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Friday 5: Stuff for My B-day

My birthday is coming up in a little over a week, so once again I’ve been getting questions about what I’d like. Well, my want list is here, but here are five things that you might want, too.

1. AquaNotes Waterproof writing pad. Yes. Finally it’s possible to take notes in the shower! (And trust me, that’s where I do my best thinking.)

2. The “Keep Calm and Carry On” mugs from the Acorn catalog. Aren’t they pretty? I think a nice cup of tea would help me carry on.

3. This really cool magnifying glass. (It’s portable!)

4. Survival Straps Bracelet (just in case.)

5. The Mikey for ipod. (Yes, a microphone by Blue that you can plug into your ipod. Shiny!)

Posted on 1st October 2010
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Have you ever been to the [tag]Particle Zoo[/tag]? They have stuffed animal versions of particles.

Yes. Particles. Like in Physics.

I must have this:


A Dark Matter stuffed animal! How can you go wrong with that?

Posted on 15th July 2008
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I have a The Cheat!


Yay! I got a The Cheat for Christmas. (Don’t know what the heck I’m talking about? Go to

Let’s just say I’m happy about this, and leave it at that. (Yippee!)

Posted on 18th December 2007
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Now, I know I have a thing for flashlights. I have three in my purse, for goodness sakes. I’m not sure why I have this obsession, but there you are. I like to be prepared, I guess. Anyway, I just saw this ad and I…er…saw the light. I *must* have the [tag]Stanley Tripod Flashlight[/tag]. It looks normal and then it open up and swivels!

It’s okay. You can nod and smile. That’s what most folks do.

Posted on 27th November 2007
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