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2 Quick Rants

Hi all. It’s been a while since I ranted on here, but wow have I got two things to get off of my chest.

Due to the angry words to follow, I’ll hide the rants after a cut tag so you can skip this at will.

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Posted on 25th July 2016
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On the upside?

The only advantage I can think of to a hard drive failure is…


My computer is a lot tidier.

Yeah. That.

*goes back to piecing things together*
*shakes fist at itunes*

Posted on 7th September 2011
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April Fool’s Day is Tomorrow…

…So you probably won’t see me. I have long wondered exactly why I hate April Fool’s Day so much. Is it just ’cause I think it’s dumb? And just now, I realized:

1) I often don’t understand when folks are teasing me/joking.
2) I can’t take a joke. (Really. It’s bad.)
3) I tend to take things seriously…

OH. Right. That’s why I’d take the day off and hide in my room if I could. Oh well. At least I know that Google does a yearly prank. That much I’m prepared for.

Message to my niece is process: You are not allowed to be born tomorrow. Okay?!?

I should start a club that has a “serious” party on April 1 each year. Something with silly initials. Suggestions? Declining April Fool’s Today (D.A.F.T.)?

Posted on 31st March 2011
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Do apartments have warranties?

Seriously, though. The heater that last year stopped shutting off when it was done heating, preferring instead to blow old air, has given up on the whole heating thing. The handyman was supposed to look at it on Wednesday morning (in hopes that it was just the pilot light or something) but…he didn’t. So the vendor is coming out to look at it way too dang early tomorrow morning.

What did the handyman look at? Oh, the handle on the back sliding door that has broken off. Broken. Off. Apparently it wasn’t up to the normal wear and tear that comes from short people using it to open and close a sliding glass door. Hopefully the new handle should be here soon.

I didn’t even bother to tell the front office about the Fridge yet. I have a frost-free freezer. The Fridge? Not so much. There is a sheet of ice covering the back half of the bottom shelf. And anything that gets too close to the back on any shelf freezes solid. Frozen lemon juice tastes terrible, for the record. Bleh. I think I’ll live with this problem until the beginning of the year. It’s been this way for a while.

And today? Today the house phone started acting up. One of the handsets had already freaked out, and the second one is following suit.

Hey! Apartment! I have space heaters, cell phones, an old non-digital phone, and a small college fridge. Oh! And a front door. So…cut it out.

Posted on 10th December 2009
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Okay. These mood swings can stop now. I can’t even knock over a box without bursting into tears.

Perhaps the fuzzy PJs and a purring cat will help.

Posted on 28th December 2008
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I’m Alright…

But my car is not.

So there we were, minding our own business, driving straight and at a slow pace headed for the freeway on-ramp, when this white Corvette exits the freeway too fast and loses control. We didn’t see that at first. What we saw was the car in front of us do this funny little swerve that we couldn’t figure out. Then there was the one second of “Oh No!” And then…Bam! We managed to get to the side of the road, but now my poor baby car won’t start. (I dunno how fast the guy was going, but he hit us quite hard.)

We’re okay (mostly), just banged up a bit from the seat belts and what not. I can tell, however, that tomorrow will be distinctly un-fun already. Sigh.


Posted on 25th August 2008
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So. Koshvader got a new job. *Yay!*
At a NASA research outpost not far away. *Yay!*

Wonkiness with pay periods, etc. means that we are actually missing one whole paycheck this month. …and I just figured this out today when he didn’t get paid. *Argh!*
I’ve managed to rework the budget so that we are only $48 short of paying all of our bills (and that was stressful, let me tell you.) and we conveniently have $50 Canadian lying around the house. According to the exchange rates I looked at, it’s pretty close to the right amount. *whew*

Thank heavens for my blogging job. It really made a difference this month.

Yeah. I’m not doing anything or going anywhere this month. Which, of course, means that I’m going to have a bit more time to blog here. Hello silver lining!

Posted on 5th August 2008
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Stress Relief

My favorite photographic subject seems to be Koshvader’s back.

I’ve been experiencing a great deal of stress and anxiety lately. It’s the usual cocktail of money/job/relationship stuff with a heaping side of can’t-seem-to-get-pregnant. Meh.

All of that is really annoying and makes it difficult to sleep/concentrate/wake up, you know? Plus, with my nervous system, it also means that any tiny little thing makes my cry. For like…two hours if I’m not careful. Things like a balloon popping (which makes me cry all of the time anyway. What is it with me and popping balloons? For some reason the noise just goes right through me. All sorts of fun in social situations, let me tell you.), missing a phone call, or making a mistake. This, in and of itself, is really annoying and stressful.

So, what I want to know is, what do you do to [tag]relieve stress[/tag]? I mean, obviously there’s “have lots of sex” (fun, but hard to work into one’s schedule on a daily basis) and “have a nice cup of tea” (the pause that refreshes, but one must stick to decaf or herbal is one wishes to sleep at night. Have I mentioned that I drink a lot of tea?) What has been working best for me lately is photography. It forces me to try and think creatively. It also forces me to get out of the house, which is not my preference when I’m feeling like this. I’m a hermit at the best of times. An interesting side effect of all of this photography-based travel has been my gut opinion of places. (Sometimes being an HSP can be a bit entertaining. Who knew?) For example, I love this one beach in Pacifica. There’s just something about it that I connect with. But I went to Stinson Beach the other day, and I found it to be not soothing. Easy to walk on, yes. Soothing, no. The parking lot for said beach in the evening? That was soothing. No idea why. *shrug*

Oh. And petting cats is nice too.

What do you lot do to [tag]relax[/tag]?

Posted on 4th July 2008
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Nerves. I has them. …And boy howdy.

Posted on 27th June 2008
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They’re Trying to Poison Me Again

Yesterday when I returned from my photo outing I was in a great deal of pain. Methinks I rather overdid it out there. I took some Motrin (took two hours to work and started to fade a couple of hours after that.) Later, I thought I’d take some Tylenol so I could actually get to sleep.

And then I happened to read the ingredients. I’m not sure why I didn’t do this before, but I never thought that pain-killer would try to poison me.

Right there before “talc” was “[tag]sucralose[/tag].” And Sucralose, boys and girls, is another word for [tag]Splenda[/tag]. Yes, one of the [tag]artificial sweeteners[/tag] that makes me ill. This would explain some of the problems I’ve had when taking [tag]Tylenol 8-hour[/tag] in the past.

This just reinforces my need to read the ingredients in everything I might ingest. Did you know that they put [tag]High Fructose Corn Syrup[/tag] in BREAD? Or [tag]Lactose[/tag] as a filler in vitamins? They’ll even change ingredients without notice. So look out.

Stop trying to poison me, people!

Posted on 16th June 2008
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