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Word for the Day: Callipygian

(WordNet) adj. pertaining to or having finely developed buttocks.

(Merriam-Webster) adj. having shapely buttocks.

Okay. Why do I love this word so much? Well…because my nickname is Calliope. (Yes. And my new girly jeans are very flattering to the posterior. giggle)

Posted on 19th January 2010
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At Last the 1948 Show

I couldn’t resist sharing this little bit of Silliness with you all. “At Last the 1948 Show” is one of the pre-cursors to Monty Python. Three of the troupe worked together here before forming said troupe. This library sketch gives me the giggles…quietly, of course.

Posted on 11th January 2010
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An Operatic Orange

Ah Ha! I knew that I knew that Muppet song. It’s Habenera from Carmen, and I’m more familiar with it in the form of the Operatic Orange from Sesame Street, as seen below. (Da dun dun dun…)

Posted on 5th January 2010
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Muppet Studio Strikes again. Hmm…this song sounds familiar…

Posted on 4th January 2010
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May 2010 prove lots better than 2009! *fingers crossed*

Posted on 30th December 2009
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Neutra Face

This is a parody of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face…and a wonderfully nerdy one at that. Love the beards!

Posted on 1st December 2009
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I approve!

Posted on 29th November 2009
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Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody

Too funny. Had to share.

Posted on 25th November 2009
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LOLcat Anthropology

In a fit of insanity, I thought that it might be fun to go through all 530 pages of LOLcats over at Really, it’s kind of an anthropological exploration of a cultural subgroup if you think about it. As I go through the site, I’ll be posting the humorous bits of comedic kitties (etc.) that I discover. I will also be paying particular attention to the trend of translating biblical stories into LOLspeak/the LOLcat culture. It’s fascinating what they’ve done with the creation story and more over on ICHC. I may even forget myself and go so far as to analyze LOLspeak itself. You have been warned.

I think, at this point, that you all now know a bit too much about the way I think. Let’s start with the LOLcats, shall we?

Beginning where I must at the beginning…This is the very first LOLcat listed on the site (date: Jan. 11, 2007):
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

This rebuttal appeared on 12 January 2007:

No, You Can't Has a Cheezburger
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

…And this is the first appearance of the “I Has a Flavor” paradigm (at least according to the date stamp):

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Posted on 29th August 2009
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Notes from a Notebook

I’m working my way through yet another notebook. Surprised? No? Well…neither am I, really. Just to keep you all amused I will share with you a few excerpts I have run across…

From a page with notes for a fanfiction that I don’t remember anything about I found this amusing note:
Doctor’s Answering Machine Message: “Off saving the Universe. Back in 5 minutes. Please leave a message.”

Smack dab in the middle of a to do list is this mysterious note:
“My brain feels like it’s moving through treacle” (I guess that I must have been feeling a bit tired on 4/11/06.)

Apparently, I was planning at one point to make a playlist called “Obscure joy.” I wonder where that idea came from.

How about this one? I have a note (from 4/21/07) that says “Everything was going fine until the Royal Family arrived.” Do I even want to know what was going on before they arrived? [edit: I have found the story that this came from! It appears to be an unfinished chapter of a fanfiction. Mystery solved!]

How about this for an obscure note? “Himself” instead of “his heart”? (Yes, that question mark is part of the note. Again, I mystify myself.)

…And that’s only the first third of the notebook. Stay tuned for more (when I’m done typing up the story that I found.)

Posted on 13th August 2009
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