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NaWriAnMo: Day 2

Day 2 already is it?

Well, then here is the quick rundown of today’s piddly amount of writing work:

I worked on the poem a bit more, and I’m just not happy with it. Perhaps I’ll come back to it in a few days.

I spent some time trying to organize my document files, which are all sorts of screwed up after having traveled through a couple of different computers. This is very useful, though, as I now have a better idea of what all I’ve already written down.

I messed about a bit with one of my WIPs, found notes for another, and then I found my Radio Play WIP which brings me to my snippet of work for the day:

(The Hero and the Aliens meet)

Hero: What do you want from us?? Our land? Our women…?

Alien: No. We want tickets to Disneyland.

Hero: er…what? Seriously?

Alien: I can’t believe you fell for that.

Happy creating, all!

Posted on 2nd November 2010
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No NaNo (or NaBlo)

This year, come November, many of my friends are participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and/or National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). Can I get a cheer for the writers?

(Insert your supportive cheer routine here.)

While I salute both efforts, and have tried both in the past, this year I am doing neither. I’ll bet you’re wondering why. Well, I have three works in progress (WIPs) from previous years, and requests for various other bits of writing (poetry, the scene I owe Susan, etc.) that I need to get to. So, I will be spending the month of November working on them. Dedicated writing time! My hubby has been warned that I will be no fun during said month (except for your birthday, honey, don’t worry.) Better yet? If I manage to break through those walls of writer’s block/confusion/uninspiredness/general fuzzyheadedness/etc. I will let you know about it here. In this way, y’all can keep track of my creative efforts. I would also ask that anyone working on a creative endeavor during the same month, and also bothering to pop by my blog, would let me know how they are doing with the battle.

Let us all approach this most creative of months in our own way. I hereby dub it – National Write Anything Month (NaWriAnMo).

The party begins on Monday.

Posted on 26th October 2010
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From The Files: The Mystery of the Mouse that Lost Her Piano


I’ve been going through my files again. That shouldn’t be too surprising at this point. What might be a bit surprising is that I have actually been using the scanner!

No. Don’t faint with shock. Not only is it working…but I’ve also been using it. (For those of you who are not familiar with our set-up here, the scanner is attached to the computer most often used by Koshvader. In other words…I have limited access to it.)

Anyway, one of the things that I have encountered in my searches through my huge file cabinet is a “book” that I did as an assignment in Elementary School sometime. I’m not really sure what grade it comes from, but it must have been early on, as you will no doubt be able to tell for yourself. Today we will be looking at the front cover.

The title of my little book is: “The Mystery of the Mouse that Lost Her Piano.” Please note the mouse on the front cover. She has quite the fancy tail, does she not? It sort of looks like a kite tail, with all of the bows on it. On the front cover her piano is already missing, one must assume. Either that, or it was just out of shot, as it were. The thing which amuses me the most is the color of the construction paper used for the cover. You see, I hated pink with a passion until I about five or so years ago.

I will be slowly working my way through the book this week at the rate of a page a day. Please join me as I journey into the past. (and make snarky comments on the way.)

Posted on 1st September 2008
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Notebooks from the Twilight Zone


Somewhere on my 101 Things list I have stipulated that I must go through five of my notebooks. This evening, I grabbed one from the middle of the Great Stack of Notebooks ™ and I thought that I’d share some excerpts with you. as you can see in the picture above, this notebook appears to date from some point during or right after my first stint at college. Well, during my time at UCD, in any case. The inside cover actually says “Philosophy 108.” I’m thinking that means The Philosophy of Biology, a class that I took for a random science credit after discovering that something was hinkey with my transfer agreement. (I transferred from a Junior college to UCD. Somehow…things got screwed up.)

For the record, I hated The Philosophy of Biology. It was boring. The prof. had never heard of a Punit Square for Heaven’s sake! I would have been better off taking Botany. That would have at least been interesting and full of Latin words.

No…I’m not still annoyed or anything. Well, all of the class notes seem to be gone, so let’s see what’s there instead.

(Oh, and just in case you don’t believe me on the huge stack of Notebooks, please see Exhibit B below. That doesn’t include the couple of boxes full I have, too. In case you were wondering, that bag is my gaming bag. Role Playing Games. You know. Like D&D. My dice live in the tin on the left hand stack. Hush. You already knew I was a geek.)


Apparently the first three pages are a Want List, just like I have here on the blog.

10 Items on the Want list from the mid-90s:

  • L.A. Coroner Beach Towel (teal) (Yes. Seriously. And I still don’t have it. Pout.)
  • Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes CD (I’m not sure what happened to that…)
  • Green Acrylic Paint (I’ve taken drawing and painting. One semester each in High School. Am I any good? Heck no. I still have that paint somewhere.)
  • A Ball Gown (No idea why I wanted one of these back then. I sort of have one now…)
  • Back scrubber (Hm…still don’t have one.)
  • Doctor Who videotapes (…and now I’m trying to get all of the shiny new DVDs to replace them.)
  • Friends of Doctor Who Membership (And now I get paid to blog about Doctor Who.)
  • A Metal filing cabinet (Check!)
  • 80s Compilation CDs (Well…I have one.)
  • The Other Crow Soundtrack CD (My brother has it, but I never did get it.)

It would seem that my tastes haven’t changed too much…

Posted on 4th June 2008
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