

This was followed by a baby shower for a certain female relative of mine…

A friend did a nice wee bouquet for the event, and had me do one too. (mine is above.) I know nothing about flower arranging…but it was fun.

Next came more work (and exhaustion, lack of reliable voice, crankiness, and deadlines.)

Which brings us to now: 2:18am on Saturday 5 March 2011. Yep, that’s right, it’s past my bedtime. You are now up to date.

(More posting *should* follow tomorrow…God willing.)

Posted on 5th March 2011
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So…I’m in SoCal…

The convention I’m down here for (Gallifrey One) officially starts tomorrow. Yay! Here’s a bit of rambling on the topic of said con, and the trip to get here. So far I have learned that I can’t hold the microphone while I’m recording. Please forgive the clicking.

Just arrived by themusecalliope

Posted on 17th February 2011
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…And we’re back

I suppose that some of y’all are wondering where the heck I’ve been lately. Well, the short answer is: Busy (and a little bit sick.)

Busy with what? Well, I’ve got a couple of projects I’ve been trying to work on for friends, and I’ve begun podficcing. What is podficcing? Well, it’s like the audiobook version of a fanfiction. Someone writes a fanfiction, and if I like it, and they agree, I can do a reading of it. No, I won’t be listing them here (as you don’t really need to know about my tastes in fanfiction) but fear not! I have other voice thingies to point you to.

I have a podcast that I do with a friend, and it can be found here. It’s a Doctor Who podcast, if you’re interested. All I ask is that you only download one episode at a time.

In other voice news, one of my Valentine’s Day gifts was a shiny new microphone! It’s a Blue Snowball, if you’re interested. As I am getting all of my stuff together to go to Gallifrey One next weekend, and I had hoped to do a bit of podcasting while I’m down there, the timing is perfect. I’ve tested it with my wee laptop and Audacity, and here is what my test sounded like:

Testthesnowball by themusecalliope

I can already tell that it sounds clearer! …Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to transport the thing.

In other news, today we went back to the Computer History Museum, and we arrived just in time to see a demonstration of Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine #2. Once I get more of the pictures/videos processed, I’ll post them up for you to see, but in the meantime, here is a 360 of the machine, with the video about it playing faintly in the distance. (if you click on the Babbage link above, you can watch a part of that video, and watch the machine in motion.)

And now, I’m off to bed. This next week is going to be mental. Wish me luck!

Posted on 13th February 2011
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A Pronunciation Meme

So, I saw this over at FayJay’s Blog, and I was inspired (and amused enough) to do it here.

You know those memes that attempt to show your particular linguistic variations? Yeah. This is like that, but you can actually hear it (if you want to).

The Pronounciation Meme by themusecalliope


Your name and/or username: Calliope/Celticangel
Where you’re from: Sacramento, CA
The following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting Image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught, Orange, Coffee, direction, naturally, aluminium and herbs
What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house? T-Ping
What is the bubbly carbonated drink called? Soda
What do you call gym shoes? Sneakers
What do you say to address a group of people? Y’all
What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs? Daddy Long-legs
What do you call your grandparents? Nana/Grandpa, Grammy/Grandpa
What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket? Shopping Cart
What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining? Sun shower
What is the thing you change the TV channel with? The remote.

Posted on 14th January 2011
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King Elvis and the Alien Space Ducks

(I originally posted this on The Book Stacks (the book review blog I used to write for) back in June of 2007, but it’s funny, so I thought that y’all might enjoy it too. Also? I totally thought I’d posted this here already. Sorry.)

I know that you’re asking yourself: King Elvis and the Alien Space Ducks?!? What do they have to do with books? Well, let me tell you a wee story, and all will become clear.


Once upon a time, I was a Young Adult Librarian in Vacaville, California. During my five and a half year tenure, I designed, helped with, and ran many different kinds of library programs. One of these programs was the Teen Book Club. We read our way through many different books over the years (mostly Fantasy, though, because frankly we liked Fantasy.) Now, after the Teen Book Club had been going on for a while we realized that we had a little problem. Our members were incredibly busy folks. Sometimes they couldn’t quite make it all of the way through the book before it was time for the Book Club meeting to begin. And sometimes those folks didn’t want the ending spoiled for them. I mean, they still wanted to come to Book Club to talk about the parts of the book that they had read, eat cookies, and socialize. What were we to do?

Well, one night we began to invent crazy endings for the books that they had obviously missed by not finishing in time. I believe that it was Mike who originally suggested that Elvis appeared just in time to save the day. Well, over time Elvis became “King Elvis.” (Because Elvis is King, you know?) Not long afterward, Elvis acquired some helper ducks. Wouldn’t you know it? Those ducks turned out to be aliens! That’s right, Alien Space Ducks! Before long we started discussing where Elvis and his friends could be located in each book we were reading. How did Over Sea, Under Stone end? King Elvis and The Alien Space Ducks swooped in with their space ship and defeated the bad guys, of course! I’m sure that you realize King Elvis and The Alien Space Ducks defeat Voldemort at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The book wasn’t even out yet, and we knew that.

For the last Christmas before I left the job, I gave my Book Club crew each one “Alien Space Duck” (Devil Duckies from Archie McPhee were the closest I could get). Too bad I never got an Elvis figurine. That would have been epic.

So, if I’m ever discussing a book and I don’t want to give away particular plot points (or…the ending) you know what to expect.

Image Source:

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