Day 30: PomPom Chicks


Well, folks, this is it. The very last day of NaBloPoMo. As such, it is also the last day of the Sock Contest. You have until Midnight tonight to send in your sock entries. The winner will be announced tomorrow. Or, late tonight, depending upon how late I’m up. I’m in a fair amount of pain right now, so my money is on later tonight.

Today, I dragged myself out of bed against my better judgment. I really wanted to call in sick, or rather, broken. But today was Staff Day at work, and I’d led to understand that this sort of thing only happens once every five years or so. Indeed, it was worth going, but I’m really paying for it now.

May I just say ow? I’ve taken one 600mg Ibuprofen with each meal today, and I still hurt. All that I can think is…imagine if i weren’t taking it. That would be bad. And weirdly, the thing that hurts the most right now is my throat. I must have really torqued my head.

Oh, and by the way, I did it! I posted every day this month, even with a few distracting things to deal with. Yay me.

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