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Day 26: Roses and Royalty


Well, here are the socks of the day. They’re short, but fabulous. And I’m going to keep this short, otherwise I’ll still be typing at midnight.

Time is running out. Send me your socks. You could win…more socks.

Posted on 26th November 2007
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Day 25: Dogs on a Blue Background


Here are my socks of the day. *fanfare* Today we are coming down off of the Mountain…and it looks like I might be driving. eek.

Yesterday we went back over to the Craft Faire for the last couple of hours to help out. After we dealt with the burying of Spock’s ashes…and the great Frisbee hunt. It turns out that Frisbee ended up under the bed in KoshVader’s old room. I guess I didn’t shut the door well enough. Sigh. KoshVader found him, and I played He-Woman and lifted up the bed so we could remove him. The frame is a bit smaller in the front, you see. Witness my mightiness!

Anyway, after we made sure that Frisbee was in the bathroom with all of his stuff we drove into town. I admit that I finally gave in and bought two bowls at the pottery booth next to my Mother-in-Law’s table. They were white with blue bands. Perfect for cereal. Hey. They were only $9 each. I couldn’t just buy one. There were only two, and I didn’t want the other to get lonely. Besides, this way my sweetie and I can match at breakfast.

Wow. I have serious powers of rationalization. Be afraid.

After I bought the bowls, we wandered around Groveland for a bit, and KoshVader encountered a picture of someone that he has known since second grade. The gentleman in question sells real estate in the area, so his picture is on the Real Estate ads. It’s just weird seeing someone all grown up after not having seen them for a while. Once we were done with the reality check we headed back and helped out KoshVader’s Mum until closing time.

And then…we went to dinner. In Modesto.

But the most important thing about yesterday is KoshVader’s epiphany. The booth across from our table at the Craft Faire was selling photographs. Framed, just matted, and cards. And he thought ‘I can do that.’ (psst. I’ve been waiting years for him to realise this.) I have to say, I agree with him. His current job is really stressing him out a lot, and I can see him starting a little side thing to make a bit of cash. With any luck…it could be something more. You’ve seen what he can do with our 4 megapixel point and shoot camera. If my scanner was working I’d show you some of his work with the 35mm. So, in the interest of keeping my sweetie alive and sane, I’m going to get him a good camera. Plus, this way, he won’t keep running off with mine. Yes, there is method to my madness.

Well, I need to start packing up. More when I get home.

Posted on 25th November 2007
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Day 24: Retro Televisions


Quickly, so that I can get this in today, these are/were the socks of the day for today. Dig the retro style!

Posted on 24th November 2007
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Silly Sock Entry #3


Here is the third entry in the Silly sock contest. It was sent in by Emma of Treehouse Jukebox. Thanks Emma! I particularly enjoy the spirals on this one.

Keep ‘em coming, folks!

Posted on 24th November 2007
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Silly Sock Entry #2


Here is the second entry in our Silly Sock Contest. It was sent to us by Debbie, with the help of her camera phone. This is why the aspect ratio is a bit off. In any case, I like the unicorn.

Have you sent in your entry yet? Time is running out. Send your silly sock picture to: .

Posted on 24th November 2007
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Day 23: Pooh Bear Socks…take 2


Well, I started this post before and saved it so that I would have the correct picture in the system. It only half worked. I have the picture…but the post disappeared.

*shrug* Oh well.

Well, I wore the happy Pooh Bear socks today. I ended up having to go help my Mother-in-Law at the craft faire today, as her friend managed to hurt herself this morning. It’s generally better to have a partner for these things, just in case you want to use the restroom or get something to eat. You know. Little things like that. So, when I got up and learned this (no, they didn’t wake me at 7am and let me know) I got into the car and drove into town. (Oh! Did I mention that I drove home from dinner last night? I’ve never done that before. And I did just fine on these windy roads in the dark.)

I figured out where to park with the help of some four year old memories. That was the last time I helped out at the Craft Faire. (Or rather, did the job KoshVader used to do growing up.) The sale went pretty well today. Right next to us was a pottery booth that I perused several times, but I managed not to buy anything. That took some serious will power right there. I was able to talk myself out of the Raggedy Anne and Andy that I wanted, but not buying any pottery…well I’m sort of surprised that I managed it.

So, now we’re going to have dinner and watch some sports. I’ll write something more interesting later. Honestly.

Posted on 23rd November 2007
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Day 22: Roses on a Blue Background


These are the socks of the day. I will be wearing them as we trek up the airy mountain. Yes, I *do* have a rose fixation.

Well, I’m off to bed. More news later.

Posted on 22nd November 2007
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Day 21: Green Stripes


Although it’s difficult to tell, these socks are knee length. I sort of feel like the Nanny from Muppet Babies with these on. In any case, these are the ones I’m wearing right now.

Speaking of socks, I’ve received FOUR new entries for my Silly Sock Contest today. Time is trickling away. Send your entries to: Don’t worry. I’ll post the entries soon.

Today was a bit of a blur…after I stopped at the Vet’s to pick up Spock’s ashes. The box is really pretty, and it gave me pause. (no…not paws.) My kitty girl loved boxes. If there was an open box anywhere, she was likely to be found in it. So, it struck me. Spock is in a box. She’d be so pleased.

I’ll be taking her up the Mountain with me tomorrow, and I’ll be burying her near my Father-in-Law. This way she gets her box and someone to annoy for eternity. I miss her so much, but I think that she’d find her arrangements purr-worthy.

Posted on 21st November 2007
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Day 20: Bunnies and Carrots


Well, here were my socks for today. I had a second pair of these, but I gave them to my Mum. She collects bunnies, you see.

I spent a bunch of hours on the desk at a branch library today. It was okay, but I really don’t like spending that long of a stretch on the reference desk. When I got home, my blood sugar was crashing hard. (It’s hard to eat and go for a walk if you aren’t at your library. You know…where you store your emergency snacks.) So we had to run out and get some food. I wish we’d had the time to get more batteries for the camera. Sigh.

I think I should go make some tea now…and pet some cats.

Posted on 20th November 2007
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Day 19: Bunny Pom Poms


It’s back to work for me today. Le sigh. At least I only have three days of work to deal with. Then comes Thanksgiving. Anyway, to keep my spirits up I’m wearing some very [tag]silly socks[/tag]. Not only are there bunnies on the socks themselves, but they also feature [tag]Bunny[/tag] Pom Poms with googly eyes. If I get stressed at work today, I can just play with the silly pom poms.

Posted on 19th November 2007
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