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Photo Week: Thursday

Hello Thursday! Today I’m amusing myself by posting a t-shirt that tell you what I’m doing…

Yes. This is yet another of my t-shirt collection.

Posted on 17th March 2011
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T-Shirt Tuesday: Eeyore

Bearing in mind my mood this week, I thought I should go with this particular shirt.

T-Shirt Tuesday: Eeyore

Here’s the front of the shirt.

And the back.

I’m not really sure how I ended up with this shirt. Was it Koshvader’s at one point, or was that one Winnie the Pooh? Perhaps I inherited it from another member of my family? (Sister Mine? Any ideas?) Well, it doesn’t matter how I came buy it, really. I happen to love Eeyore. I even have obnoxious Eeyore slippers (the better to freak out my cats, apparently.) So, I expect that this shirt will remain in my collection for the foreseeable future.

Posted on 7th December 2010
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Reference Post: T-shirt Tuesday

This is the reference post for the T-shirts that have appeared here so far. I will continue to add to this post periodically as more t-shirts appear on T-Shirt Tuesday posts on the blog.

The Shirts So Far:
* Jedi Academy
* Edinburgh Castle
* The Fairy
* Gasp!
* Open Body – Close Body
* Due South
* Oh Yeah
* Al-Team
* Renegade
* Can’t Draw…Cats
* Jethro Tull
* Certicom
* Rebel with Applause
* She Knows
* Hogwarts
* Gale Fact Farm
* Today is a good day…

Posted on 16th November 2010
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T-Shirt *mumble*day

It may not be Tuesday, but here’s a t-shirt. (I finally got around to resizing some of the the photos.)

This shirt was a gift from a friend at work. Isn’t it nice how it’s geeky twice? It’s all reading-cool and Star Trek-cool, too. (And if you really want one, you can get it here.)

Now…I wonder where I can find a bat’leth. Hmm.

Posted on 30th September 2010
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T-Shirt Tuesday: Gale Fact Farm

Guess what happened last week? I completely forgot about T-Shirt Tuesday until Saturday. Yep. So, if you happen to see my brain wandering about out there somewhere, could you please send it back my way?

This week’s shirt is directly related to a) My Mum and b) The Family Business. I am a librarian, like my parents before me. And my mother gave me this shirt more than ten years ago, after getting it from one of her vendors. One assumes that it was the Gale rep, but who knows? It works out well that I’m in the same business. I even wore it to work once, and folks a) found it amusing and b) understood who Gale was without me having to explain anything.

(For those of you who aren’t librarians, related to one, or addicted to libraries, Gale is a publisher well known for their non-fiction.)

Posted on 24th August 2010
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T-Shirt Tuesday: Hogwarts

This week’s shirt is at least nine years old, as I remember wearing it to the Harry Potter Trivia Tournament one year. It’s one of those three quarter sleeve shirts. You know the ones. You spend half the time you wear it pushing up your sleeves as they are really annoying you. The design on the front is an applique or some such thing. As such, it’s a wee bit uncomfortable where it touches the skin. Scratchy. I’ll bet that you’re wondering why I still have it if I find it so annoying. Um…’cause I haven’t figured out where to find a Ravenclaw t-shirt yet, I suppose. In the meantime, this shirt is useful for geeky events.

Yes. I’m a Ravenclaw. I even have a bumper sticker on my car that says so.

Posted on 10th August 2010
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T-Shirt Tuesday: She Knows

Hello all. This week for T-shirt Tuesday I offer something that is a bit of an obscure reference…unless you are a Doctor Who fan (fanatic, devoted to) like I am.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my mania, I used to get paid to blog about Doctor Who over at Watching Doctor Who (for two and a half years…until that company went to heck), and now I have a Blog over at Articles of the Shadow Proclamation – where we don’t update nearly often enough, but at least you can find our podcast there. So, yeah…a bit of a fan.

I found this shirt over on Cafe Press (couldn’t find it again last time, sorry) and I had to own it. It’s a reference to some of the stuff that went on during season two of the current series of Doctor Who, and it features The Doctor and Rose running hand-in-hand. I wore it to Gallifrey One that year, and it was well received. I suppose that I’m not the only ‘shipper out there. To this day I rather like the shirt. Among other things…it’s pink, and I like to think that Rose would approve.

Posted on 2nd August 2010
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T-Shirt…Thursday: Rebel with Applause

It’s t-shirt…Thursday. This t-shirt thing seems to be going rogue. So…keep an eye on your t-shirts just in case it’s one big conspiracy to take over the world. Stranger things have happened after all. Like that time I’d actually seen a film that someone asked me about while I was sitting at the dentist’s office calmly getting my teeth cleaned. Wait…that was yesterday. Okay. How about the fact that I’ve sung songs from The Sound of Music in public in front of a lot of people, yet I’ve never actually seen the film? No? What? Not something film-related? Not even the time I stayed up really late helping to film a scene for a short film about a human lab rat? Oh. Still film. Right. Ummm…well…I’ve had doors open for me before. Doors that I wasn’t supposed to be able to open. That’s weird, right?

At least as weird as The Great T-shirt Rebellion, yeah?

Right. Back to the t-shirt.

This week’s t-shirt comes with a story.

Once upon a time I heard about a t-shirt that somebody-or-other one one of my online listservs had purchased. It sounded so cool! One tiny problem though. The shirt had come from Stratford, Ontario and I was in California. But then an extraordinary thing happened. Remember the shirt that I got from RCW139? RCW139, the Due South Convention that I went to Toronto for? Well, wouldn’t you know it? I heard about this shirt right before i heard about the plans for RCW139. One of the outside events that you could get in on during that convention was a trip to Stratford to see King Lear. So, of course I signed on the dotted line, and I ended up having just enough time before the show to pop in and get my shirt from the shop there. Quite a long way to travel for a shirt, but I think that the shirt is just that cool.

The End.

Posted on 22nd July 2010
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T-Shirt Tuesday

Hello all. Lucky for me I only “took a nap” after work rather than sleeping all night. Yeah. Two days of re-shelving materials in a library post-renovation can be exhausting. *whew*

So, since I’m awake, here is another T-Shirt Tuesday Post.

Today’s shirt is a remnant of a bygone age. That’s right. The Dot Com era. During that era, I actually had a little bit of money. I enjoyed going to Denny’s at 2am with friends. People had to wait months on waiting lists to get apartments in the Bay Area. And one of the things that was considered cool was to collect t-shirts from companies that had gone under and, you know, wear them. Certicom was a company in Foster City, once upon a time, that was a place of employment for a friend of mine. He’s the one that got me the shirt, and let me just tell you that it is incredibly comfortable. As the Dot Bomb happened about ten years ago, that should give you a general idea of its age.

Sigh. I miss the Dot Com bubble, and my job as a Knowledge Engineer. Ah well.

Posted on 13th July 2010
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(Much Belated) T-Shirt Tuesday: UC Davis Aggies

This week’s shirt for T-Shirt Tuesday is actually one that I bought for someone else. Yes. I bought this pink t-shirt for my brother while I was at University. Is it any wonder that it found it’s way back to me?

And, for the record, this is the most raggedy t-shirt that I own. As such, it was pressed into service today (along with my most holey jeans) when I had to wash the cats. Yes. Wash the cats. One word. Fleas. Bleh.

Anyway, it’s good to have a t-shirt from my Alma Mater…even if it is the most disreputable thing I own.

Posted on 6th July 2010
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