Day 5 – A Spot of Tidy

From San Mateo Central Park in July 2008 (my me)

I’m madly trying to clean my place up tonight as a couple of my best friends are in town. (More about that tomorrow.) As I have been cleaning, I’ve discovered a few more of my fortunes. So, here they are (with commentary, of course):

“Good health will be yours for a long time.” (How long exactly? Why am I coughing tonight, then?)

From 2/26/07 – “Remember three months from this date. Good things are in store for you.” (Really? I wonder what I missed for not noting the date in my calendar…)

“You will conquer obstacles to achieve success.” (Good to know. I’ll just keep working on that, shall I?)

“Your emotional nature is strong and sensitive.” (Both? Cool! I’m the strong sensitive type.)

“Everything will soon come your way.” (Everything? Like falling pianos and rabid dogs or just the good stuff?)

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