Free Pants, Job Reqs, and Man Points

Okay. Been a bit busy of late, but here is the as-short-as-I-can-make-it version:

The other day (Friday?) was a day of one bad and two shiny things. Bearing in mind recent events, I think that this balances out things pretty nicely.

The new bad is: my darn Check Engine light is on. Argh. And? I have, as yet, been unable to get the darn thing looked at. The Subaru dealership couldn’t even fit it in until Friday. Uh…no. So, I guess I’ll take the car to Big O tomorrow. They can check out the sporadic ABS light, too.

The good: 1) Free Pants! Someone left a pair of pants on the free stuff counter at work. (Do your places of work have a similar thing? Koshvader wants to know if this is fairly common.) The note on said pants had the size and a statement of their freeness. After passing by them a couple of times, I gave in and tried them on. To my surprise, this pair of girly jeans fit! Huzzah! I proceeded to get a bit silly about the free pants and spent the rest of the day telling people about them. 2) I received a job req for the job I want. I shouldn’t say much here, but it’s located in the same system for which I currently work…and I really really want it. I’ve applied. Here’s hoping. *fingers crossed*

In other news, I have a four day weekend. Two of my best friends were out visiting last week. My MIL is steadily healing up from the initial major surgery. And I have been cleaning my house, darn it. Today, I went over for the usual blood draw, but before that I gained two man points. How? Well, I took Koshvader’s car over to Big O to get it looked at for an oil leak, etc. (Yes. Both cars are having issues right now. Yay, fun.) While I was waiting in the lounge area, The Price is Right ended, and a soap opera came on. I really didn’t want to watch it, and a glance at the three men sitting next to me led me to believe that they didn’t want to see it either. So…I went over the the counter to inquire after the remote, figuring that there had to be a sporting event that I could change the channel to. In possession of said remote, I flipped through the channels until I found skiing. Close enough. When I told Koshvader the story, he awarded me two man points. I feel so manly, now.

There you go. The story so far. Free pants, job reqs, and man points.

6 Responses to “Free Pants, Job Reqs, and Man Points”

  1. Susan Helene Gottfried Says:

    Oh, no! The Check Engine light in the Tour Manager’s Legacy came on while we were on a road trip. The turbo is FRIED. So’s the engine. As in … bye bye. No more. Junk, baby.

    I hope your outcome is better…

  2. angel Says:

    Thanks, Susan. It’s my Catalytic converter. *#$%@.

    ah well…

  3. The Sister Says:

    Ah, nuts. Which car has the cat issue? FYI…my check engine light came on last Friday. Hubby went to Costco and purchased a $20-something code reader device…HOORAY! So..apparently my car is temp is running too cold. Nice to know before you head to the mechanics. And..its a FUN gadget!

    Congrats on the man points. :)

  4. angel Says:

    It’s my car, Sister Mine. And speaking of fun gadgets, I’m fixin to change my own dang spark plugs. This involves purchasing a wrench doohickey.

  5. Monte' Says:

    My check engine light came on in my Subaru. I was told it was the catalytic converter, too. However, my husband changed the oil the next time (as opposed to a shop) and put synthetic oil in it. Light went off and has been off for several months. Also, the gas we are getting these days is inferior I believe – even premium. Everyone is talking about the poor gas mileage they are getting lately. Migbt be worth a few bucks to get a good octane booster. Just a thought!

  6. angel Says:

    Thanks, Monte. The light randomly went out the other day, so…here’s hoping.

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