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Sometimes when I’m tired (or ill) I can get fixated on something. The other day when I was both, I got really fixated on the Last Person on Earth (LPoE) scenario.

Like. Really Fixated. In fact I thought about it a little too much and kinda freaked myself out.

And let me tell you, I do not ever want to be the LPoE.
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Posted on 14th March 2015
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Do you ever…

Do you ever feel really tired and all you want in the world is to just go home…but you’re sitting in your bedroom?


Posted on 28th July 2011
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Theme for 2011

So, by now most of you know that I tend to give years themes. And…I’ll have to go back and look to see what last year was supposed to be, other than “better than the one before it.” At this point, I’m just glad to have survived. This year looks to be already programmed with ups and downs. So, I’m taking a different tack entirely this time around.

2011 is: The Year of Creative Endeavor

I have a whole other post coming up that will give you a a better idea of what I mean, but, in general…I’ll be doing creative things, normal things in creative ways, making boring things less boring, etc.

At this point I think that it would be good to remind folks that my nickname is Calliope.

Yes. I intend to spread this creativity thing around. Prompts? Projects? I’m not sure yet, but won’t it be fun to find out?

Join me.

Posted on 1st January 2011
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Question: Sabbaticals

Wiktionary defines sabbatical thusly:

“An extended period of leave, often one year long, taken by an employee in order to carry out projects not otherwise associated with the employee’s job.”

Sabbaticals. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? I think that more folks in all sorts of professions need to be able to take sabbaticals. Say you had a year off to work on some project or other, where would you go, and what project would you spend your time on?

Personally, I’d either go photograph standing stones and such like in the UK (in view of writing a book), photograph a walking tour of the UK (book again), or just spend a year someplace beautiful and rural creating art of some sort.

Also? I might get some sleep. Speaking of…Night all!.

Posted on 7th October 2010
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Psychological Evaluation via TV Episode

An hour or so ago I went downstairs (where it’s cooler, you know) and found my husband watching my favorite episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I believe I even gasped and he asked me what was wrong. And I, who always hovers instead of sitting down to watch stuff, thus creating the illusion that I’m just passing through the front room and not really watching, went over to the couch and sat down. And during a commercial, I got to wondering what it says about me that Tin Man is my favorite episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I mean, apparently I still know most of the script after all these years…and watching it still gets to me. So, of course, my next thought was: has anyone done a study relating psychological evaluations of folks to favorite episodes of a particular show?

If there are any psychologists out there…go for it. I’d just be curious to see your findings.

I’m sure that I could come up with a not-so-BS evaluation of why I like my episode. At its most basic, Tin Man is about an unusual man finally finding the place he belongs. A pretty common desire overall, I expect.

…And now I’m curious. What is your favorite episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation? Is it your favorite because it’s funny, has the best fight scene, or features your favorite actor? Or, do you think it says a little something about you, too?

While you’re thinking about it, here’s a wee window into my psyche –
Tin Man: Part 1:

Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

Posted on 1st September 2010
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Theme for 2010: Try New Things


I’m pretty sure that I’ve had this motto before…about ten years ago or so, but I thought that would be particularly helpful to me this year. I’ve noticed that I have a huge tendency to stick with the comfortable and the familiar in life. This guides things like where I eat, driving patterns, game playing, book reading, movie watching, parking preferences, etc. And I am led to wonder how I will find anything new and cool if I stay with the same things all of the time. Admittedly, I will also encounter things that are…less salubrious, if you will, along the way. Hey, but in that case I’ll have things to warn you all about here on the blog, right?

In this spirit, here are some things I’ve tried this year so far:

* Apples to Apples – An incredibly silly and fun game to play in a group.

* Blockus – Sort of like tetris on a playing board for up to four people. Quite cerebral and also fun. (I bought a copy of this one.)

* San Mateo Prime – A very tasty (and expensive) steak place in San Mateo. I really enjoyed it. A nice place for a date involving meat-eaters. Their Chocolate Mousse is divine.

* Mad Fish in Fremont – This Japanese restaurant just opened in Fremont down the street from my work. I went there for dinner the other night…and wasn’t overly impressed, actually. The food was okay, but will be expensive once the grand opening coupon thingy goes away. The service needs more training time. My tea cup was frequently empty and I had to go up to the register to get my bill printed as I had to leave and could no longer wait for the darn thing to show up at my table. I figure I’ll try back in six months one time when Koshvader comes to join me for dinner.

* The Sonoma Panini from Raley’s – Normally I get the Yosemite (not as nice and spicy as it used to be) or the Sierra (which has started to be too dry lately). I thought I’d try a non-beef-based sandwich this time. Not such a good idea as it turned out. The best word I can come up with to describe this sandwich is: squidgy. True, it wasn’t too dry, but it was a bit…strangely leaky. Also? I get the weird feeling that the turkey they used had something in it that I can’t eat. It certainly made my stomach mrgly enough.

And there you are. A few new things I’ve tried already. Let’s see if I can keep this up.

Posted on 7th January 2010
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Thought of the Day: Random Crossroads

So…you know that you live in a diverse area when…

You can watch a German Soccer Game in a Sushi Restaurant while sitting across from J.T. Snow. Then, you can pop over to the Whole Foods to buy some frozen Indian Food for the rest of the week.

I live in a random crossroad. I need to go choose a football team to support, now.

Posted on 25th November 2008
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As I am reminded every day: There is always more to learn.

Posted on 28th October 2008
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Does it occur to anyone else that we seem to be “living in interesting times” ?

Posted on 3rd October 2008
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Dig my Podcast!

Look what I learned today…


Tee hee!

(Also…there’s this…other podcast…)
An incorrect advert

Posted on 25th September 2008
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