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Blast from the Past: Cap’n Mitch

Here’s a blast from the past for all of you from the Sacramento area. Cap’n Mitch was a TV presenter on Channel 40 for kid’s shows (like cartoons.) Sometimes he’d go to schools and kinds would be on his show…like me. Speaking Spanish of all things. Wish that I could come up with a copy of *that.* Yep. I already had my 15 minutes of fame. Anyway, here’s a tiny bit of tv from my childhood:

Posted on 8th October 2009
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Dalek Invaders 2008ad

This is a Doctor Who spoof made of cute and silly. I really miss my filming on weekends days now.

It’s amazing what some folks can do while on holiday with a bit of cardboard, a camera, and a computer. Jack’s lines are priceless and you have to love the Mr. Happy shirt on Davros.


Posted on 16th September 2008
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The TV Show Reaper…That’s Me.


As if I didn’t know this already, but this is the final confirmation.

I kill TV Shows.

No, seriously. If I like a show (unless it’s from another country apparently) the show gets canceled. Moonlight and New Amsterdam? Both dead.

These are only the latest in the line of casualties.

Tarzan, Firefly, Starman…the list goes on. True, sometimes shows inexplicably survive for a couple of seasons, but lately that has become less and less likely. And I’ll bet that you folks out there who love Heroes are suddenly glad that I don’t watch it.

That’s it. I’m on strike. I’ll just have to wait for Joss Whedon’s new show “Dollhouse” to come out on DVD for fear of jinxing it. Also? I’m thinking about going on the offensive.

You heard me. I’m thinking about looking for some annoyingly popular show and starting to watch it…just to see what happens. Would that be using my powers for good or evil?

Posted on 16th May 2008
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A TV Intro For My Mum

Look Mum! I found you the intro for The Man From Atlantis! (Ummm…now you just need to get fast enough internet to actually watch it.)

Posted on 3rd February 2008
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For My Brother…

Since I actually managed to find the intro for my favorite show from when I was ten, it occurred to me that my brother’s favorite show that is yet to come to DVD may be out there too. Dear heavens. It’s there.

Here is the intro to Ocean Girl, just for you Little Brother (who is way taller than me.)

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You know you’ve been surfing YouTube Too Long When…

So I was surfing around YouTube, looking for something for one of my other blogs, when I found…

The Intro from my favorite show from when I was ten. The show that almost no one remembers. Ladies, Gentlemen, and my poor sister who had to watch this with me, I give you:

Benji, Zax, and The Alien Prince!

Posted on 2nd February 2008
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Thursday 13: 13 Things I Like About Doctor Who


Thursday 13 #9

As you may already know, I love Doctor Who. So, for this week’s [tag]Thursday Thirteen[/tag] I present you with thirteen reasons why. They aren’t in order and they aren’t the only reasons (The Doctor has had way more than 13 companions), but they are certainly some of the big ones.

1. The TARDIS – It can go anywhere in Time and Space and it’s small enough to park anywhere, while being the size of a small city on the inside. How can you beat that type of craft?

2. The Sonic Screwdriver – It can open almost anything and do a lot besides. Plus, the one from the new show can be used as a flashlight.

3. Regeneration – Not only is this a clever device that allows different actors to play the lead role, it’s also an interesting storytelling vehicle. Imagine, a race of people that can survive most death blows simply by becoming someone else.

4. Gallifreyan Writing (as seen in the new show) – It’s really complex looking, and it resembles the inside workings of a clock. It’s also beautiful. I’d love to use some of it to decorate my room.

5. The Daleks – Just think about this: The most feared classic baddie looks like a pepperpot, and yet has incredible destructive power. You used to be able to escape them by running up some stairs, but they’ve been able to fly since the 7th Doctor’s day. The new series has only increased their battle prowess. Not bad for an adversary that has been around since the second story of the show.

6. The Seal of Rassilon – First of all, it’s pretty (Yes, this is the tattoo I want to get if I ever manage to get the money and the guts together.) Rassilon was one of the founders of Time Lord society, and he has an awful lot of items that carry his name. The Seal is the nicest looking one.

7. Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart – The Brigadier is one of the few of the Doctor’s friends who has seen several of his different incarnations. They’ve worked together for UNIT. And all he wants is to meet an alien menace that isn’t immune to bullets.

8. The Ninth Doctor – The First Doctor of the New Series was a dark and brooding man with a leather coat and an abrasive manner. He’d seen too much death and destruction, but he was still The Doctor. He was also amused by all sorts of things. Christopher Eccleston did an excellent job bringing The Doctor back to life. Fantastic.

9. The Tenth Doctor – David Tennant’s Doctor has in many ways refined the two main parts of The Doctor’s personality as seen in the 9th Doctor. He can be hyper, silly, and child-like, and he can be hard, angry, and vengeful. Don’t make him angry. Oh, and listen when he gives you that one warning. He means it.

10. Rose – I really enjoyed watching the transformation of Rose’s character. She went from a danger-prone shop girl to a woman who could do things for herself and managed to save The Doctor a couple of times.

11. The Fourth Doctor – Tom Baker’s Doctor was my first Doctor. You always remember your first Doctor. He was the clever one, all teeth, curls, and long scarf. I’m still holding out hope that he might appear in the new series in some capacity or other.

12. Captain Jack Harkness – I just adore this character. He’s sexy, good-looking, good-hearted, and smart. I’m really happy that he got his own show.

13. The Weeping Angels – I can never get statues for my garden, now. These baddies seriously freaked me out. Which, of course, makes them an excellent baddie. A whole generation of children will grow up looking at statues suspiciously.

What is your favorite show?

Posted on 20th December 2007
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A New Show – Moonlight


I saw the first episode of Moonlight tonight on CBS. Yes, I actually watched something that wasn’t from the Whoniverse. Don’t faint or anything. If it makes you feel any better, it has vampires and David Tennant’s girlfriend. I’m a sucker for vampire shows, and when I heard that Sophia Myles was in it (that’s her picture above) I had to check it out. I know it’s on CBS, so it will get canceled just because I like it. But the point here is that I *did* like it. It wasn’t overly gory like a lot of shows these days. I hate bloody violent shows. It was a lighter show than many of its ilk. The elements of humor were quite welcome.

So, to summarize: It’s a vampire show with less gore, more humor, and some convincing emotion. It’s a bit like Forever Knight with a dash of Angel. I will be tuning in as long as it’s around.

Posted on 29th September 2007
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