Five Things on Friday – YouTube

Hello again all. This Friday (which I had off…work tomorrow, though, sad to say) I have been surfing YouTube. Such a productive activity, I know. But it did allow me to come up with a double helping of Five Things this time around. That’s right, this week I’m looking at YouTube videos. The first set of five is Fan-Made Doctor Who Music Videos. The second set is Five Normal Music Videos. Do you have a favorite YouTube video? Feel free to comment and put me wise. And…enjoy!

Five Fan-Made Doctor Who Music Videos:
1. Doctor Who – Fractals (A Doctor Who Fan Music Video by midcirclenine set to Placebo’s Running Up That Hill)

2. Judgement Day – Jamie (A Doctor Who Fan Music Video by VanielDonovan set to “Judgement Day.”)

3. What If This Storm Ends ? – Snow Patrol (A Doctor Who Fan Music Video by analeian set to What if this Storm Ends? by Snow Patrol)

4. Scattered (Tenth Doctor) (A Doctor Who Fan Music Video by di0br set to “Map of the Problematique” by Muse)

5.“The Journey” Doctor/Rose (A Doctor Who Fan Music Video by sestrensaz set to Sarabande Suite by Globus)

Five Other Music Videos:
1. Why I Shouldn’t Have Let You In by hexachordal
2. Cup Of Brown Joy by Elemental
3. Von Den Elben by Qntal (video by The Frouds)
4. Blink by charlieissocoollike
5. Oh Broken Son by Ocean Is Theory

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