Decluttering, The Window to Your Past


Lately I have been working hard to get rid of things, and generally declutter. I have been carrying around many things from apartment to apartment that I never look at, much less use. (In my family, these sorts of things are called “Goat Brassieres.” Dead handy items in the right circumstances, but why hold on to them if you no longer have a goat?) I’ve started getting rid of books, even. Me! Getting rid of books! Surely that’s blasphemy in some fashion or other. Books, clothing, you name it. I’m taking a good hard look at everything I own and asking myself important questions like: Do I use this? Have I ever used this? Do I even like it? Where did this come from again? etc.

But really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because one of the things I have a whole bunch of is…magazines.

*Taps microphone and clears throat nervously*

Hello. I am the Celticangel and I am an Information Packrat.

You perhaps think that I joke with you all. But it is the truth. I assure you. With a French accent, even. Vous savez?

It is also interesting to look into my past this way. I mean, why the heck did I feel the need to keep this or that magazine in the first place? In some cases, it’s obvious. (Hello! Travis Fimmel is on the front.) In others…not so much. (Okay…this has one small advert for the Return of the King DVD. Otherwise…I haven’t a clue.) Also…sometimes it’s a little embarrassing. This is only one of the reasons that I have placed the other four pictures behind the cut. The other reason being to make it easier on your computer to load the initial post. (Yeah. That’s it. That’s the ticket.) The reason for the magazine at the top of this post should be fairly obvious. I like Buffy. Do I need to keep it? No.

Okay. The rest of the mug shots are under here…


Here we see a copy of Starlog that I can’t figure out the specific reason for. I actually never even saw the original Alien Nation. A mystery to be sure.


This is one of my stack of Fall Preview Guides. I used to collect them, not only to determine if there would be anything new and interesting coming up, but also as a reference source for obscure shows. Recently, though, they’ve been canceling my shows sooner/more often. It used to be that you could mostly hope for at least one season. Now you’re lucky to get seven episodes. Growl. It has really turned me off to the whole “getting exited for the Fall” thing. I must finally admit that I’m keeping these for no reason. Le Sigh.


Here we see the official magazine for the Outsiders movie that I never saw. I loved the book. I loved a certain actor on that cover. *coughtopleftcough* I got the magazine with my hard-earned allowance, read it, and then never saw the film. Away it goes.


Behold! A copy of Tiger Beat. May I just ask…what’s with the sock, Mr. Haim? As near as I can tell, I purchased this magazine for River Phoenix. *sniffle* I’m still upset about his death, darn it! I am not upset enough, it would seem, to keep this Tiger Beat from October of 1988, though.

This is only a small portion of my magazines. Frankly, this amazes me as I am constantly trying to make my…er…collection smaller. I suppose it’s a continual process. Sigh. My main problem with getting rid of some of these magazines is the sneaking suspicion that someone out there might want them. On the other hand, should I really add to someone else’s clutter?

Well, I’d better get back to the boxes. TTFN.

4 Responses to “Decluttering, The Window to Your Past”

  1. Emma Says:

    These were definitely fun to see – especially the older ones!

    I am decluttering too, as I have probably said 10,000 times, so I feel your pain and also your confusion. :)

    Recently, I gave away a stack of magazines on Freecycle. It feels good to pass them on to another person who will actual enjoy them.

    But especially with stuff like magazines – sometimes you’ve gotta just run to the recycling bin and dump them or you’ll have them until your dying day.

  2. angel Says:

    It’s a good thing that my complex finally got recycling.

  3. Mother Says:

    Keep up the good work! Your Nana would certainly approve.

  4. The Sister Says:

    And Mother too! Seriously…mom genes have been creeping in lately. I have resisted and boo-booed organizers for years. First because I saw no use for them….later on principal. Now…I seriously went out and bought several differnt types of drawer organizers the other day. Nothing like helping a pack rat friend to pack and move….to help you go through your own home and de-junk. It’s liberating! And if you ever have to move…there will be less boxes. :)

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