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A Couple of Thoughts

Standing Pole Stinson Beach

My mind has been moving in ever more random directions of late, and as I don’t want this blog to feel neglected I thought I’d share some of my thoughts with you.

You know that you really love someone when you are as mind-bogglingly selfish as I can be, and yet you just want that someone to be happy. So, you are willing to make compromises that involve you not always getting your way. Shocking! Oh, well. At least there is no Klingon Opera to deal with as yet.

If you tell yourself to relax often enough over the course of one day, you are likely to get a certain song by Frankie Goes to Hollywood stuck in your head.

A couple of my friends who live on the lovely island of Kauai sent us the Dark Matter that I mentioned the other day!! Thanks, you two. That gave me a smile on a very stressful day.

Posted on 21st July 2008
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Thought for the Day


When in doubt…make tea.

Seriously. Well, as long as you like tea. Think about it. The process takes a couple of minutes to be done properly. That gives you enough time to…think of a clever retort, figure out what to do next, get your thoughts in order, regain your composure, or take a moment to rest your eyes after staring at a computer screen for hours. And when you’re done, you have a nice hot cup of tea. Perfect for warming up on a cold day, waking up when you need the caffeine, steaming your face when you have sinus trouble, or calming your belly when you’ve had too much grease. Or is that last one only me?

Alternately, you have a version of my favorite weapon right there in your hand. My favorite weapon is a nice hot cup of coffee, but tea will work just as well. Think about it. You have two weapons in one – one projectile (the tea) and one hand-to-hand (the cup.) In the event that your would-be attacker recognizes the mug in your hand for the most excellent weapon it is and runs away screaming, you can always still drink the tea.

Let it cool a bit first, though, so you don’t burn your tongue.

And now…I’m going to go make some tea.

Posted on 9th June 2008
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Have you ever considered what might happen if you were done? By which I mean, you’d tied up every loose end. All of those niggling little projects that you keep meaning to get to. That eternal “to do list” that seems to constant hang over your head. Your laundry all washed and put away. Your shopping done. Heck, even your emergency earthquake preparedness instructions and supplies taken care of.

All of it. Done.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How can I ever be done this side of the grave? And perhaps you’re right. But ask yourself what you would be free to do if you had nothing to put on your to do list for the day.

That’s your thought for the day. Personally, I think I’d seize the opportunity to take a nap.

Speaking of getting things done, taking a picture of the duck crossing sign I drive past all of the time has been on my mental to do list for ages. As you can see at the top of the post, I finally got out of the car and took that picture. I just love that second dancing duckling.

Also, from my 101 things list I have:

4. Go on Photo Safari to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. (done! 5/25/08)
90. Watch the original Great Train Robbery. (done! 5/21/08)

I’m that much closer.

Posted on 26th May 2008
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Thought for the Day

A life lived in fear is a life half lived.

Posted on 1st May 2008
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