Fruit of the Spirit

Today I’ve been pondering the concept of “Fruit of the Spirit.” According to the song I used to sing as a child, the Fruits of the Spirit are:


Nine basic character traits, and these days we don’t spend too much time thinking about them. Sure, folks talk about love and peace all the time. Does he love me? Will there be peace in our time? Self-control makes an appearance when we are trying to not eat the last cookie. I think about patience when folks at work are really testing mine. But really, I’m trying to think when I last spent any time pondering the concept of “Joy.” Goodness, though. Hmmm… I generally think of “Goodness” as an umbrella concept that includes “Kindness” and “Gentleness.” I should spend a bit more time thinking about the concept of innate goodness. I think I could do with a bit more of each of these.

Perhaps I could:
Show my husband a little more loving care
Take joy in some simple activity
Work a bit harder at achieving inner peace
Have a bit more patience with folks who truly don’t understand something I think is easy
Show kindness to a stranger
Work on Goodness in the realm of my thoughts
Be faithful to my choices
Be extra gentle with those who need it
Exercise a bit more self-control in all areas of my life.

Either way…it’s something to think about. Now…if only I could find a copy of The Music Machine, the musical. It covered this topic as well. I’ll never forget my Mother singing the Patience song to me when I was being impatient.

So, yeah. Nothing Earth-shattering today. Just feeling a bit introspective.

6 Responses to “Fruit of the Spirit”

  1. Emma Says:

    Very interesting, thoughtful post. Thank you! :)

    Now, I must admit something. As a child, I was once in a production of The Music Machine.

  2. angel Says:

    I was in Kids Praise 3. I played a green book.

    Was it like no other gadget that you’d ever seen? ;) I used to have the record. I loved some of those songs. Glad to know you understand what I’m talking about.

  3. The Sister Says:

    Ah, the fruit of the spirit. There is a banner which lists the fruits at the Methodist church in Auburn. Always makes me think of Dad.

    WOW. Where did you dig this up??
    I haven’t thought of that the Patience song in forever!

    “Have patience, have patience – don’t be in such a hurry. When you get inpatient, you only start to worry….remember, remember that God is patient too ….and think of all the times that others had to wait for YOU!”

    Wow…now I want that song! Itunes?

  4. angel Says:

    I tried itunes and didn’t see it. Try here:

  5. Debbie Says:

    I was also in a production of Music Machine. When you find the music, let me know!

  6. angel Says:

    Here you go, Debbie! –

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