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Saturday Confession: Some things I like

Right before Christmas, I was in Fry’s Electronics and I encountered the Coast display pictured above. …And I could only stand there giggling until Koshvader found me, because…

Saturday Confession: I collect flashlights…and knives. It was like they’d created an entire display just for me! As you might imagine, Koshvader just rolled his eyes at me. …But he did give me a paring knife by W├╝sthof for Christmas, so I expect he understands.

As far as flashlights go, well, I have one on my keychain, one that is a sonic screwdriver, a couple that belong in my purse, one of those Tripod ones, etc. I even have one that is a frog keychain, and when you open its mouth a little red light comes on.

What interesting thing are you prone to collecting?

Posted on 8th January 2011
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Saturday Confession: I Like Keys

Yes, strangely enough, I am very fond of keys. The one pictured above is on my wall. I have some Yale ones, a couple of old ones (mostly for crafty ideas), and I even have a couple of charms in the shape of keys. I’m not really sure why I like keys…I just do, especially big old ones. And the best part? Keys are currently popular in jewelry!

I win.

Posted on 18th December 2010
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Saturday Confession: I Like Foxes

(Just clip art this time, sadly)

What is your favorite animal? As with favorite colors, most folks seem to have a favorite animal, but for years it seemed that I only had a few animals that I rather liked. (Cats, dogs, gorillas…) But then finally, one day I realized…

Saturday Confession: My favorite animal is the fox. I think it might have something to do with their being the most cat-like canid. Either that, or their sheer beauty. Or, possibly, it could be one of my friends in High School who thought I sort of resembled one. (If so, that makes me a vixen. *giggle*) Who can say?

Posted on 4th December 2010
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Saturday Confession: I Like Dogs

Isn’t she a cutie? She belongs to my Aunt & Uncle (or…do they belong to her?)

Which brings me to today’s Saturday Confession: I like dogs. Quite a bit actually. Do I like cats? Yep. (I’d better, or Frisbee is going to get me with that tooth of his.) But, honestly? I really want a dog, too. So, I’ve made myself a deal. If there is no movement on the fertility front by the time I’m 40, I’ll get myself a classic Mustang (’67 for preference) and a dog. And then? Well, I expect I’ll go on a road trip.

As Plan Bs go, I don’t think it’s too bad.

Posted on 27th November 2010
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Saturday Confessions: The Little Things part deux

Last week I complained about the little things that annoyed me, this week’s confession is the other side of the coin.

Saturday Confession: Those little things that can be forgotten in day-to-day life are what it’s all about. Sometimes they can be terribly distracting, though.

For example, I saw the most amazing sunset the other day. The sky was on fire. It was amazing, and there was no way I could pull over. Also? I only had my phone with me. So, the photos above are the best I could do. By the time I got to the one place I could stop, this was all that remained:

So, what little things do you tend to notice?

And because I really do love sunsets, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite sunset photos, taken in that place I would have stopped.

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Saturday Confessions: The Little Things

So…you know how they say “don’t sweat the small stuff”?

Well, this week I have this to say:

Saturday Confession: There are many “little things” that annoy me.

Yes, I try to let them go, and sometimes it works, but one thing that makes me crazy is when people ignore signs. Hello? Does that sign not say No Strollers on the Escalator? Or, that one over there which says No Flash Photography. Or perhaps the one that says No Food or Drink in the Store. I know. I shouldn’t let it bother me. I shouldn’t get riled up. But…I do. And I can forgive a terribly distracted one time offender. Accidents happen. But…read the signs!

Okay. I’ll go be calm and not face product at the store or make sure that all of the silverware on the table goes fork, knife, spoon. I’ll try not to sweat the small stuff. And maybe, someday I’ll even get there.

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Saturday Confession: I’m Strange

This week’s Saturday Confession arrives in musical form. (Yes, that’s right, a confession you can dance to!) In fact, it’s the chorus of this song:

In “Just the Way I Am,” Skye Sweetnam sings:

“I’m strange
And I like it
That’s just the way I am
I can’t change
I can’t hide it
That’s just the way I am
Might as well get over it
But don’t try to understand
I’m strange
And I like it
That’s just the way I am.”

…and that pretty much covers it. :D

Posted on 6th November 2010
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Saturday Confession: in 3D

I’m visiting friends this weekend, but fear not, I still have the weekly confession for you.

Today’s Saturday Confession: I don’t like 3D films.

Hey, I know that they are all the rage these days, but they aren’t really my thing. I tend to end up with either motion sickness or my eyes get really upset and refuse to see things properly. It’s a bit disorientating is all I’m saying. Maybe this has to do with those darn Magic Eye pictures. I can even do the eye relaxing thing required, but I can’t see them. Le sigh.


Posted on 30th October 2010
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Saturday Confessions: Romances

For my second Saturday Confession, I offer my view on a certain genre of books:

I like Romances.
Quite a bit, actually. In general, though, I prefer the ones that aren’t solely based on “relationship problems.” You know, the ones where there’s a baddie out to get them, etc. Yep. Romances. And someday I may actually finish writing one.

Posted on 23rd October 2010
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Saturday Confession

Just a little something to amuse you of a Saturday. (There may be more on some future Saturday…who knows?)

My Saturday Confession:
I have never seen Gone With the Wind. (But I hear that tomorrow is another day…)

Posted on 2nd October 2010
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