Five Things I Want From Mental_Floss

I love mental_floss magazine. It’s full of tasty trivia tidbits. And better yet? The mental_floss website comes complete with a bunch of silly yet erudite items. Here are five of the things that most amuse me.

(Oh, and please note that this post is on a Friday. I’ve finally done a Five Things post on the correct day!)

Five Things mental_floss Made…and I Want:

1. Pluto R.I.P. T-shirt
2. Forbidden Knowledge
3. mental_floss: The Trivia Game
4. Hobbits are Tolkien Minorities T-Shirt
5. Fibonacci T-shirt

(Take a look at the t-shirts they have on this site. They’re hilarious.)

2 Responses to “Five Things I Want From Mental_Floss”

  1. The Sister Says:

    OMG. Now there are several t-shirts I want. And..I wish they had next day shipping!

  2. angel Says:

    Aren’t they great?

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