From the Koshvader Gallery

This last weekend, Koshvader and I ventured forth in our rental car to try and take some more pictures. Our results varied, but Koshvader managed to get three good shots that he wanted me to share with you all. (All Rights Reserved, etc.)


This bird was lurking on top of the Taco Bell on the beach in Pacifica. I’ll bet he had a great view of any and all dropped food.


Here we see the reason I want a camera with great night photography capabilities. My attempts at photos at the same time were very grainy.


This trip to the Golden Gate Bridge was the clearest night in a very long time. Isn’t it lovely?

3 Responses to “From the Koshvader Gallery”

  1. Emma Says:

    Those really are great night photos. And that’s a pretty gull photo, too. :)

  2. The Sister Says:

    Love the Golden Gate Photo. I would love a similar one of the Tower Bridge. But…you’d have to stand on I-80…so…I’ll keep wishing.
    Speaking of SF….we are going to (finally) got to Britex Fabrics next Saturday – Sept. 6.
    Interested? Likely to take BART to Powell Street Station in SF (near store). FYI.

  3. angel Says:

    Glad you like them, Emma!

    Sister Mine, I work Saturday. Sniffle. Glad you like the pic. He does good work, yes?

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