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This and That

I’ve been squirreling away a bunch of stuff on my various browser tabs lately, so…here is a great information dump for you all.

* The Tron Legacy Trailer can be found here. If you loved Tron…check it out.

* The rather rude, but also hilarious Ten Words You Need to Stop Misspelling can be found here.

* Jobs of Yesteryear: Obsolete Occupations from is a very interesting look at how things used to be.

* I mostly looked True West Magazine up for my friend Debbie, but you all might enjoy checking it out, too. They even offer a directory of Western Businesses. And yes…That includes stuff from the “Old West.”

* And, of course, I already told you lot about my friend Laurie’s jewelry shop Acanthusleaf Designs.

* Did you hear about the All-Black Penguin?

…and that’s it. For now, anyway.

Posted on 20th March 2010
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My Brain is Full

I survived my first day! Woo and hoo.

Mostly, it was the usual introductions and making sure that I had the proper access to things from my computer. But amazingly, considering my propensity for getting freaked out by stuff, I just really stoked. I feel I can do the job they hired me for. Dig my random confidence. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and everything.

Well, I need more fun things for my cube walls (waiting for the printer to get hooked up here again), a new electric kettle (purchased and ready to leave), tissue for my sniffles (purchased and stacked with some mint tea and the kettle), etc. but otherwise I feel good about this.

The rest of the week looks to be more of the same. Meetings and learning stuff. Now, I’d better be off to bed. It’s getting late.

Posted on 9th March 2010
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The quickest of updates…

Okay. Here’s the bare bones of things:

– I had a great time at Gallifrey One. Ignore the fact that I got really sick the Monday I was supposed to drive home. Bleh.

– I have a new computer, and it’s mostly set up. Picture to follow once we get my camera to speak to said computer.

– My old job ended on Saturday. They gave me a basket full of socks as a going away gift. 37 pairs.

– My new job (Collection Development Librarian) starts tomorrow.

– And a Small World Alert! Today I was at a gem and jewelry show and ran across a friend from college…who also knows one of Koshvaders co-workers. You should check out Morgan’s jewelry: it’s fab. It’s a small dang world.

Right. I’m off to bed now. Wish me luck.

Posted on 7th March 2010
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I Have a Career Path?

Last Wednesday (the 10th) I had a job interview. It wasn’t just any interview. It was for The Job. The one I have been wanting for…8 years or so now. (No, not the Full Time Writer or Travel Blogger one. Perhaps those will be next.)

And I discovered today that I got The Job. I beat out three other people. Go me. (Squee! Gotta go buy the t-shirt I promised myself now.)

I am a Librarian, like my parents before me. I am quite good at reference services, or so I’m told. But really, my heart belongs to Collection Development. And, like a good librarian, I will now give you too much information on the subject.

Collection Development, as its name implies, involves the development of a collection. The first step is the selection of items for the collection (keeping in mind the needs of the users of said collection.) Then comes purchasing (depending upon budgetary constraints) and making sure that you get what you ordered. The items purchased are then processed and get their time on the shelf. This time can vary from very short in the case of paperbacks (not very durable, you know) to “until it up and dies” in the case of classics in a particular field. The final step, as you may have gathered, is “deselection,” other wise known as “weeding.” I love weeding. Yes. This makes me peculiar, even in libraryland. I had a boss once offer to send me to another library to help them with their weeding. There’s even a whole manual dedicated to guidelines for weeding. Mostly, books and other materials are weeded based on condition, usage (or lack thereof), and accuracy. See what I mean? Too much information. Moving on.

So, yeah. My new job, starting on March 8, is Collection Development Adult/Teen. I get to buy stuff for the library system. I was pondering this possibility the other day and it occurred to me that not only do I have a career (which came as a bit of a shock) but I have a career path. I worked with computers before the dot bomb, then I spent five and a half years working with teens and three working with adults. Now, I’m moving on to specializing in something I’ve already done a fair amount of while working with teens and adults.

Dude. I’m a grown up. How weird is that?

Posted on 18th February 2010
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Today: Win or Fail? and Other Stories

Let’s look at today and see how it totals up, shall we?

I had to get up early (fail) to go deal with a fix-it ticket (fail) that I had already mailed but came back to me due to not enough postage. (fail)

I remembered to pack a lunch (win), found a parking spot right out front of the place I had to go to (divine intervention win), and had to stand in a long line (fail). But I made it back to my car with three minutes to spare on the meter (divine intervention win).

I ended up being late to work (fail), but it didn’t adversely affect the desk schedule and I could just work a bit later to make up for it. (win)

My ankle randomly started hurting at work and I seem to have a wee cold (fail). But I bought a new ace bandage (win)…and I’m experimenting with some cold meds (win or fail? dunno yet.) You see, I have all kinds of problems with meds in general, and historically cold meds and I don’t interact well. So, I thought…why not experiment? [insert mad scientist laugh here]

Now I’m home after shopping for food for the family and my poor kitty with one tooth. (Not that it seems to be slowing him down at all. We just thought he’d like a bit of a supplement.) Hmmm…I’m home now with my ankle wrapped, food put away, and meds taken, so…(win).

I think, in light of the fact that the day is over and I’m in my comfy bed, I’ll unscientifically call today a win. Any day you can walk away from, eh?

In other news, my Mother-in-Law is home! We mostly have the care situation figured out, so now we’re working on the next steps.

Well, it seems like the cold meds are starting to make me dizzy, so I’d better sigh off. Night all!

Posted on 3rd February 2010
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Tales from the Bulletin Board: Cockade

I may have mentioned that I’m madly cleaning my place during my special-shiny-extended-weekend. For the record, it’s a control thing for me. When I’m really stressed out, I clean and by controlling my environment, I feel a bit more in control in general. Yay coping mechanism!

One of the things I’m doing is moving a few things around (like my mail station) and clearing off my cork boards.

From the Cork Board:

From the Forgotten English day by day calendar – Friday May 21 (year ?):

Cockade: A ribbon or knot of ribbon, or something similar, worn on the hat, usually by officers of the army or navy, sometimes by others. – John Ogilvie’s Comprehensive English Dictionary, 1865

Why I saved it:

Well, I expect that it was in reference to the pub I used to love called The White Cockade. I miss that place. You drove along the 9 for a bit longer than you expected and kept a close eye on the right. It was a great place to be on a dreich day. Sigh.

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Word for the Day: Callipygian

(WordNet) adj. pertaining to or having finely developed buttocks.

(Merriam-Webster) adj. having shapely buttocks.

Okay. Why do I love this word so much? Well…because my nickname is Calliope. (Yes. And my new girly jeans are very flattering to the posterior. giggle)

Posted on 19th January 2010
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Free Pants, Job Reqs, and Man Points

Okay. Been a bit busy of late, but here is the as-short-as-I-can-make-it version:

The other day (Friday?) was a day of one bad and two shiny things. Bearing in mind recent events, I think that this balances out things pretty nicely.

The new bad is: my darn Check Engine light is on. Argh. And? I have, as yet, been unable to get the darn thing looked at. The Subaru dealership couldn’t even fit it in until Friday. Uh…no. So, I guess I’ll take the car to Big O tomorrow. They can check out the sporadic ABS light, too.

The good: 1) Free Pants! Someone left a pair of pants on the free stuff counter at work. (Do your places of work have a similar thing? Koshvader wants to know if this is fairly common.) The note on said pants had the size and a statement of their freeness. After passing by them a couple of times, I gave in and tried them on. To my surprise, this pair of girly jeans fit! Huzzah! I proceeded to get a bit silly about the free pants and spent the rest of the day telling people about them. 2) I received a job req for the job I want. I shouldn’t say much here, but it’s located in the same system for which I currently work…and I really really want it. I’ve applied. Here’s hoping. *fingers crossed*

In other news, I have a four day weekend. Two of my best friends were out visiting last week. My MIL is steadily healing up from the initial major surgery. And I have been cleaning my house, darn it. Today, I went over for the usual blood draw, but before that I gained two man points. How? Well, I took Koshvader’s car over to Big O to get it looked at for an oil leak, etc. (Yes. Both cars are having issues right now. Yay, fun.) While I was waiting in the lounge area, The Price is Right ended, and a soap opera came on. I really didn’t want to watch it, and a glance at the three men sitting next to me led me to believe that they didn’t want to see it either. So…I went over the the counter to inquire after the remote, figuring that there had to be a sporting event that I could change the channel to. In possession of said remote, I flipped through the channels until I found skiing. Close enough. When I told Koshvader the story, he awarded me two man points. I feel so manly, now.

There you go. The story so far. Free pants, job reqs, and man points.

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Stay or Go

In the past on this site I have mentioned Thayerism.

Thayerism: A term used in my family to refer to those of us that move someplace and never move again. In the case of some of my family, this can mean staying for several generations.

The opposite of Thayerism is the Gypsy-esque habit of moving every couple of years. The latter being how I grew up until the second half of Elementary School. Yes. I went to five different Elementary schools, if you count Preschool. All in the same general area, too.

For a long time now I’ve seen myself as a bit more Thayeresque, preferring to stay in one place over moving on every couple of years. But this morning on my way to work I had a bit of a revelation. The folks in my family with Thayerism are content. They like where they are and want to stay there. It’s not just a case of hating to move and deal with all of that annoyingness. They just don’t feel that restlessness that comes from the desire to find a place that is better somehow. They aren’t looking for something, they already found it.

It turns out that I’m not as prone to Thayerism as I thought. I’ve lived in the same place for the last three and a half years or so, and I really hate moving…but I’m growing restless. I want a house with a yard and a garage. I want someplace that I can really nest in. Heck, I’d love to buy my own place…but that is so not going to happen in the SF Bay Area any time soon. Sigh. I’ve thought about moving a bit more north, up Sebastopol way, but I’d miss my friends and I’d need to find a new job… Yeah. Economy again. So yeah. Restless and frustrated. Not content,

Apparently, blood will tell after all. Hunh. Who knew?

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And then it rained…

Ok. From the videos above you can determine which of the following:

a) It rained a lot while we were in Kauai
b) I need a cell phone with better video capabilities
c) I have finally posted something to Youtube, and have thus caught up with my father
d) All of the above

If you answered D, you’re correct!

If you want a better idea of the weather during our trip, check out this news article and the accompanying video.

And for the record? I’ve never had thunder make me feel like I was inside of a drum before. (*boom* *house shakes*)

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