Day 9 – And then there was cooking

Watcha Doin’ ?

This is the look that His Frizzerness gave me when he found me in the kitchen today. What the heck was I doing there? Cooking, if you can believe it.

The family casserole recipe looks like this.

Today I actually accomplished a few things. First, I popped over to the craft shop to see about getting ideas for xmas gifts. I actually found a few ideas, so look out for handmade gifts this year my friends/family. Then I drove over to the grocery store with an actual list.

You know, that thing that you have with you if you have some idea as to what you are planning to cook? I had one of those. No, don’t faint. I actually spent a couple of hours looking through cookbooks last night. It’s amazing how much cheaper you can get out of the grocery store when you have an actual shopping agenda. Who knew?

And then I came home and cooked. I made the family favorite casserole that we call Mundane (you can read about that casserole here at my friend’s Food History blog), garlic mashed potatoes (that Koshvader kindly mashed for me), and cucumber salad which should be ready tomorrow.

the cucumber salad

On top of all of that, I have a cauliflower that I plan to steam and make all cheesy and a nice cottage cheese/fruit combo. We officially have food in the house. This may be one of the signs of The Apocalypse, so consider yourselves warned.

P.S. The “Dining on a Dime Cook Book” by Tawra Kellam and Jill Cooper was recommended to me by my good twin, and I got it for my birthday. So far, I’m loving it.

5 Responses to “Day 9 – And then there was cooking”

  1. she Says:

    kitty kitty.

  2. angel Says:

    kitty kitty with a nice warm belly.

  3. The Sister Says:

    I got your picture/text of Mundane this morning. YUMMERS! Believe it or not…(okay..I know you can totally believe it) – I still have never made this fabulous comfort food dish. Perhaps I will get brave and do so this week?
    Bravo to you for your cooking prowess! :)

  4. sarah Says:

    Hey, I work with, a non-profit that works in Africa. I saw that you were on the NaBloPoMo list, and we’d love for you to blog about our new campaign on Nov. 24th. The campaign is centered around this idea – at Mocha Club, we have always cared about building an accurate perception of both the challenges that Africans face, and the BEAUTY of Africa. We need bloggers to help get the word out. Please email our director at barrett[at]mochaclub[dot]org if you would be interested in hearing the details!
    thanks so much!

  5. angel Says:

    Sister Mine, Thanks! You can do it!

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