Day 11: Scooby Doo and Some Asian Writing


Today’s socks feature [tag]Scooby Doo[/tag] and some Asian writing. No idea what it says. For all I know, it reads “Bad Wolf.” *shrug*

I’m madly trying to get ahead on my blogging and other household stuff today. This is proving a bit difficult, as I was up ’til 4am last night doing basically the same thing. Today I feel like a zombie. Good thing I have those gummy watermelon-flavored brains in the cupboard.

I’m also doing some of my Christmas shopping. It turns out that it’s really handy to have money over on Paypal. Ebay can be your friend when you are too busy/don’t like crowds.

Well, I’d better go check on the laundry…and choose my [tag]socks[/tag] for the week.

One Response to “Day 11: Scooby Doo and Some Asian Writing”

  1. Sister Says:

    Only striped socks on today. Black and grey. Not particularly silly though.

    I got your message. Grumble…you are nearly as bad as the local retailers! Asking about Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving. Humf! Well, at least you didn’t ask before Halloween…then, we really would be having a few words. Sigh…okay so, I have to think about it cuz I don’t have an ongoing list like you. But, I will likely say crafty things…no yarn. Haven’t been knitting. Neat hole punchers, ink pads/stamps, neat paper….you get the idea. If you want a list you’ll have to give me a bit. Am off to work in Richmond tomorrow. Blah.

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