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Scott Pilgrim, Cameras, and Obsessions

This has been quite the weekend.

Saturday found me driving out to Manteca, as it is the halfway point between my sister and I. While we were there, we had lunch, shopped at Bass Pro Shops (I found a pair of jeans for $10! My sister is the ultimate shopping good luck charm.), and watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. The film was made of awesome with a side of awesomesauce. No lie. I am fully planning on getting the soundtrack, too. Before we watched the film, I happened to mention to Sister Mine that there was a wee prequel to it.

Behold! The prequel!

Another thing that happened this weekend, is that I *finally* figured out how to use my digital camera to take video. Apparently, I need to muck about with things more often. So, here is the first video ever taken with the camera:

Yes, I did follow this video with one of my husband’s back. What can I say? He’s cute.

And finally, please note that the “current obsession” indicator on the top right of this page has been updated. Sherlock is due on PBS in October, for those of you who are interested. Here’s the PBS version of the trailer:

Posted on 23rd August 2010
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A Few Things for my Brother

Happy (a couple of days early) birthday, Brother Mine! I hope that the videos which I found for you this year meet with your approval.

We start with the trailer for Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveler (a film we all enjoyed in our youth.) It’s followed by a link to a bit more of same, and then…an appropriate song from The Electric Company.

(a bit more Tommy Tricker here.)

And just for fun:

Posted on 22nd July 2010
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Subtitled Commercial (Los Links)

Speaking of telenovelas, here is a commercial that spoofs on them, too. A Spanish-speaking friend of mind was kind enough to point me towards it. (Thanks, Maria!) Now, I have no particular fondness for Bing, but the commercial is mighty funny.

While we’re on the subject of telenovelas, does anyone have a favorite? Or…have you seen the Mexican Soap Opera episode of Psych?

Posted on 20th July 2010
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Un Hombre, Dos Mujeres

This is another one of those videos we talked about at work. It took a bit of hunting, but we finally tracked it down. It’s a skit from MadTV spoofing the popular Telenovelas found on Univision, etc. here in the USA (and on tons of other channels worldwide.)

Triscuit. That is all. (tee hee)

Posted on 19th July 2010
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Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco

It’s occurred to me that I seem to be posting videos in pairs. So, for my second Sesame Street video I give you a glimpse into the place I work now. No, I don’t work with Cookie Monster. My coworkers are just prone to remembering some cool tv skit, etc. and eight and a half years of reference work means that I can’t help myself. I have to then go onto Youtube and find said skit for them. The other day, it was this video I hunted down. In an interesting moment of serendipity, that very same evening I was going through some old CDs, and one of them actually had this song on it! Stap me! Oh my stars and garters! Other statements indicative of surprise!

Enjoy the video. And I hope that Cookie Monster found his cookie in the end.

Posted on 18th July 2010
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There are Chickens in the Trees!

I’m not sure if I’ve posted this here before, but it’s worth another look either way. Once upon a time on Sesame Street this animated short was shown. I have been singing the song ever since. Yes, it has been known to make Koshvader a bit insane, but I sing it anyway. Why? Because there are chickens in the trees!

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The Firefly Intro – 80s Style

This is so very much how the intro for Firefly would have been if the show had appeared in the 80s. Fun! A word of warning, though. They seem to have forgotten about poor Simon.

Posted on 13th July 2010
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New Doctor Who Season Headed Our Way!

I can’t wait! Here’s the most recent trailer.

Posted on 19th March 2010
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I Can’t Wait!

Is it April 17th yet?

New eps of Doctor Who coming soon. Squee!

This has been a squee break. As you were.

Posted on 9th March 2010
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Blast from the Past: Hee Haw

Yep. I used to watch Hee Haw. This is one of the bits that always made me giggle.

Posted on 19th October 2009
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